Two Howls (Werewolf Transformation)

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"C'mon Molly, you know everyone will be there, can't you go to a party just once?"
Molly's best friend looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Not a chance" Molly said, looking back to her computer "You know I have the report due monday, I can't go to your stupid party." Jenna sighed.

"That stupid report isn't due for two days, and, it's Halloween." Jenna folded her arms. "Why don't you want to go to a party with your best friend? What's going on?" Jenna looked genuinely concerned, she wanted her friend to get out more, but lately she was...aloof, removed, something wasn't right.

"Jenna, just, go without me, ok? I can survive not going to a party, just, leave me alone." Jenna recoiled as if she had been struck. Her friend never acted like this. She had to do something, it didn't sound like Molly was worried about something...else.

A devilish smile flashed across Jenna's face. She yanked the cord of her friend's computer from the wall, smiling as the screen went dark, erasing hours of hard work in a single second.

Molly turned around, eyes flashing in anger from behind her long brown hair.
" What.The.Heck. was that for?" She yelled, barely able to contain her rage. Jenna, on the other hand, looked smug and unabashed.

"Look, I'm sorry, but if you go to the party I will help you rewrite it, if that makes you feel better, but I at least need someone to drive me, ok?" She said, folding her arms.

"Can't you just walk there, I mean, it's just on the other side of the woods." Molly's house sat just across the street from a swampy, undeveloped forest.

"You want me to walk through a creepy forest, alone, on Halloween? You wouldn't do that to me, would you?"

Molly looked at her feet for a moment, before looking back up at her friend.

"Fine, but I won't stay, I'm just going to drive you there, nothing else. I'm not staying at the party." Molly said.

"Suit yourself." Jenna shrugged.


Molly's car pulled into the packed driveway, before stopping. She looked expectantly at her friend.

"Well?" Molly asked questionably. Jenna had obviously expected her to change her mind once she arrived.

Jenna sighed.
"You don't want to, you know, walk with me to the door? Say goodbye..." Molly glared at her.

"Fine" Jenna said, "I guess you didn't want to talk to Jason?" Jenna nodded towards the figure pretending to walk like a zombie across the lawn to talk with one if his friends. The house was blaring the song Monster Mash, and she could see a number of people she knew inside. Even Molly had to admit it looked fun.

"I knew it" Molly said "This was all a set-up to get me to talk to Jason, wasn't it?" Her friend was about to deny when she saw the look in her eyes.

"Look, if you hate the party, you can leave, but at least come in. I don't want to lose my best friend." The look in Jenna's eyes was sincere.

"Fine" Molly said "But you owe me one." Jenna laughed.

"Just put on your costume and meet me inside, you can't just walk in with normal clothes."

"My costume? You better be prepared to write me a good essay..."


"Hey, Molly, when did you get here?" Jason asked, as he shambled like an undead monster across the room.

"She drove me, but she had to put on her costume before coming in" Jenna said. Jenna was wearing a long black dress and a pointed hat to go along with it.

Molly was dressed in a black, ankle length cape, and plastic fangs that fit poorly in her mouth. A little bit of fake blood was dabbled on like she had just taken a bite a something living.

"Hey Jason" she said, trying to speak through the ill fitting plastic teeth "I von to suuuck you blood!" Jason smiled

"That has to be the lamest Dracula I have ever heard." Jenna snorted.

" Let's see you do better, Jenna!"

"Ok, I vont, to suck your bloood!" Molly laughed.

"That was even worse!" She said. Jenna frowned.


The party had seemed to stretch on for hours of drinking, dancing, and talking. Molly was enjoying herself, for once, and she had been talking to Jason for more than a few hours. But she couldn't shake the feeling that she shouldn't be here, that something was wrong. She scratched absentmindedly at the back of her neck. It must be the cheap cape material.

Her costume was getting uncomfortable. She scratched more at her neck, without thinking. A trickle of warm blood ran down the back of her neck. Real blood. She quickly pulled her hand back, looking at the what she had smeared over her fingers. What she saw, however, did not look very much like her hand. Her previously manicured and painted nails had cracked, revealing obsidian black claws poking out from beneath them, drops of blood hanging from each razor sharp digit. She gasped.

"Everything alright, Molly, are you sick or something?" Jason asked, leaning forward. Molly said nothing, but she felt sick. Her stomach twisted, suddenly, insides twisting and moving, causing the small girl to bend over groaning and gritting her teeth.

"Molly, do you need help, what's happening?" Jason reached out a hand to touch Molly's shoulder when she looked up, with amber yellow eyes that stopped him in his tracks.

"D-don't, don't touch m-me." Jason look a half step back. "S-stay away!" She shoved past him, pushing through the groups of people in a frantic dash. She had to get away. Away from everyone. Ignoring shouts of "Hey, watch it!" and "What the heck?" she elbowed her way to the bathroom.

She slammed the white painted door shut, clumsy hands trying desperately to turn the lock. There was a click as the metal deadbolt slid into place, and Molly drew a sigh of relief. She slumped against the door, chest heaving as a million of nagging thoughts ran through her mind. How could I of forgotten, she thought. How could I be so careless? She moved slowly towards the rounded mirror above the sink, dreading what she saw. When she looked in, he half expected to see herself, as she always was, light skin, brown hair, a small, skinny body with shoulders that always looked too thin. What she saw instead, was a monster.

Yellow eyes stared from where brown eyes should have been. Dark brown fur where there should've been bare white skin. Claws like daggers where there should have been small nails. It was too much to take in. Her body heaved again, as her insides churned and changed. Bones popped and cracked as her shoulders rose and fell with each progressly inhuman breath. Her skin crawled as patches of the fur covered her skin like a wave. There was a crack as her shoulders widened, forcing her head down, causing her long hair to obscure her face. When she looked up again, she watched as it pushed outward, bones stretching and creaking as her nose became flat and leathery.

Teeth, pale white and sharp enough to tear flesh from bone pushed their way out of her black gums as her face changed to match the canine visage. A low, shuddering growl rumbled in the back of her throat. It was painful, but not as painful as her first time changing. She looked out the window, at the pale  moon rising in the distance. A full moon. A wolf moon.

"Molly? It's me, Jenna, are you ok? Do you want me to call the hospital? Molly?" The knocking would of sounded quiet to a human, but to Molly, the sound was deafening. "Molly, are you alright?"

Molly didn't respond. How foolish, she thought, that she could be one of them. A human. She had forgotten who and what she was. She wanted to cry, but all she could feel was anger.

Her shoes were getting tight, and she was finding it difficult to stand in the high heels. Her feet slipped on the slick white tile floor, forcing her to grab the sink for support. Under the skin, muscles writhed and shifted, her skinny body changing to one reminiscent of a bodybuilder. Pant legs began to split along the seams as her thighs grew to support her heavy body. Her balance shifted to the balls of her feet, knees inverting with a crunch. She released her grip on the sink, stepping backwards on unsteady legs.

She could feel it, the beast, it was taking over, taking hold of her mind, fighting for controll.
She gasped as she felt her vertebrae shift, pushing out from her tailbone. The bony nub was lengthening, pressure in her back mounting steadily as growth of her new appendage was hindered by her pants. Her new claws made short work of the material, leaving her standing in only her panties. Her tail swished behind her, and she stared with a combination of shock and horror.

She could feel a presence in his mind, trying to push her down and destroy her humanity. It was like being drowned, as she fought for control of her own mind. She pushed it back, not letting the thing inside her take control. It

"Molly? Molly, open the door ok? We want to talk to you, please!" The person at the door smelled like Jenna. Another sent. A male.

"Molly, it's Jason, if it's something I said, I'm sorry, please, come out..."

A low growl started in her throat, growing in volume. Just when she thought she could be normal. Just when she thought she could fit in, this happened. Reminding her that she was different. That she wasn't human.


She had to get away. Escape, they couldn't see her like this, a monster, a freak. There was a window. She undid the latch on the top, the glass squeaked and rattled as she opened the window, letting in a gust of cool fall air. One last look at the door, and she quietly slipped out the window.

She stepped out onto the roof, leaving the window open behind her, she climbed across the shingles. The moon looked enormous, from here, beautiful, and cold. Without thinking, she lept off the roof, landing on all fours. The sounds of talking and laughing from the party were behind her, she slinked off into the darkness.

There was a park across from the house, a dark, empty swampy forest that had been there for hundreds of years. She would be safe there, amongst the bent backed trees and hanging branches. Stepping into it, she took one last look at the house, and vanished into the trees.


"Molly? Mollllly?" A high voice called out into the stifling darkness of the swamp. Jenna had heard the window open and had rushed outside to try to find her friend. What was going on? First she didn't want to be around people, now this. She had seen Molly slip into the woods before, disappearing into it when she wanted to get away from her house.

A twig snapped somewhere nearby. "Molly? Is that you?" She pulled out her cellphone and used it as a flashlight. The sound of laboured breathing was nearby, Jenna could hear it.

Something exploded out of the dark, smashing into the girl and pinning her to the ground. Jenna looked up at her attacker. Ivory fangs snapped close to her face, a wolf's face, a fur covered body. The thing choked out garbled words, trying to talk through the cage of teeth. Jenna thought she recognized the voice.

"J-Jenna, I'm, s-so s-sorry."
"No, don't!" Jenna cried out, straining beneath the weight that held her in place. The fanged jaws opened in a blood curdling howl, head pointed skyward, before plunging down, onto her shoulder.

The creature released the bleeding girl from its hold, stepping backwards as Jenna tried to crawl away.

"P-please, d-don't, hurt me." She whined, as she tried to stand, but only managed to slip and hurt her shoulder. She stumbled to her feet, using a tree for balance. She stepped into a shaft of silver moonlight, shining from a gap in the tree cover. She stood, staring at the luminous orb, before crying out in pain, clutching her stomach as she felt the changes begin.

She fell to her knees, visible tears rolling down her cheeks, reflecting the moonlight like small diamonds. The hair began to crawl up her legs, chest, and arms. The fur was black and coarse, as it began to move up her neck. Molly watched as her friend's delicate hands sprouted deady, black claws, palms pushing out as they became pads.

The same was happening to her feet, forcing Jenna to pull off her high heels, to reveal her changing feet. The fur now covered her face, and Jenna moaned in pain as her face began to push out into a muzzle, sharp teeth like daggers pushing out of her newly formed jaw.

Jenna suddenly found it hard to breath as her ribcage expanded, trying to undo the bra that now constricted her chest, but found her sharp claws tore through much easier. With a growl, she ripped open the front of her black dress, breathing short and shallow. Bones cracked and shifted, skeletal structure changing rapidly, Jenna screamed in a mixture of pain and fear.

Molly, wanting to comfort her changing friend, moved closer, wrapping her arms around Jenna at first, Jenna fought the embrace, but she stopped struggling to look into her friend's unrecognizable face.

"M-Molly, is that-nnngggh-you? Are you in there?" Molly nodded slowly, feeling Jenna relax in her arms.

"It's Ok, y-you can take this, you're s-strong. Hang in there." Molly said looking into her friend's now golden yellow eyes. Jenna suddenly convulsed, as she felt her vertebrae shift and lengthen, pressure focusing on her tailbone.

"I-is it this bad e-every time?" Jenna asked, in pain. Molly shook her head.

"Every time you change, it gets a little better, e-easier. Believe me." Molly said. Jenna nodded.

A small bump pushed against the black fabric of her dress, growing longer as her new tail fought to be free. With a shaking paw, Jenna tore at the bottom of her dress, claws slicing through with little resistance. Now free, her long, black bushy tail was free, now flicking in the cold air. Jenna shivered, her dress now little more than tatters, leaving her mostly naked, except for her underwear, exposing her body to the cool air if the forest. Molly watched as the ebony black fur doubled, thickening to warm her small body.

Molly could feel her friend's muscles twitch, as they bulged out beneath the skin, soft stomach hardening, legs strengthening.

Something changed. Molly could see it in Jenna's eyes, as she felt the darkness that accompanied every change. The animal, bestial hunger that promised blood and food if she gave in. Jenna's eyes rolled up, groaning as she fought to stay herself. Human.

"Jenna, listen to m-me, you have to fight it, if you let it win, you become a monster, don't give up."

"W-what makes you think I-I will?" Jenna asked with clenched teeth. She shook her head trying to clear her thoughts, but all she could think of was blood and rage. She had to fight it. The feeling gradually quieted down, leaving Jenna with her mind in tact.

"Jenna? Is that really you in there?" Molly asked, still clutching her friend. Jenna reached out and licked her friend's muzzle. Molly looked surprised at the sudden display of affection.

"W-who do you think?" Jenna asked, a canine smile on her long face. "So w-what exactly do werewolves do? I mean, we can't just go walking around town like this...can we?"

The look on Molly's face was mischievous. 'Who says we can't? It is Halloween..." Jenna looked at her friend, eyes shining in the moon's light.

"Why not? Let's go!"
A short Halloween story I wrote yesterday. Two best friends find that werewolves arn't so bad. I know I haven't uploaded much lately, I've been swamped with a ton of work, and I haven't had a ton if free time. As always, comment if you enjoyed this or have something to say
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how did Molly become a werewolf in the first place, was she born with it or was she infected like Jenna
Yolo234d's avatar
I like it but it's not for nothing but those immediate reactions are a bit strange
verdanadaskele's avatar
Can you do a second one where people help them control it completely?
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I really enjoyed this awesome story. Please do more like these :)
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Amazing story! It would be awesome if you could do a follow up!
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I was wondering if there's going to be a follow up to the story? Maybe the next morning or some time down the road?
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Outstanding for sure. Definitely deserves every one of its views. :)
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Thanks! I'm glad people are still reading my stories!
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Anytime, dude. Keep up the amazing work. :)
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:) werewolves are awesome
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I agree, werewolves are awesome :)
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:) Do you draw them as well?
AWulfNamedLoki's avatar
Not as much anymore, I think I am better at writing than drawing
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Two BFF's that are now werewolves together. Cool concept. Different.
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Thanks, I'm glad you found the story interesting!
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Could you make the relationship between Molly and Jenna develop from best friends to girlfriends? That would be interesting

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Not bad! I like that you worked two different transformations into the story. Awesome job! :D
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I liked the quality of this post. i think a little more foreknowledge on Molly's secret and i wasn't sure if it was hard or easy to push down the instincts, but i really liked it. And i think this Halloween will have a full moon, so you're in luck. :)
AWulfNamedLoki's avatar
Thanks, I appreciate your ideas, its nice to have some critiquing!
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You're welcome. I always appreciate the critiquing as well, so i thought i might say something.
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