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Anthro Series: The Darkness Within

By Axel-Doi
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Okay folks. This is the Last Test render with not only Kishō-Sei-no-Akumu, it's the final submission to the Anthro Series. In this last submission I have the three Anthros with their Demon Counterpart and for the first time you see Nightmare Anthro Maya Doi. This one is more of a test to use different tools both in Daz Studio and Photoshop. Not much to explain here other than it was hours of work to do.

Nonetheless, I finally have all the Characters and both their Anthro and Ponies I need to continue working on my next comic! So I'll be taking a little hiatus from making more art content to prepare for my promotion work and ultimately the comic itself. I may work on a new character or make something else in the main time. I'm glad I get to continue the story with the quality I needed to pull the story off.

I will updated when I get a chance till then.

Changing the Theme on this one sense this is more between different types of demons. Carbon Based Lifeforms-Leaves


 The Lunar Eclipse in Tapastic
 The Lunar Eclipse Act II

Hit me up on Twitter: @AxelDoi and Tumblr: Ask the Equestrians for updates or you want to chat. I'm trying to more active there you know.


Software used: Daz Studio 4.10 Pro, Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, Iray 

Help support the upcoming Book! Lunar Eclipse Part III Fundraiser! 

The Anthro Series: Sexy Succubus Edition:
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As always, amazing work on this. All three look great.
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Thank you very much. It’s been fun making them. :)