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I like this for some reason.
9LittleDemon6's avatar
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My mom THINKs I'm sick cause I'm plae =-=
andybiersack1's avatar
I have a cold too it sucks
Jema-Griffiths's avatar
someone save me i is sick
dont know how long i can carry on :tombstone:
love the artwork
GaiaMF's avatar
i'm sick too :(
iHeartMakingFiends's avatar
Ah, this is happening to me right now! Just when I wanted to walk over to the Kwik-E-mart for snacks...I'm stuck inside, sick with a really bad cold, and the sun starts shining. I like when it's cold and gloomy, sure, but I can't go to Kwik-E-mart during weather like that! The one day...:dead:
TheMarcher's avatar
Yep me to.... I hate having a cold!
ArianaSilversnare's avatar
wow i can relate to that right now. being sick sucks..
Yumechi's avatar
This is kind of how I feel right now.. the stupid sun just HAS TO shine when I'm sick and has to stay inside. >_>
sarra247's avatar
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha the is funnnnnny
BladKrad's avatar
great pic ^^ she's pretty
DeLoRaLu's avatar
me2 right now :(
funny sun =p
BlazerXXX's avatar
Bad sun!!! How dare you do that to a sick person!!! XD
Kiyokushitaka's avatar
Eat Ramen and get better! ^^ *makes a bowl*
Axel-desu's avatar
Rameeeeeeeeeen....RAMEEEEEEN! I love ramen -eats- ; ^ ; Im working on the getting better part -mumbles through mouth full ramen-
Winged-Dragon-Ra's avatar
awwww -glomps- get better dear!
Axel-desu's avatar
^^;; Im working on it thanks <3
Ra-san's avatar
Get well soon.
Axel-desu's avatar
Thank you! Im feeling a bit better today ^^
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