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Explore an infinite dream world. Survive an endless nightmare. How far can you fly?

Fly to the right!

Tap the arrow keys to flap your wings. Hold the arrow keys to drill through walls.

Everything that moves will try to kill you. Try not to let that happen.

(you can also use WASD instead)

Flydrill is a game I first played in a dream, in October of 2008. When I woke up, I vowed to turn my dream into a real game.

I first released Flydrill in 2010, released a major update for it in 2011, and then released a minor update in 2013. At this point I suspect a sequel would make a lot more sense than another update. So I'm putting it out here now.

RIP Mochi Media. :(

You can play it on my site: [link]

You can play it on Kongregate with scores: [link]

You can play it on Newgrounds too: [link]

For some explanations and background info, read these threads:
- on my blog: [link]
- on the Flixel forums: [link]
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Dude this is fun
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very nice game. Simple, elegant and fun. Very clean aesthetic. Seriously, excellent work.
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Thank you, I'm glad you got to appreciate it! Someday, I will make more games like this...
nice game, good concept ;)
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772m haha,
this game is so fun!
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