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Haida-lisk Incubation

By axcho
This is a picture of a Hydralisk, from the game StarCraft. It is depicted in a traditional Northwest Coast Native American style, closely approximating the formal Northern style of groups such as the Haida of the Queen Charlotte Islands. The Hydralisk is curled up inside an egg, waiting to hatch.

Thus, Haida-lisk Incubation.

I painted it in Photoshop, which, as it turns out, was a very poor tool for the job. This art style is extremely unforgiving of sloppiness - not good when all you have is a tiny tablet and a whole lot of pixels to push around. In the future I'll be using a vector-based program like Flash for my Northwest Coast art.

So look at it, save it, print it, show it to your friends, whatever.

I'm quite happy with it. In my opinion it's the first decent Northwest Coast design I've made, and I liked it enough to print it out and frame it on my wall! :D

Hope you like it too. ;)
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We are Nature's Darkest side
We are the true Demons of Space
We are Corruption incarnate
We live for war
We Conquer, Slaughter and infest
We are the Zerg!
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For the Swarm!!!
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Great piece! I have two Haida tattoos and looking for number 3. Yours would qualify, but you keep on talking about mistakes? Why don't you correct them and re-post?
Still, an amazing job.
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I just haven't had time to redraw this one, but I'll let you know when I do. Thanks.
Great piece! I have two Haida tattoos and looking for number 3. Yours would qualify, but you keep on talking about mistakes? Why don't you correct them and re-post?
Still, an amazing job.
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Very nicely done...I have always been very inspired by Haida art.
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Thank you. I did this piece before I fully understood all the rules of formline art, so there are some mistakes, but I do still like it a lot. Maybe I will revisit the subject again.
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I get it! Very nice patterns. I am sort of get entranzed by em.
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Thanks! I know what you mean about the patterns - if I look at it the right way (right side up) the curves started coiling around each other and my eye flows around the picture without leaving. I should maybe make a new improved version sometime... :)
Very Nice Piece.... Maybe a tattoo on my back if you do not mind!! Awesome work and much cred!!
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Thank you! There are several mistakes on it I still have to fix, though, so please don't use it as a tattoo... I would be ashamed to have these mistakes permanently on someone's back, forever testifying to my ineptitude with the formline style of art. :noes:
i can say u did a good job. im from the Queen Charlotte Islands and im a first nations Haida. i love that you like are art style. you should keep workin on you stuff and make sure you state in your artist comments that you are not a first nations haida..... other than that keep up the great work...
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Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. Do you think I should edit the existing description with a disclaimer that I am not affiliated with any of the cultural groups to which this art style is traditional?
no... lol some one already asked you if you where haida and you said no :P its all good i just liked your peice and because im haida i had to comment about it
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Oh, okay. Did you see these other ones too? [link]
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Very nice piece of work! Kudos!
All the very best,
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Your name is on the paper, someone is gonna stalk you now.
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I must say, very good for a first! I wish my first had been so.

If i may make a few suggestions for the next time?

Try to make the tertiary color, the blue, a little more greenish.

Also the ovoid at the base of his arm... This is the first time I have seen a U shape inside the ovoid. Usually their is a smaller ovoid inside.

Still though a very sound contemporary piece. =D

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Your suggestions are much appreciated!

I'll try the green - after all, green is a fairly Zerg-ish color suitable for hydralisks. :p I think I'd like to experiment with the colors more anyway, as other people have also suggested that I change them. I'm planning on making a vector version of this, and that will be a good opportunity for me to play with the colors, in both traditional and non-traditional color schemes. ;)

Are you talking about that sort of double U in the arm? I had thought that was okay, but looking back now, I can't find any examples of it anywhere. What I was hoping to do was to portray the sort of peanut shape of the hydralisk's arm there, but I might be able to do that with two ovoids instead. I guess I'll try it.

The part that I am least satisfied with is actually the top sail part, especially the weak little fine line that looks like a curly brace. :p I think that should just a be a plain U shape, maybe solid black or outlined. I also don't like the way that salmon trout head sits inside the main body ovoid either - in the original sketch it was a bit bigger and flowed better with the surrounding ovoid's curves. I should be able to fix that more easily once it's vector.

How long have you been doing this sort of art? I really like the way you can balance the big, simple form lines with little detailed areas. And you're only 16? :wow: When did you start?
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