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TLIID 223. Agents of SHIELD, Peanuts style.

And now, for something completely different:

Girls and boys, this week at The Line it is Drawn, it's comic strips' time. This was suggested, and since Peanuts is one of my favorite strips ever, and AOS is a show I've come to really enjoy after their bumpy start, I went for it. I got to appreciate a lot more the genius of the simplicity Charles Schulz used in his drawing. No easy feat.
That being said, it's fun working in the strip format. I'll keep that in mind.

Full gallery here:


Have a nice weekend, folks.
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This is funny!:) (Smile) 
Are you planning to abuse any other series with this method, say, Battlestar Galactica for example. Or the Star Trek reboot?
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I hadn't thought about that, but sounds like a fun challenge for a slow day...
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Totally got this was a Peanuts homage without even reading your blurb, which means you hit it exactly! Awesome work, good sir.
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You're a good man, Axel ^_^ Awesome, as always :D
AxelMedellin's avatar
Thanks! I see what you did there...
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hahahahaha xD, awesome
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I love this!

I love the role reversal with Skye and Ward instead of Lucy and Schroeder.

Can we have more?

Also I kind of want to hug the Peanuts version of May because she is so cute.
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I did have fun with it and had plans for Fitz-Simmons and Deathlok, so, maybe...
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I hope you decide to! There's not enough agents of shield art out there... and these are too cute!
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Well I look forward to it and your next picture!
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Good ol' wishy-washy Agent Coulson :D

Who would be the "Snoopy"?
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Zeke: "Dunno, Kidd."

Eugene: -notices that Coulson has been turned into a kid- "What the fuck happened now!?"
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Hard to tell... Fitz does have his flying sidekicks and even hallucinates a bit, but he's not quite dominant... Maybe Raina?
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very cool! i love Peanuts
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