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4 The Potent Plant 3 by vmwpoc

By axaa
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Entry 4 for AxAA contest by vmwpoc
The last episode of the great "The potent plant" series!
Alucard finds his new toy, a weird but cute plant.
vmwpoc generously submitted this for AxAA contest!
Part 1 [link]
Part 2 [link]
Here is the original work in vmwpoc`s page [link]

Alucard is such a pervert (and I love this good looking vampire being pervert). OMG, the cute Anderson plant is exhausted now!! But this is love. The love can be perverted affection, because this is the love of the vampire king!

I am pretty sure many of you already know this work, but anyone being touched by this funniest animation, lease leave comment to vote here for vmwpoc!
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Published:   |  Mature
© 2007 - 2020 axaa
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LiziaHobbyist Writer
"And put some bloody pants on" BEST LINE EVER!!!
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:iconsebbywtfplz:......FFFFFT :iconsebastianplz: Its so weird, yet so funny~
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jayjunkieHobbyist Traditional Artist
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I didn't see that ending coming.....not bad, though....funny.
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(me)o.0< Anderson plant+Perverted Alucard= OMG!LOLOL
Bugsey58's avatar
ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alucard you Perv! but then again maybe vine smex comes hand and hand with doin' it with te Ander-plant. Geez though, Integra needs ta get te giant stick outta her ass, after all, it is his choice te wear clothes or not. Be free, Alucard, free from te evil signs of normalcy.X3!
Dragon-hobbit101's avatar
Ally: *covering face* YES! PUT BLOODY PANTS ON! GEES!!!!!

Alucard: NEVER!!!!!! *grab Ander-plant and run*
SeventhZodiac's avatar
Alucard will screw anything won't he? :giggle:

How could you not like that? LMAO!

Awwww, shhhhhhhh Integra! Anderplant is sleeping....poor widdle thing is all tuckered out. :love:
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OMG Pervert vampire!!!
(...but that's why we love him. LOL )
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angelbaby88Student General Artist
hehheh yeah holes!!!! mhwa hahhaha
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CyanMeranHobbyist Digital Artist
You really made a great job with your videos, congratulations! I hope you'll make other ones.
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BWAHHAHHHHAAA~!!! IT S AWSOME XDDDD you pervert XDDDDDDDD *falls down the chair laughing*
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