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Portfolio - Isabelle Lightwood

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Published: December 15, 2009
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2 new pages to add to the portfolio. Mortal instruments is a great series and a lot to design from. isabelle lightwood, and some costume designs from the descriptions in the book
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Nana138Hobbyist Writer
OMG SOOOO beutifull!!! So going to cosplay this^^
Awkwardly-Social's avatar
you should! i will love to see it!
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Only Isabelle could make victorian dresses sexy. this is perfect!
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buterschoch3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow this is amazing!!!! EXACTLY how i imagine her!!
Awkwardly-Social's avatar
oh yay, glad i got it right
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Absolutely amazing. I'm especially love the middle outfit on the bottom row. My friend is cosplaying as Izzy this year so I may have to send her in the direction of this picture as she's currently stuck for ideas.
Awkwardly-Social's avatar
:) thats awesome. hope it helps if you do
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I'M TOTALLY LOVIN' THIS! I'm using this pic as a reference for my cosplay [Hope you don't mind! XDWhen I post a pic I'll definitely link you to it.]

I've already got a dress similar, without the lace, which I'm planning to buy tomorrow. ^^ I'm changing the green jacket to a black biker's one though, since I can't find a proper jacket to fit the one in the pic. ;~; Or even a bounty hunter coat. MEHH!
Awkwardly-Social's avatar
oh id love to see that!!! love you see a pic when your done
missvictorianrose's avatar
Hahaha! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! If I had more time, and someone who could do the work for me (or if I knew how to sew...''), I'd totally have someone make this cosplay for mee~~!!! YOU'RE SO AWESOME!!!! Make more stuff like this? :D
Awkwardly-Social's avatar
haha man I wish I could sow. that would make my life so much easy and I would have a awesome wardrobe :P
costume work is so much fun so I see alot more in the future is you were interested
Felinaey's avatar
looks very cool!
I love that series.

(and I love Supernatural xD)
Awkwardly-Social's avatar
thanks. sorry for the late reply too.

oh and I love your taste. especially supernatural
Felinaey's avatar
haha thanks xD
I just saw the Isabelle picture and then your Dean picture so I just had to look...
I guess it has to be like that when you see someone who likes the same things xD
ice097's avatar
woah! you TOTALLY nailed the way I see Isabel!!! Go you!
Awkwardly-Social's avatar
haha thanks. yay you see her like i do. love your avatar
ice097's avatar
;) thanks, I've had it since I've joined here XDD
Awkwardly-Social's avatar
you excited or dreading the movie?
ice097's avatar
a little bit of both. It's not supposed to be as funny, which has me slightly worried. and contrary to other people, I don't mind Shamalan. Yeah his movies aren't the greatest, but I find them funny when ever I need to get put in a good mood XD.

I am confused as to why Iroh has dreadlocks though o.o;

what do you think?
Awkwardly-Social's avatar
I want it to be funny not all serious. the randomness was what made last airbender great i think. but visually, so far, it looks fantastic and i dont have a thing against shamalan either.

no idea about the dreadlocks
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Koneco-chanHobbyist General Artist
I love the pose.
It is something I could really imagine seeing her with.
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ReachForTheStarfishHobbyist Photographer
Love how much thought you put into this!
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