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TLIID 117. The Endless and Hostess

Girls and boys, as you may know, the company that produced Hostess Pies is going out of business, and with them those wacky ads that were omnipresent in comic books for decades. So this week's theme is a homage to those ads. I wen with the Endless suggestion, since you never have enough Endless...

The full gallery here, and my Liners pals make me want to hide from their sheer awesomeness:


Have a nice week, folks.

UPDATED: Whaddayaknow, this one's been featured in Best Art Ever this week: [link]
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Those ads often had better story lines and more memorable characters than the actual comic series they appeared in! :D

"Hostess To Your Dreams"... Sounds like an Elvira Mistress Of The Dark story. ;) Nicely played!

I'd love to see a full series of Sandman themed Hostess ads.  Cain and Abel would be pure comedy... "I'd kill for some real fruit filling!" "uhhh... Cain? This isn't cherry, is it?"

Merv Pumpkinhead could introduce a Halloween themed frosting. The Corinthian... "I'll take three. Yeah, three. I can eat three at once. Just watch me." ;)

Lucien would check the ingredients and remind readers that Hostess uses only REAL fruit filling! Matthew would insist any other fruit pies are for the birds. Only Hostess will do when you're feeling... peckish. :D

Fiddler's Green would walk off with an armful just because...
Not even the Presence can resist Hostess Fruit Pies
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Always love the hostess ad parodies. This one with the Endless is priceless  
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Nice to see a fresh take on those old Hostess comic book ads. Great work!
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Thanks, now I can share this with not only my Gaiman friends, but everyone bitching about how there will never be any Twinkies again
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Man, now I want a Hostess pie...
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There must be some yet, somewhere...
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Nei Gaiman lo publicó en su blog Ö
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Gracias por el dato! :D
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Pure creamy filled golden goodness. :)
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You're welcome. Very awesome piece. :)
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Hahahahaha! Brilliant! This right here is the very reason I have a Sandman category in my favorites!

The great art adds to the apparent authenticity of this faux-"ad". All the characters look on-model, and even the speech bubbles evoke the distinctive "voices" of the Endless. The punch line at the very end is... to DIE for! (OK, this is why you make the jokes and not me =P ).

Exceptional work! Someone should share this with Neil Gaiman if he hasn't seen it already. I think he'd get a real kick out of it!
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Thanks so much! The perfect idea of the customized speech balloons was only one of the many things that lured me to Sandman in the first place.

And I did summon the courage to tweet the image to Neil, he liked and retweeted it!
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I really enjoyed the layout you went with on this one. Also, you should draw Delirium way more- she looks great! ( to be fair, they all do)
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Thanks so much! I had never drawn them before. Well, only Death. And at Line, of course...
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