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Spring Rain

By axcho
Happy Birthday Emily! :hug: I made this for you.

Spring Rain is my first Environment Sketch, a simple but evocative depiction of a scene or place.

This is not a graphic sketch but a procedural one, a viewpoint generated by code that describes how the scene is to be constructed and how it evolves over time.

Spring Rain is a tribute to plants and rain. Please enjoy. :aww:

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© 2008 - 2021 axcho
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This is quite amazing. I love how serene it is... Not to mention the excellent physics involved. Excellent flash!
Vexont's avatar
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Thank you! :lol:
Dianae's avatar
Very nice! Original and beautiful!
axcho's avatar
Thank you! Thanks for stopping by. :)
awesty's avatar
This is really cool. :+fav:
ARTofCHUCHU's avatar
Very Great Work...
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Sadir89's avatar
that looks very cool :D :clap: :heart:
axcho's avatar
Glad you like it! :nod:
psykopath's avatar
Cool, good job. The only thing I think is lacking is the ability to increase the amount of rain. :+fav:
axcho's avatar
Hmmm, several people have suggested that to me actually... I guess the next time I make one of these, I'll add an option to increase the amount of rain! :) Thanks for the :+fav:.
SparrowLP's avatar
axcho's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you approve. :nod: Appreciate the :+fav: too. ;)
mou-s's avatar
Very interesting piece.
I've been staring at this and changing scenes for 15 minutes. XD
I love the movement of the leaves..creating this must take a lot of brain-work..
axcho's avatar
It's great to hear that you found it interesting enough to stare at it for 15 minutes! That's very encouraging to hear. :D

Yes, you could say it took a lot of brain-work... :writersblock:

IvoryDrive's avatar
this is so amazing. you've made little jello orb things out of the leaves... this is brilliant. you did a really fantastic job on this haha.

the random branch shape generation is really great, it's nice and different every time but every one of them looks great. even the background is random... really good job man.

Do you use as3 per chance?
axcho's avatar
Yes! IvoryDrive likes something I made! :D :D :faint:

Thank you.

I actually used simple AS2, with the same sort of physics as the ragdoll game I made earlier. The plant structure is rather more complex than the ragdolls, but that's basically how it works - like Gish. Hmmm, I should probably try taking those plant-generation routines and applying them to some more complex forms than these simple vines...

I'm quite happy with the background generator - it's basically a bunch of blurred particle trails around a few gravity wells - and I like how well it lends itself to imagining something more complex behind it.

Can you guess how I did the sounds? :D
IvoryDrive's avatar
I haven't the foggiest idea.

axcho's avatar
Listen closely to the leaf-hit-by-raindrop sound effects. Or should I say, the lack of them... :devilish:
IvoryDrive's avatar
axcho's avatar
I can tell you in a note if you still want to know. ;)
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