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Active Sketch 04 - Pillars 1.6

By axcho
Experimental auto-turn version of my Active Sketch 04 - Pillars.

In this version, you automatically turn in midair if you wait for a second, still with just one button. There are also some scattered blocks in the sky above.

Please try it out and let me know how you like this control scheme relative to the original version. Thanks.

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really cool

I prefer this version :la:
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Wow, just realised the background is a random colour :p Its been white everytime, including the first two times I ran this version
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Ha, you noticed. The first time you run it every day, it's white. After that, it's a random color. ;)
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Me too haha, it was white twice for me too.
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Nice. I must say this is this best so far, but I can't tell the difference between turning around in this version and the previous. Is it just a longer delay between turning around?
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The turning is more immediate, but your horizontal speed is reduced.
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It's really awesome..

I just found out how to change direction. Really, really cool.
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Haha, thanks. :lol:

I made a slight change to the midair turning. Try it again and let me know what you think! :D You may have to refresh the page to make sure the new version loads.
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I saw it. Love it ;D

Hope you make a game out of this. And you should make a scrolling screen, so it could be like a 2d adventure game ;D
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I will indeed. Definitely will feature a large, scrolling world.

By the way, I added a new update at the old version, where you turn by double-tapping: [link]

Try it! :D
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I know, I did that :P

I love this script. Love it!
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Looks good, I don't understand how you control direction changes though. They seem to happen by themselves at random, it's annoying : P
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Try it again. I've uploaded a new version, where the turning should be easier to manage. :)
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It happens when you stop pressing space for a couple of seconds.
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