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Engine Prototype 05

By axcho
Engine Prototype 05 - by axcho on November 24, 2009

This is my fifth prototype of the Dejeweled physics engine. The engine now supports collisions between circles and capsules. This version is simple, with an inefficient method of finding colliding pairs. And objects can pass through each other if they are traveling too fast. But that will all change soon.

This ragdoll is just like the one from Engine Prototype 01, but with a ball to play with. Objects can actually collide now! :D Nifty, eh?

Click the window to start. Then use the arrow keys to move the stick figure around. You can also click and drag the mouse to move the ball, too.

left - rotate left
right - rotate right
up - raise arms
down - spread legs

For slow motion, hold down the space bar. Click the meters to adjust the physics settings.

Let me know if you find anything interesting. ;)

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DREA-MS's avatar
I put on zero gravity then it only moves in place..?
StarBlazer2155's avatar
press random buttons and hes breakdancing!^^ i love thus game!
devgem's avatar
rlly cool. give him a small ball and a sowrd. that'd be legend! baseball
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Potentially fun thing.
Hmm it is kind of hard to make produce symmetrical results :) It seems I can kick hard to the left but not to the right :) And it seems tapping buttons randomly produces better results then trying to do it intentionally :)
axcho's avatar
If you're talking about the ragdoll, this may be because of some inaccuracies in the spring lengths. If it is impossible to satisfy a set of constraints, there will be extra forces added inadvertently and the ragdoll will spin more to one side. You can see this more clearly if you turn off gravity and friction, and turn up rigidity all the way. Fortunately, this only happens with bad data - it's not inherent to the simulation. :)

As for tapping buttons randomly, well, that's what practice is for. ;)
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
I did practice :) Hmm how about making a kicking bag? You know like one boxers train on :) Somewhere in center of the screen :)
axcho's avatar
Ah, good idea. I'll have to try that sometime. :)
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Hehe :) Also if possible add damage texts floating on collisions with it :) It seems looks of it are not that informative. What I tough was good kick was not pushing ball much but I am not shore I can push it much at all :)
axcho's avatar
Hmm, yeah I can see that being useful. I'll try it.
Quite interesting when you have control all that way up and bounce turned down and press left to right quickly. Translates to: OMFG THIS IS AWESOME.
Lol this is really cool. Excellent job, but he stays on his side a lot :/
imjustellingyou's avatar
i had fun turning off the gravity
poor thing, just wiggling in mid air...:D
axcho's avatar
If you listen closely you can hear it crying for help... :(
puinkey's avatar
he isn't very good at playing dodgeball :'O
axcho's avatar
Yes. No brains, unfortunately. :o
puinkey's avatar
set everything to max and drag the ball towards him
Aww , shaking pelvises :meow:
N3XUZ's avatar

Okay, this kicks ass. lololololol
N3XUZ's avatar
Been playing with it the last 5 minutes, mentally going "RAWR! GET BALL MUST ATTACK BALL RAWR! RARARARAWR ATTACK KILL BALL!!!11one!"

axcho's avatar

...and it's great exercise if you do it in real life, too. Just don't hurt yourself. ;)
N3XUZ's avatar
Too late. *broken spleen*
Niallmeister's avatar
Ah, nice (:

Pretty unstable I can see but you're getting some nice progress, good luck!
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