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Free to use - Lineart - Innocent Puppy

> Rules <

> Dont Resell <
> Dont remove the Watermark <
> You are allowed to edit the lineart if you wish to <
> Only upload with credit ( @/Iceythefish ) <
> Dont use for Commissions/Trades <
> You are allowed to use them for Adoptions/Personal Art <

hnn made a smol pixel lineart
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helloooo, not sure if you were aware, the download link no longer works so i just saved straight from the image
didn't know if you wanted to fix it or if this was retired?
figured i'd ask before using it
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download link works for me :0
Fleshh's avatar
my mistake :') i had the tab open from last night and just needed to refresh it 
sorry about that ^__^
Awkwardos's avatar
ah okay c: all good
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can I make it into a vernid please?, I know it says you can edit the lineart but its like a different species so yeh...
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thank you so much, I`ll show you after!! love the art too
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aww thank you much!! for free Hug Heart 
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what about ych?
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YCH's would be considered commissions, so no.
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may i remove the water mark for a pose on wolfing its like chatlands only a bit different and as stars12475
Awkwardos's avatar
No, you may not. c:
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Using for adopts, thank so you so much for such an amazing base to work with!! <3
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[Puppy] Lupis by PIutto
Thanks for the adorable base!!
Studio16Graphics's avatar
Any other way I could download the file? T^T
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It should be pretty easy this way?
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Is it allowed on Worlize?
Lif0rneir0a's avatar
Its kinda like chatlands but just its one big world where people can talk and use avatars (Most people don't allow their freebies on there since people steal art a lot and dont credit, but Im pretty sure art stealing went down a lot, and I DO credit) But on Chatlands I think you can click the avatar and you get a link where you can go to the page? Im not sure, but on Worlize you can't, basically you need to tell people themselves who made the art
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then I would prefer if you don't use it ;w; Since the credit must be visible somewhere
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