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Origami Hydralisk Instructions

By axcho
I've finally finished the fancy photo instructions! :XD: Please take a look at them, they are much better and easier to follow: [link]

Full view for the instructions.

These are the instructions for how to make an origami Hydralisk, a creature from the computer game StarCraft. Out of all the origami Hydralisk models I've seen on the web, I think this is one of the best, in terms of accuracy and simplicity.

There are about 30 or 40 steps, depending on how you count them. Foil paper is recommended to make it easier to shape, but it's not necessary. And course you start with a square piece of thin paper, white side up.

I originally designed the model in 2003, and I finished drawing these instructions in the summer of 2006. They're kind of messy, but they work. I might make a vector version on the computer sometime if enough people want it though.

These were drawn in pencil and then scanned. I added color in Paint because the shading didn't carry over too well in the scanned version.

Feel free to print out and distribute these instructions. Just make sure I am credited as the author. Enjoy!
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Though you lost me at some parts my final product wasn't to shabby
axcho's avatar
Glad you liked it. Did you try the newer photo instructions also? [link]
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wait... I was on the internet searching origami up but I somehow end up here again... odd...
axcho's avatar
My g*d. Have I actually finished? I can hardly believe it. :o

Everyone, the new photo instructions are done! Hooray! :lol:

Behold: [link]
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I failed 7 is too hard i failed master some drunken monkey should kick me in the balls for not being able to do part 7. [link]
rfwu i just saw your clip and it is very interesting... after all it looks very good :)
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Just a quick update: I'm finishing up the fancy Flash photo version of the instructions, and you can expect them to be released during the first week of September.
Couldn't you just make a Youtube video of yourself making it? I did.
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I could (if I borrowed someone's video recorder), but it wouldn't be as good! :) Your video is nice though.

The instructions will be posted either in a few hours, if I'm still awake, or early tomorrow. Hang in there!
Thanks! It's great to have some good comments from someone with a clearly superior design. It's just hard to make!
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AWESOME!!!! but having a hard time in a lot of things like part 7....=p
Step 10 just can't be completed with your picture and instructions :( Make a photo, it takes 5 minutes to take it and upload it, you can take 5 minutes from your studying, can't you?
Dxcloud's avatar
lol 6 complete but stuck at strep 10 too...the a b c d just hard to understand....axcho i cant wait to see your tutorial......ah..cant wait....i wanna built my own hydralisk zerg colony at home.
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pls help me on step 6 i was lost there,the diagram is unclear...maybe i am too noob for this,axcho pls take a photo of ya step it will be very helpful,pls pls...
there beta b alot of photos on step 10
not to bother you axcho but could you put up that photo tutorial soon?
need does photos, im dying without them
YEEEEEEEEEEEY!!! Can't wait for the photos... and a 12 hydralisks will rule my house D
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Steps A-E are impossible without pictures. There's just not enough information in such small drawings!!!
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Good news everyone! I finally finished taking photos for the instructions! :D Now I just have to add symbols and compile them all into a nice package. I'll probably make it into an interactive Flash thing, since there are more than a hundred images!

Hope, my patient followers - the day of our victory is close at hand!
:pissedoff: :angered: :rage: :fork:

*sigh* i hate doing any origami for the first 3 damned annoying. But I digress...

getting it from step 7 to step 8 is making me want to punch babies. I would appreciate being told how to do that step or being able to look at a better illustrated diagram
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Sorry. I was getting ready to make the photo instructions at the beginning of the summer, but then things happened and I got busy. I'm not sure when I'll have the time to make the photo instructions, but I'll keep them in mind in case a good opportunity comes up. I know a lot of people are waiting for them. :worry:
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