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How to make origami hydralisks

By axcho
Here are the complete instructions for folding my origami Hydralisk, from StarCraft. This package includes detailed diagrams, with photos of every step as well as intermediate folds. There is also a photo gallery of the finished model.

Enjoy! Hope it was worth the wait! :D

Click on Download for a larger view.

I've uploaded a video of the folding animation to YouTube: [link]
It's just a lower quality version of what's already here, but hey, now it's on YouTube! :lol:

Stuck on step 11? Or any other step? ;)

Then check out this narrated tutorial video I made of the entire sequence, in eight parts:
- How to make an origami hydralisk - Part 1 of 8
- How to make an origami hydralisk - Part 2 of 8
- How to make an origami hydralisk - Part 3 of 8 (Step 11)
- How to make an origami hydralisk - Part 4 of 8
- How to make an origami hydralisk - Part 5 of 8
- How to make an origami hydralisk - Part 6 of 8
- How to make an origami hydralisk - Part 7 of 8
- How to make an origami hydralisk - Part 8 of 8

Good luck. ;)
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omg I'm so excited to try this, I'll let you know if it works out! TY so much for the instructions!!
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Really nice model! I love Zergs and I was really interested to make a hydralisk origami. After a couple of hours, I've succeeded and the result is fine. Thank you a lot for your tutorial, it's nice and well explained.

However, you don't tell us how to manage the tail to make the beast standing on the floor. I've tried few things and then it was OK, but you may have a better way, I'm sure. Also, the head/mouth is quite hard to execute; you don't tell us many explanations (and the amount of paper is quite short in the area).

Anyway, thank you for this tutorial, and long life to the Swarm!
helohelo6's avatar
Im to confused!
Shen-Tao's avatar
You, Sir, are a f**cking GENIUS... AND I MEAN IT!!!! *__________*
axcho's avatar
Haha, thanks. :)
PeteriDish's avatar
wonderfully made instructions! a llama for that! =)
QuickSand5's avatar
thanks for making this, now i have something to spend all my minerals and vespene gas on xD. I've made a swarm. :iconhydraliskplz:
axcho's avatar
Awesome. Any pictures of your new swarm? :)
QuickSand5's avatar
i'll post my custom made one and link it to you. I've been trying to make a custom made zergling from how you made ur hydralisk, but i cant seem to ge thte feet right, i mean, i can get his back carapace his top 2 arms his body, and head and then i run out of paper xD
axcho's avatar
Nice. Did you try my origami zergling tutorial video? [link]
QuickSand5's avatar
no that took way to dam long to do 2-3 folds so i just went off ur hydralisk design.
axcho's avatar
Heh, I'll let you know when I have a shorter video or photo instructions. :p
QuickSand5's avatar
Einahpets1007's avatar
i got to the step right after step 11 then quit whining and crumpling my paper up.....when it comes to frustrated folds like that i tend to reduce to the mindset of a 7 year old despite being 18 XD
sortepolaroid's avatar
Hey! finally finished the hydra, thanks, it looks awesome! :D [link]
Also my zergling from the other tutorial: [link]
axcho's avatar
Awesome, your hydralisk has a lot of personality! I like it. :D

The zergling is very nice too. Looks like you got it to hold its shape very well. You know you can pull out the top arms to the side more so they look like they're coming out of the same shoulder as the lower arms? That's really how it should be - in the photos I took I just hadn't figured that out yet. :p
bengti2's avatar
dear god, after 2h i give up, damn u arms!!! haha
seccro's avatar
I have no idea how to complete step 9 its nonsense
axcho's avatar
Really? Step 9 is just a precrease, nothing fancy - just fold the flaps to make a crease, then unfold. It's a simple valley fold - pretty much the simplest possible fold you can do in origami. Maybe you're thinking too hard. ;)
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Protoss4ever's avatar
Awesome ! Now make a lurker...BTW have you played SC2?
Very nice model, my enemies were the steps 15-17 (your video helped). Do you know that there's no "step 29" and there are two "step 30"? Thanks for making the diagrams available
axcho's avatar
Heh. Finally fixed the mysteriously missing Step 29! ;)
axcho's avatar
Wow, good catch. :o I'll fix that Step 29 issue sometime, thanks.
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