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The Rainbow Spartan, Ryan

"HI! My name is Ryan, I'm a rainbow loving gay Spartan! Come give me a hug!" :iconimhighplz:

Please for the love of god do not shoot me! My friend :iconxankhairionx: and I were joking around about what if a Spartan was gay and painted his armor rainbow....and well I took the idea a little to far and kind of made him an OC.

Yeeeeah btw that is a Spartan Lazor that Ryan has...or as he calls it "Spartan Gayzor"...Ryan has modified this Spartan Lazor to shoot rainbow lazors instead of the normal Red lazor. Also if you notice he also carries LOL Nade, a modified Frag Grenade...PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!

Oh for those of you wondering, yes this is related to that Poll when I asked for a Gay name.

Ryan (c) Most of :iconkuraxim: and partly :iconxankhairionx:

Spartan/Halo (c) Bungie and Microsoft Games
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-hugs- wort ^==^