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Lotus Beauty

This drawing was actually drawn from a photo, in fact, this photo that my cousin took:

this was our final drawing assignment. drawn with vine and compressed charcoal on larger drawing paper (goes to measure it) 30 x 24 inches in about say two days.

i really hope this turned out well, or similar to the photo. something compels us to draw when we use a photo, i mean, some aspect of the photo, and in this one that Kelsey took, it was the light and composition. the composition was easy enough to mimic, but the light is what made the photo. did i capture it, to you?

once again, critique would be immensely appreciated on this drawing. :heart:
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Well first off, I would like to tell a little story type thing before I critque. I watch a lot of people, like many many deviants do, and I know I don't have enough time to look at every single devination I see in my message box as much as I want to. I usually just click on the ones that really stand out and this was definatly one of them. Nice contrasting values and, even though the composition is simple, overal beautiful piece. The perspective of the flower is wonderful because it's unique and not boring, like many flower pictures. One of my favorite parts is the little detail between the petals where the center of the flower shows a bit. Here is where I think you best captured the values. The background has a nice subtle mixture between dark and light that I think most certainly adds intrest.

As for things I would fix, the values are good, but they could be stronger. Try making the values even darker and highlights even lighter on your next pencil work. I know it's tedious and time consuming, but it definatly pays off. Another little issue to me is the use of a blender it seems, or finger smudging. It's too obvious that that is what you did. One of the trickiest things in pencil work is making all the shades go together without any obvious pencil marks or blends. Just use smudging sparingly and try to blend more with your pencil.

Overall, fantastic piece and honestly, I cannot wait to see more from you. By the way, I love the little charcol touches here and there (:.

Keep working hard,

PS: I'm going to feature this in my journal, maybe stop by and look?
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Thank you for the wonderful critique, this really made my day, or night as it were. there's just one thing i'd like to add, this is completely charcoal work, no graphite at all. but the ideas are pretty much the same, so thank you so much for the tips. :hug: and don't worry, i'll stop by ;) :rose:
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Tehehe you're welcome. And I'm sorry, I thought for sure I saw graphite o.O Must have been the scanner :doh:
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ah it's alright. just the other day i started raving about what i thought was a drawing and it was really an edited photograph... crazy trippy editing thats for sure. anyway, you never know :O lol
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Blehhh I hate that sometimes! Sometimes it really makes me sad when people over edit their photos. It's like we can't appreciate natural beauty anymore ):.
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oh yeah, and in this case it could put the drawing artist out of business x.x
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My goodness, this is lovely. :wow:
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Thank you so much :love:
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I also thought this was a photo :D Amazing detail.
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Thank you so very much! :heart: This one by far is my favorite. :love:
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beautiful drawing
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Now thats shading :O_o:
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Thank you so much :hug:
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I love the contrast between each petal and the shadowing is perfect!
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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A true pleasure! Keep up the amazing work & stay safe! :)
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This is quite good. You should be pleased.
You captured the feel of the flower and the light and the semi transparency feel, that soft texture of the pedals.
Nice composition from the color photo, that turns black and white and really works.

From seeing your early work, you are coming along quite well.
This should be your mark to measure, where you have come to and where you can surpass eventually.

The measuring stick is higher now. Keep looking up.
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Thank you so very much. This comment means a lot to me :love:
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no problem
you are getting better it is obvious
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beautiful shading, I can almost feel the light comming throught the petals :clap:
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Thank you so very much. That's exactly the thing I wanted to portray in this drawing, the light. Thank you, again :hug:
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