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Active Sketch 02 - Ledges



Active Sketch 02 - Ledges by axcho on September 19, 2009

This is my second Active Sketch, a doodle in code. I made this to test out the controls for a climbing game.

I originally made this for a project with ~brontosaurus, but we probably won't end up using it after all. We're going to try a different kind of game, one that's more about exploration than action.


I used the Flixel engine to build this prototype. It's great for making pixelated games like this - I'd recommend it.

Click the window to start, then use the arrow keys to control the little climber. You can hang from ledges, walk on them, or jump.

left - move left
right - move right
up - jump up
down - drop down

You can reload the page to get a new environment to play in.

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