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I'm totally fine :D by AwkwardDreamer31st I'm totally fine :D :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 1 3
Good For You (Dear Evan HansenxI.I)
I just made this cuz I was bored lol
Knife: So you found a place where the grass is greener...
And you jumped the fence to the other side...
Is it good?
Are they giving you a world I could never provide?
Well I hope you're proud of your big decision!
Yeah, I hope it's all that you want and more!
Now you're free from the agonizing life you were living before!
And you say what you need to say...
So that you get to walk away...
It would KILL you to have to stay TRAPPED
When you've got something new!
Well I'm sorry you had it rough!
And I'm sorry I'm not enough!
Thank God they rescued you!
So you got what you always wanted
So you got your dream come true
Good for you...
Good for YOU, YOU, YOU!!!
Got a taste of a life so perfect...
So you did what you had to do...
Good for you...
Soap: Does it cross your mind to be slightly sorry?
Do you even care that you might be wrong?
Was it fun?
Well I hope you had a blast while you DRAGGED me along!
Cheesy: And you say what you need
:iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 2 0
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Hey guys, if you read the title you already know that this announcement will be about a new comic that I'm making. So if you don't know Baldi's Basics In Education And Learning then I suggest that you check out the game or watch videos about it first because this comic will be a fan-made comic. The comic will be called 'What If...' because I actually had this weird question in my head about the game and let's just say it inspired me to do this comic. The comic will either start around next week or at summer when school ends. Just so you know, the main character will actually be the player and no it does not mean it will be in their point of view (obviously). If you saw other comics that have the player you will know that the player has the words 'player' on their head with only a mouth and they are either wearing a sweater or a long-sleeved shirt. I will start making the main character as soon as I can so that you guys can have a small idea of what the comic will be like.

Thank you for reading this journal and have a great day!
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Gravity Falls
Steven Universe
I forgot the rest of the fandoms that I'm in... rip

I like to draw and write. I'm pure trash and the only good art I make is just the random backgrounds that are 1% better than the rest of my stuff, especially my writing! I was also born in the Philippines. (My mom's side of the family is Filipino. They mostly speak Tagalog and they like to eat a lot of food. I'm not sure about my dad's side of the family though because my parents are divorced/separated.)


Okay, for some reason when I draw something colorful on my phone, it looks super dull on my computer and the colors look completely different from what I see on my phone and I dunno why!!!
Should I make a DHMIS lyric comic of this song? 
One time I had a dream where a bunch of mermaids died
Me: *Sees Let Me Explain Studio's new video* Oh, there's a train stop at Anaheim that's part of the train track my mom and I use to go to San Diego! Maybe I can finally go to Vidcon and meet Becca there! *Realises that I need tickets* Oh wait, how much do Vidcon tickets cost? *Searches it up* ...ARE YOU KIDDING ME- *Explodes*

(When I heard Vidcon was going to be at Anaheim, I was excited to finally go there because I never go to any Cons AT ALL. The train my mom and I use has an Anaheim train stop in case you didn't understand. When I searched up the cost of the tickets, I was internally dying because this is probably my one and only chance to finally go to a Con. But hey, maybe when I grow older, I'll finally be able to go to Vidcon and maybe other conventions.)
I'm wondering if I should make a 'Meet The Artist' drawing or not... Then again I'm not gonna be that busy considering I only have swimming class for 2 weeks and volunteer at my afterschool around 3pm to 6pm
Nobody reads my status updates anyway so I'm just gonna say this:
I posted my first page of my Baldi's Basics fan comic...And then deleted it because I couldn't zoom in the page and it was horrible.
*DEEP INHALE* Okay I will post the first page of my stupid Baldi's Basics fan comic and I sWEAR TO GOD IF I HUMILIATED MYSELF I WILL DELETE MY ACCOUNT AND HIDE IN A HOLE FOREVER!
I just realized I have 82 watchers what the heck
I dunno why but I got an idea for a crossover picture while listening to the song 'Why Did I Say Okie Doki?' XD

(If you want to, you can guess the crossover of the 3 games that I wanna draw)
Okay. For those who are for some reason interested and waiting for the first page of my Baldi's Basics fan comic (Not sure if prologue counts), the page is around halfway done or more. But if I post the first page and it's pure cringe, sorry for getting your hopes up because I'm pretty sure some of you are excited to see it.
Working on the background for Page 1 of my Baldi fan comic but jfc the coloring is taking FOREVER
It literally took me a week or so to trace and color page 1 of my Baldi's Basics fan comic and yet I'm still not halfway done with the background and coloring...
Me: *Inhales deeply* I will not let this ship ruin me
My urge to ship: Ya failed step one already
If you read my journal about my new drawing pad and is wondering why my dad sent me a drawing pad instead of giving it to me in person, it's because my parents are separated/divorced.
Me: *Sees a bunch of people in an online game talking about a ship in a fandom I'm in* In head: *Trying not to ship it*
People who were talking about the ship: *Convinces me to ship it somehow*
Me: *Fangirls and ships it* In head: GODDAMMIT I DID IT AGAIN!!!
Guys send help, I'm in another SMOTPP (Super Mega OTP Phase) again AND I DON'T KNOW WHEN TO STOP


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