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Winter Kiss

Sorry for my bad english:
I finished painting, I know ,that the painting is not very good ó_ò ... but anyway is a drawing made with love for my wathchers ♥, I had many requests for this drawing, I really like to draw people kissing, Thorin here is who has the intention ofthe pasional kiss ... note that begins softly, but his body says otherwise.
Today it snowed here in my city so I was inspired in a cold environment, but with a rich heated kiss.
Thorin belongs Tolkien and Belren belongs to me XD
She is his wife----------

Lo terminé de pintar, sé que el pintado no es muy bueno ó_ò ... pero de todas maneras es un dibujo hecho con mucho cariño, tuve muchos pedidos para éste dibujo, la verdad me gusta dibujar gente besándose, aquí Thorin es quien tiene la intención del beso... se nota que comienza suavemente, pero su cuerpo dice otra cosa.
Hoy nevó acá en mi ciudad así que me inspiré en un ambiente frio, pero se calienta con un rico beso.
TRhorin le pertenece a Tolkien y Belren a mi XD
Ella es su esposa----------
Por cierto, esto de los besos espontáneos es algo de familia ¿verdad querida KoriGaz? ^_^
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Just curious why she has hair coming out of her jaw?
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I cant get enouph of watching Thorin kissing!! Keep up the good work my fellow screaming Thorin fangirl!!!
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cool rendering, love the atmosphere!
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I always thought Thorin would be a passionate kisser...Kisses 
BrunodiSilva's avatar
=)  Muito Bonito seus desenhos rsrsr =)   
MirrorNeko's avatar
Wow this is amazing!
Lemon-Pencil's avatar
Wait- U draw this? O-O
huneynutstreet's avatar
This is quite epic! 
derpycatsamachan's avatar
Aishiteru-Sensei's avatar
i feel like a fucking idiot..i thought thorin was some awesome dwarf you made up...until my dumb ass watched the hobbit. then shit when down in my head and went OH DERP I GET IT NOW
ValyAstral98's avatar
*^* cool! <3 i love it
Lucille0765's avatar
I love the background~
hk100's avatar
such wonderful lighting!
CommonGardenWeed's avatar
This is quite a well done picture. The way you did the highlighting where the light hits the back of Thorin is beautiful and the coloring/shading in general is gorgeous, I don't think I could ever do something so good XD
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CasuallyObserving's avatar
Love the pose, this is beautiful
darkwings13's avatar
Her braids are beautifully colored and drawn. The body language between the two really conveys the love and passion they have for each other. Overall, it's a very lovely piece, with an especially detailed background (>^-^)
4xEyes1987's avatar
Thorin having a girlfriend? Interesting idea...
DizTheWise's avatar
Very nice, I love the hair in particular
good job
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A wonderful art!!
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The colours give me vibes of a Gothic vampire-story. Thorin and his wife actually remind me of Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder in Coppola's Dracula.
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So Cool! That's really awesome! :D
EliBabo's avatar
Ohh this is really good. How do you make stuff that's animated like that? I want to do that!!!
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