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No More Skinny Girls 2 - Ep 12 - Elektra



Another winner of the NMSG raffle! The winner this time was Marvel's Elektra. Congratulations to the winner. :)


All Elektra could do at this point was wait and bide her time.

She'd come to New York to deal with the source of her problem; Wanda Maximoff. The mutant whose rampaging powers were causing just about every woman in the world to grow obese in minutes flat. For a ninja, being overweight was an incredible hindrance to say the least. Yet Elektra somehow managed to maintain a stealthy approach.

The fact that Scarlet Witch was currently engaged in a battle with Ms. Marvel didn't hurt either. The two super women rocketed and darted around the skyline like a pair of blimps with rocket thrusters and made enough of a scene that even an elephant could sneak up on them. Now Elektra just had to wait until the fight was over and Scarlet Witch's guard was down.

It was just a matter of time.

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It's a good thing Daredevil is blind. He'd be surprised as hello to see his ex like this!

:icondaredevilplz:: Elektra? Do I smell ice cream and chili-cheeseburgers?