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NEON slices

By axcho
This is a composite of three different screen shots of my ragdoll fighting game Braids NEON.

You can find the full shots of all three here: [link] [link] [link]

You can play Braids NEON
- on deviantART: [link]
- on Kongregate: [link]
- on Newgrounds: [link]
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This is pretty good. I'm not a fan of neon but the abstract feel is nice.
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Hey, thanks for commenting. I'm glad someone likes my silly screen shot art. :p

When you say you are not a fan of neon you're talking about the game, right? Yeah, sometimes I think the screen shots are often prettier than the game, but at least it's there for the people who want to play it.
Duilen's avatar
I had no idea there was a game called neon. I was talking about the color.
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There's a Flash game called Neon, its sequel Neon 2, and then my game Braids NEON. I figured you were talking about my game, maybe saying you didn't like the NEON skin [link] as much as the original [link] - They're both on Kongregate, so I assumed you must have found me from there...

How did you find me? :)