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So I've been a HUGE fan of RPGW for years but, like many, was sad that it "ended" as it did- RIGHT BEFORE THE FINAL BOSS BATTLE AGAINST GALGARION!!!!!! Well, RPGW is now being finished by a pair of long time fans. I've been in contact with many fans trying to come up with the ending but it always fell through. But now it's finally being done!!!!!!!!! Check it out here:  So happy right now, I literally discovered it today :D.
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So, I've occasionally alluded to plans to make a new Pokemon comic. I'm looking for an artist to work with me on Pokemon Delta: Hydra's Conquest, set in a world with no humans, only mons. The Hydra Empire, lead by Queen Gwangi (Tyrantrum) has suddenly stopped it's brutal conquering of other lands. Around the same time Hydra stopped, Pokemon started changing type or giving birth to Pokemon of different types. Queen Cresselia, wanting to investigate, has hired 3 mercenaries, Sybil (Delphox), Tallulah (Greninja) and Ceara (Chesnaught) to sneak in and find the link, if any. 

The style and detail of the art will be up to you and we can discuss the update scheduele once you're picked. Apart from discussion of what mons and designs to use and occassionally suggesting using this or that panel/shot you will have complete artistic freedom, I will simply hand you the script. Much of the story will be compressed, supplemented with written histories of the world and such, so you won't be making a door-stopper of a comic. Alternatively, I will write a short novel with one page of writing on one side and a picture on the opposite page, whichever works best for you. Regrettably I can't pay you so you'll be doing this for free.

If you'd like to be the artist DO NOT contact me here as I'm not always able to make it onto deviantart. Contact me at with the heading "Delta Artist" and I will reply ASAP.
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So, yeah...P'F is done. I can find time to make it,but I've just flat out lost interest.  However, all is not lost! I am writing and doing concept art for a new poke comic and will need a co-writer and artist for it, so watch this space. I'm also working on my own original project. Thanks to everyone who read my silly lil strip and appreciated my sense of humor. And sorry for my lack of activity, my phone's my only access to deviantart and I can't always afford top ups.
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Some of you may not have got a thank you for faving a piece of work of mine or for adding it to your collection. I simply don't have time to get thru all my mail. I don't have the internet at home so I get an hour and a half at the library everyday, but I can't get to the library everyday so bacically, my mail can build up. So sorry if you don't get a thank you but an hour and a half isn't enough time to get thru up to 250 messages (that's the most I've recieved so far) and do other things online, like job searching. So if I don't get to thank you I'll say it here - Thanks for the fave/s and/or add/s to your collection :D.
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