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oh hey there, this is Exilement from SP, remember me? I'm the one who came up with the initial idea for Dejeweled. What ever happened with that anyway?
Hey, Exilement/Prospect/kysoramusic, of course I remember you! :D How's it going? Nothing's happened with Dejeweled, it's still a good idea, and still on the back burner. Want to work on it again sometime? :)

You can see what's new with me on my blog:
DrizztofmielikkiProfessional General Artist
Hi there! I stopped by to say hello. I never sent you a link to the children's book I illustrated because it never got an ISBN #. We're waiting on publishing a second edition, perhaps coming in Nov 2013. I've been doing illustrations for myself though, so it proves to be a medium I am enjoying. What's new with you?
Hey, good to hear from you! How did the children's book turn out for you?

News for me is that I got a new job at Linden Lab and moved to San Francisco. There's a bit about it on my blog: [link]
DrizztofmielikkiProfessional General Artist
The first edition of the book was kind of upsetting. The author got it self-published, and the printing company didn't even scan my original paintings, so the blue tones were missing. The way the author wanted it was also a mess. After showing it to his daughter (whom the book was partially written for) did she basically tell him, BIGGER SCANNED PICTURES and less words. The author realized that it needed help, and was going to get a second edition published, possibly this holiday season.

Congrats on moving and working!!

I still have your info about how to make NW Coast art saved....due to my studies in mythology, I now know a bit more about Raven, and will try my hand at it all again after grad school is completed. :)
Ah, too bad about the book. :/ Hope the second edition goes better.

And thanks. Feel free to get back to the NW art stuff whenever - it will be there when you're ready! ;)
The-Massacred-OneHobbyist General Artist
Just wanted to say that i loved The Love Letter, and i was shocked when my play through video of it is pretty much one of three. Keep up the good work