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Rotty and Wobbles

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I was in the mood to draw some more Shantae fanart (I know... again!) This time I drew Rotty & Wobbles. I had this image in my mind of Rotty looking cute while snuggling a terrified Wobble Bell. And what's up with dogs tampering with women's clothing? Not quite the "Coppertone Ad" effect I was going for, but close enough. Let me know what you think.

By the way, I've been playing the first Shantae on the 3DS. It's amazing how much went into this game, and it's hard to believe that whole game could fit on a GBC cart. I'll be making more Shantae art later I guess.

Shantae belongs to :iconmattbozon:
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Dose dimples.
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LOOK, ROTTY!! IT'S SHANTAE!! >steals the dog and runs away<
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steriotypicalwolfStudent Digital Artist
Very nice! If I may, I am doing an LP of Shantae and would like to make a vector of this to use as part of a thumbnail. I will be sure to provide credit and a link to your page. With your permission of course. Thanks!
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HamburgerMarsupialHobbyist Writer
This picture explains a lot. I'll bet she never wanted to eat the puppy at all.
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that mouth is too adorable ;w;
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Naw all she wants is a pet dog & maybe to eat the dog...But still cute :3
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This pic made the song "Menchi (So you are going to eat me)" from The Excel Saga ending credits play on my head.

As for the pic itself, I love it. It's very well made and colorful. Both of their expressions are priceless.
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Tuume Writer
Very cute work. The expressions and colors bring out the moment. However, if Wobble can handle that crazy Chef he belongs to, he can handle Rottytops. Seriously, that Chef girl has some creepy dialogue in the second game.
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What's so creepy about Chef Girlardee? Well... I guess if you say "no" to her when she asks for Wobblebell back... I can see that as creepy, but I always viewed her more as depressed.

If you want creepy dialog, you should hear what Luna says in Mighty Milky Way. She's a total sadomasochist!
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What is a sadomasochist?
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Someone that enjoys hurting others or being hurt.
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Arkus0Hobbyist General Artist
Its really hard to tell if she is a good guy or bad guy. One minute she's Shantae's friend, the next she's selling her out.
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I like to think of her as a "high school" friend. What I mean by that is, she has good intentions, but will succumb to peer pressure (mainly from her bros or possibly Risky herself). Kinda like a high schooler on a quest to gain more popularity all the while hanging on to her valuable, but unpopular, friend. The 2 are extremely hard to mix. This may also mean that Rotty might try to corrupt Shantae's good nature (aka make her a bad girl). Really curious to see how this turns out in Pirate's Curse.
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hooksnfangsHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah Rotty is quite an adorable zombie!
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This is true.
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RandommodeProfessional Digital Artist
Wow that's really good man! 
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Thanks. Getting the expressions right was a top priority.
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RandommodeProfessional Digital Artist
You make great things man :w00t: 
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Rotty's getting him nice and tender before she chows down.
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Wobbles isn't going anywhere, not with that Elmira like grip. The sooner Shantae stops her, the better.
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GeneralsupertoadHobbyist General Artist
Great job Mike. Your drawing of Rotty is great. I'm enjoying the game largely, but it's quite hard at the same time. I've passed 3 labyrinths already and going to the 4th one. =) 
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