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Lego Army

By axcho
Some pixel art from long ago.

I designed these for the TI-83 Plus graphing calculator, back when I was still making games for that platform. They're LEGO soldiers, in pixelated form, along with every standard LEGO weapon. Mix and match.

I never ended up using them in a game, but who knows, maybe I'll get around to using them someday.

And now you know where my avatar comes from... ;)
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Hey Axcho:

I'm getting into the realm of coding for graphing calculators. Mind if I use your artwork? It'd really help me out! I want to code a battle game, your men would be my infantry base while I made my own "Mages" :)

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Hey, sorry, I kind of forgot about this deviantART account for a while, haha! :p I'd like to hear more about your game - let me know how I can contact you if you want to talk more about it...
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Nice, awesome pixel design :)
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A Game on a graphing calculator? That sir, is bad ass.
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Indeed. :plotting:

There is even a whole website devoted to those games. Here's my author profile: [link] :)
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I'll Check that out. :D
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