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Braids NEON

By axcho
Braids NEON is a simple but deep ragdoll fighting game, for one or two players.

The Kongregate version has high scores and statistics now! Try it: [link]

It's on Newgrounds now! You can vote on it there: [link]

I've improved the feel of the physics and added more eye candy. If it lags you might want to lower the quality (press ESC for the menu) and close your other programs.

I've also improved the menu system, finally, but my eventual goal is to make an entirely new version with multiple game modes and levels. I do not plan to continue working on the original Braids however: [link]

I've uploaded a bunch of nice screen shots to my scraps. Take a look: [link]

Updates for February 2008:
- added alerts for damage and combos

Updates for December 2007:
- added ropes to title screen
- improved tutorial instructions
- perfect mouse out detection
- added back button to menus
- increased spotlight speed

Updates for March 2007:
- new music (Rebirth by DarkEpiphone)
- new sound effects (from Plasma Pong)
- improved help and tutorial
- improved AI learning
- increased friction and speed
- bouncy walls and sticky floor
- all of legs now invincible
- ropes fade and background deepens
- added moving spotlights

For some historical background, read these threads:
- on Stick Page Portal - [link] [link]
- on Newgrounds - [link] [link]
- on Fun-Motion - [link]
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Rockclanhawkstar's avatar
This is a great fun game :D
mashabelyankina's avatar
I activated mouse, i killed pink guy with two hits. Only two. Idk how.
luxidoptera's avatar
I just won a round by doing absolutely nothing but holding Space I cannot beli eve

upd8: went again, didnt even hold space this time, STILL WON
Linkard777's avatar
Man, Kongregate need this! :)
JereduLevenin's avatar
Heh, this is pretty cool. The AI tried to adapt, but I guess it eventually gave up because after enough wins it just goes and hides in a corner, as though it is terrified and trying to stay far away from me. Not sure if that was intentional, but it's hilarious.
axcho's avatar
Heh, not entirely intentional, but the AI does learn, as simple as it is. I guess it learned that it just couldn't win against you! ;)
54together's avatar
The music is catchy!
Avril555's avatar
I'm so confused.
diogot12's avatar
Hard to understand but really fun to play!!!
Kelson10's avatar
S3cr3ts1n1's avatar
jaja cool game but can u tell me the name of the songs?
axcho's avatar
The song is called Rebirth, by DarkEpiphone, but unfortunately it's not available online anymore. You can see some other songs by the same person here: [link]
S3cr3ts1n1's avatar
derikvyreflame's avatar
The fun is there XD
axcho's avatar
Haha. :lol: Yeah, barely.

Someday I'll apply what I've since learned about game design and make a much better ragdoll fighting game. There's so much potential there that this game doesn't really touch. :)
derikvyreflame's avatar
lol, well until then this game is awesome XD
axcho's avatar
Haha, thanks. =p
zebarnabe's avatar
Hmmm .. can you make a lighter version of the game? just crop the intensive cpu operations (mostly graphic enchancements)... the reason? So it can be playable in a mobile phone, also, interface doesn't help (you can't put the cursor offside in a mobile phone)... if i had time i would redo this game myself and create a lighter version just for my phone :p ... good game!
axcho's avatar
Heh, if I had time I'd do that too. :p

The original Braids [link] is a lot less graphic intensive, and if you turn the music off, it should be quite a bit faster than Braids NEON. Let me know if that helps at all.

This game really does deserve a re-doing, with better interface and all that. I'm very busy these days though, but I'll see if I can come up with anything. :)

Glad you like the game!
A-WE-SOME !!!!
I love it !
Easy to use , easy to get fun , easy to kill the other but easy to do it again !!!
Wooooh gettin mad on it *_*
axcho's avatar
Great! Glad you're having fun with it! :D
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