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Shomenuchi Iriminage



This is the first frame-by-frame digital animation I have made. It was done as a class assignment last spring, partly in preparation for my Komuso animation: [link]

Regrettably, it was originally created in Photoshop, which is a horrible tool for animation. I much prefer Flash.

The animation depicts two people practicing their Aikido in a dojo setting. Aikido is a nonviolent martial art based on redirecting the energy of an attack, which I began learning a few years ago.

The person in the blue hakama is the attacker, coming in with a frontal strike to the head - shomenuchi - while the person in black performs the iriminage technique to counter it. Trying to animate the movement myself was quite educational - it really forced me to figure out exactly what goes on in that technique! :)

The design of the stylized figures is my own. Aikido is one of my favorite subjects for playing with stylization, and I have several more variations on the design seen in this animation. Someday I hope to elaborate them into full animations or games.
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cool its cool maken
and fun backgrounds