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Sad mummy amumu

Every Child in Valoran have heard the tale before
About the Cursed mummy boy who felt his hearts no more.

yeah I love this song SO bad that I bought Amumu to play it ....AND I FUCKING LOVE HIS GAMEPLAY. poor little lad. he need love so much.

He available as a 2 $ keychain ( in Shrink it )
If your are interested, please send me a private message OR a mail to

I well see what we can do.

Please check out my new Society 6 account and follow me or if your pleased, buy something to support me n.n thanks you.

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Aww poor Amumu... Don't worry, you'll still be one of the most annoying junglers out there, buddy.
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AHAHAHAHAHAH yeah totally ...along with Shaco AND WW
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ACK! Shaco and Warwick, have mercy! One's got invisibility and one has a suppress... Rito, nerf please!
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As if they will nerf WW xD they just nerf 2 of the players fav, Fizz and Ahri so i don't expect a REAL nerf from now til a great moment thought XD