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Hetalia x Reader America's New Capital ch. 13
Warning: swear words, betrayal, anger, last chapter!
(Name’s) POV
                Finally I was back home. Sleeping in a cabin for 2 months really messes up your system. Okay, to catch up basically my team and I are sitting in my living room hanging out.
“Man, I can’t believe we won again!”
“Why should you care (Name)? You didn’t do anything,” that made me pause and turn to the Russian girl who just spoke.
“Excuse me Stasya, but I do believe I wouldn’t have gotten a black eye and a sprained wrist if I didn’t help.” Getting up to face the black haired young lady and surprisingly she stood up to meet me.
“Well, (Name), you joined in during the last three weeks. You did nothing!” I blinked and turned to my other teammates, “Is this how y’all all feel?”
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Hetalia x Reader America's new capital ch. 12
Warning: swear words, badass teens, betrayal, and freaked out countries
Japan’s POV
                I watched the female superpower silently (well not really) fume as she discussed plans with the two British teens. My eyes turned to the door as I saw Toris enter with The Japanese boy, if I remember correctly Alfred told us that until (name) changed back to her normal self she would relive history in a more modern way. Obviously I was just thrown into a reenactment of WW2…this would not end well for Ronin. At all…
                My fellow countries stayed silent as (name) approached the Japanese boy and asked a simple question. “Why the fuck did you harm Lokelani, she did nothing! None of the Americans were even playing! It was just a completely uncalled for action!” at least it was a simple que
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Abortion Poem
I don’t like children
Children annoy me too much to describe
I don’t want a child
But if by some tragedy I get pregnant
Then I am getting an abortion
Abortion is when the women doesn’t want the child
So they abort the pregnancy
Terminate the pregnancy
Basically get rid of the fetus
 “But…But…why would you kill the child? They could become the next Gandhi!”
Gandhi was a sexist hypocrite who killed his wife
So no thanks, try again.
“What if you had been aborted?!”
Then I wouldn’t be here
My friends wouldn’t miss me
We wouldn’t be talking right now
I wouldn’t be
“Just put the child up for adoption! The system will save it!”
Yeah because the system is so great at saving things
Helping people
How about you try to get pregnant
Carry around that child for 9 months
Go through 24 hours of labor
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Hetalia x Reader America's new capital ch.11
Warning: swear words, Capture the Flag, hate, trick plays, and references to WW2
3rd Person POV
                “Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!”  A startled scream was heard all throughout the camp. Jack and Jon shot up from their shared cabin then looked at each other with confusion in their eyes. “What was that,” Jon asked, “sounded like Oliwia.” After Jack replied this his eyes grew wide and he said, “Game Day! Henry must have pulled some dumb prank!” (A/N: If you know the events of WW2 it officially started when Germany invaded Poland and wouldn’t retreat after England and France asked them to leave.)
*time skip to breakfast*
                England watched as Jack and Jon slammed their hand on Henry’s table, glaring at the German boy. “You need to
:iconawsomer-than-prussia:Awsomer-than-Prussia 8 3
America's new capital ch.10
Warning: dresses, tuxedos, graduations, and swear words
Will’s POV
                The guys and I have been waiting for the girls to get ready for our 8th grade graduation for about 2 hours now. How long did it take to put on a dress and roll with it? “Where are they,” Alfred said walking into the living room wearing a dark suit and a white tie. “No fucking clue,” I turned by head as Dante started talking and adjusting his maroon shirt and black tie.
                “Attention boys that are somehow my friends,” I looked up at the stairs and my jaw dropped. Kirklyn was wearing a mid-thigh length maroon dress with a black ribbon around the waist. She actually looked pretty, next came out Sofia. She was wearing a gold dress that went all the way past her ankles. Finally Aida came out in
:iconawsomer-than-prussia:Awsomer-than-Prussia 5 0
Hetalia x reader America's new capital ch. 9
WARNING: Bikinis, swear words, G.R.L. songs, water, tragedy stories, domestic violence, abandonment, references to 9/11
France’s POV
                I look out the window of my room at the party going on below. My eyes naturally search the crowd of teens and see (name) for once since I’ve known her she actually looks happy. I wonder if she knows we all saw that jagged scar or if she barely noticed herself. That little Norwegian boy was quick to hide it in her defense; the people here must really like her.
                I continue to look out the window and see the teens from the second day here setting up their instruments on the platform. My hand reaches to open to window and I’m suddenly met with a roar of music as Sofia and Will begin to play a song, I notice (name) is about to sing.
Maybe I&
:iconawsomer-than-prussia:Awsomer-than-Prussia 6 2
Hetalia x reader America's new capital ch.8
Warning:  cuss words, America football, girl quarterbacks, after parties, bikinis, cheerleaders
England’s POV
                You know, I was an empire. Yes, the great British Empire. I owned many countries. So how in the world did I end up in a Florida International Academy spirit shirt wait for a teenage girl to get dressed in her uniform?!
                I heard the front door open and in walked three teenage girls wearing maroon and gold dresses. As they got closer I noticed they were very short, at least short in my standards. Upon closer inspection (A/N: doesn’t Iggy sound like a perv?) I recognized Aida, whose hair was had gold streak in it, and Sofia, whose hair had maroon tips. I didn’t recognize the olive-skinned girl with jet black hair and maroon/gold eye shadow. Her hair was piled up on h
:iconawsomer-than-prussia:Awsomer-than-Prussia 6 1
Hetalia x reader America's new capital ch. 7
Warning: swear words, drama, American sass, interesting factoids, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness…
Japan’s POV
            We were sitting in Alfred’s living room discussing the past week of events when Ludwig mentioned what was on all of our minds. “Explain. The. Girl.” I saw the color drain out of the American’s face, he began speaking really slow. “Do y’all remember when I kept talking about the superhero, Global-Man?” I made a face, trying to understand what he was trying to say. Suddenly realization flooded onto my face, Ludwig must have realized it at the same time because he said, “Alfred you didn’t.” The American smiled sheepishly and said, “None of you dudes would listen to me! So, I went on and did it anyway. Something went wrong so a little girl was the result.”
:iconawsomer-than-prussia:Awsomer-than-Prussia 6 1
Hetalia x Reader America's new capital Ch. 6
Warning: swearing, guns, foreign people, MY PURE AWESOMENESS!
Austria’s POV
                It had been 2 days since that incident with the teenagers. Now it was Monday and we were all waiting for (name) to come home so we could ask her questions. But of course this is a teenager we are talking about, so nothing goes as planned.
                We heard the door open and in walked about 10 teenagers with matching grey T-shirts on. I noticed they were also all carrying big duffle bags…at least 7 of them were. 3 teenagers were carrying GUNS.  One of those teens were (name), she was laughing at something a dirty blonde boy (also carrying a gun) was saying. All 10 teens stopped in their tracks when they saw us staring at them.
:iconawsomer-than-prussia:Awsomer-than-Prussia 5 7
Hetalia x reader America's new capital ch.5
Warning: swear words, Sarcasm, presidential sons, rich spoiled Italians
England’s POV
                I was put in William’s group.  Honestly I do not know why he picked the people in his group. It seemed like the last people he would pick: me, Francis, Kat, Antonio, Lovino, Matthew, Tino, and Berwald. But, here we were walking down the east hall of Alfred’s mansion, a 13 year old explaining ways to not get lost in the house.
                “Down this hall we pass the height wall, Where Al measured our heights for 3 years. (Name) and I have always been the same height, but she caught me last year.” William explained, I didn’t understand how he wasn’t talking about how old he really was or how much he hated me. But that wasn’t the question that was bothering me.
:iconawsomer-than-prussia:Awsomer-than-Prussia 6 1
Hetalia x reader America's new capital ch. 4
Warning: swear words, presidential children, sarcastic Italians boys, shocking facts, and yea just read…
America’s POV
                They were looking at me like I was crazy. They had all just woken up and found out (name) and her friends had gone to school. They were asking questions, questions I didn’t want to answer.
“Amèrique… why have you been hiding your capital from us for 3 years?!”
“America! You have to tell us more about the young lady!”
“Alfred… do you honestly expect us to just sit here and have you not answer our questions?”
                It was all too much. When I invited them here I expected them to commend me for taking care of (name) so well, to finally stop calling me stupid, I was expecting to prove to them I wasn’t some youn
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Hetalia x reader America's new capital ch. 3.5
Warning: swear words and new info about reader’s past
Next morning!
Hungary’s POV
            Pancakes. I got up at 4:30 to make (name) pancakes. Matthew, Kiku, and I really felt bad about everything that was thrown onto the poor girl. We got asked so many times how we knew the tough girl. I wasn’t sure about the other two but my story was very interesting.
*flashback 2 years ago*
RING! Now where is the blasted phone? There it is!
Why in the world is America calling me? He doesn’t owe me anything and I definitely don’t owe him anything.
“Hello?” I said.
“Oh my god, Elizabeta thanks for answering!” Yep, definitely that loud and annoying American, but what was with the human names?
“What do you want America?”
“Can’t tell you over the phone
:iconawsomer-than-prussia:Awsomer-than-Prussia 6 1
Hetalia x reader America's new capital Ch. 3
Warning: Swear words!
Reader’s POV
    So, Kirklyn walks into the house after her dance class. She looks like she normally does after she finishes her class. Eyebrow Monkey, who I guess was named Arthur, almost passes out. Sadly my brother, Al, catches him.

Yep! And nobody thinks this is weird.

    Eventually I wander off while French fry over here tries to revive Eyebrow Monkey. I go to a My Spot in this giant mansion. You guessed it, the roof! The sun is setting and I smile seeing the colors spread across the sky. Of course the universe hates me and said, “You feel peaceful? Too bad! Have some drama!” So, yet again my peace was disturbed when Will opened the door to the roof.
“Al, sent me up here to find you.” I rolled my eyes, of course he did. Alfred always worried about where I was, my grades, my health, and all of that stuff.
“Well, you found me, are you expecting a prize?
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2p!USUK Revolutionary War
2p! UsUk Revolutionary War
May 30th 1765
                                              2p! America’s POV
    I don’t understand. Why would anyone want to leave British rule? Yes they may have done some bad things, but that’s what they had to do! Oliver was always so nice to me. When he wasn’t around like he promised, he made sure we always had wonderful soldiers in our houses protecting us from France!
            So, yes I am a loyalist! A proud one at that!  I just don’t understand why so many people wish to leave the crown. Yesterday I listened to the most heartbreaking speech my ears have ever heard. Patrick Henry’s speech t
:iconawsomer-than-prussia:Awsomer-than-Prussia 4 0
Hetalia x reader America's new capital ch. 2
Warning: swear words
Washington District of Colombia or you know…Washington D.C.”
            Every country that had dealt with America’s government in the past visibly paled in horror.
Russia’s POV
            I am a strong country. Many of these men and women are. So why were we so nervous about a 13 year old girl? We all knew that America was stronger and smarter than he acted…but now he has a personification for his government? The same government that I lost to in the Cold War, that helped win World War 2, that became the a world power in less than 1000 years?
            Now I really do not understand why he would invite us here. He should have kept that girl a secret; many countries would try to take her. America must have an alternate purpose for doin
:iconawsomer-than-prussia:Awsomer-than-Prussia 7 4
Hetalia x reader: America's new Capital
warning: swear words!
England’s POV

    I hate my life. Now I know what you’re thinking. ‘England! You’re a gentleman, you’re smart, and you are so hot you can kiss yourself! Why would you hate your life?’ the answer is simple really, I am being forced to stay in that git America’s mansion in Florida. He said he had a huge surprise for all of the countries, so he invited us to stay with him for as long as he said. So here I am waiting in that wanker’s living room because he said the surprise would be home before him and to act normal.
    “Oh! Germany,” I heard a certain Italian cry, “what do you think Mr. America’s surprise is?” Germany’s answer was cut short because the front door opened and strange voices were having a very loud argument.
    “I don’t know why you
:iconawsomer-than-prussia:Awsomer-than-Prussia 14 2


APH - The Vikings by CaeruleaLacus APH - The Vikings :iconcaerulealacus:CaeruleaLacus 373 174 Antonio and Little Lovino by MariLChan Antonio and Little Lovino :iconmarilchan:MariLChan 131 34 Gleipnir by Alikurai Gleipnir :iconalikurai:Alikurai 237 45 Stamp: MINE not God's by Riza-Izumi Stamp: MINE not God's :iconriza-izumi:Riza-Izumi 325 205 Stamp: Oppressed! by 8manderz8 Stamp: Oppressed! :icon8manderz8:8manderz8 876 556 Christian Support Gay Marriage by jball430 Christian Support Gay Marriage :iconjball430:jball430 955 2,521 14-07-2013 by SparxPunx 14-07-2013 :iconsparxpunx:SparxPunx 362 124 APH: 2 guys and a girl by dejavil APH: 2 guys and a girl :icondejavil:dejavil 599 197 Mistletoe 11 by SparxPunx
Mature content
Mistletoe 11 :iconsparxpunx:SparxPunx 576 148
Dancing with a Broken Heart -Itacest-
((Does have Spamano in it as well))
My amber eyes were burning.
Just watching my brother dancing and smiling with his… new husband… made me want to scream and rip these curtains behind me to shreds. I knew I would probably do that If I hadn't had this much control. I knew I would have done it, because my fingers were twitching and my claw like nails were digging into my palm.
I could feel the hot and sticky blood dripping down my palm, just like how any form of positivity was leaving my heart.
I could see how happy he was with the German, and how happy the German was with him.
But why couldn't I be in that stupid potatoes place?!
'Come on, Feli… you're my brother, that has to credit for something. Can't you feel me; can't you feel the pain that's slowly killing me?'
Held my breath as the last wave pulls me under, under
What doesn't kill you makes you so much stronger, stronger
Can you feel this pain?
Rushing through these v
:iconshadowmoonxblackfire:ShadowmoonXBlackfire 216 232
Bear by Lady-Pyrien Bear :iconlady-pyrien:Lady-Pyrien 51 24
as the title describes.....i am at loss of amount of praise or of words of awe can describe it.
every single line.....every single thing...
George deValier..YOU ARE A GOD...ever soooooooo much loved it!
ALL THE EMOTIONS......PERFECTLY EXPRESSED......DETAILED......its could actually see it happening...and feel it happening!
CLICK, naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!
Title: We'll meet again
By: George deValier
Rated: M
America & England/Britain
Reviews: 738
Updated: 01-20-11
Published: 07-18-10
:iconyanny0801:yanny0801 6 15
Bug Spray Doesn't Work On All Pests by LuvU5ever Bug Spray Doesn't Work On All Pests :iconluvu5ever:LuvU5ever 37 10 Hetalia - England Flag by girlyanimegal Hetalia - England Flag :icongirlyanimegal:girlyanimegal 10 0


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So i just went back to school today! Yay...anyway my story is on hold until the week after exams. Oh yea happy New Years!…

lets all hope i do not fail!


United Kingdom
I love ally carter and rick riordan (pretend. Spelled that right)


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