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dream*scar Rylie

Bullet; Yellow PROGRAM: Paint Tool Sai & Photoshop
Bullet; Yellow TOOLS: Bamboo Wacom Capture Tablet
Bullet; Yellow TIME: +3 Hours
Bullet; Yellow ART (c) AwkwardAndHappy 
:bulletyellow: CHARACTER (c) Heather Meade
Bullet; Yellow REFERENCE…

Part two of the 30 Day Art Improvement Challenge!!! Though I'm actually a couple of days off hahaha oh well! So for the second day I was supposed to draw a figure using a reference and it wasn't all that hard. I decided not to draw the exact figure, I just basically took the pose and slapped any character onto it xD

But wait a second this isn't just any character!!! This is Rylie the Succubus from my favorite webcomic dream*scar. It's written and illustrated by Heather Meade whom can be found on a ton of different social media! Anyone who is interested in the comic can go read it here it's really really good in my opinion so give it a chance :D

Anyway I hope everyone enjoys :D (Big Grin)

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dhjfhjdflgfgjkldTHANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS and sorry it took so long to see it! I haven't been on the computer for over a month!

fdhjfjdsh thankyouthankyouuu she's so pretty and i love how you coloured her hair and skina nd eyes AND EVERYTHING TYHNAKNOUYPUUJOhjsdfksf //incoherent screaming

i really wanna draw rylie nowww...
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Keep resting you're wrist and hopefully soon enough you will be able to :D and you're welcome

You're comic has inspired me to make my own webcomic, but I have a lot of planning and stuff before I can even start. And your paneling/coloring tutorials have helped me find a more enjoyable way to color as well as easing the strain on my hand and wrist, not saying your way is easy but how I used to color was pretty inefficient and really strenuous xD

But anyway I'm happy you enjoy it :D
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im barely getting into wings and i love what you did with yours teach me your ways Q.Q
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Hehehe thanks xD But I don't really know what to teach you, I just looked at original art of the character and just experimented, but I need more practice with them to be honest
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oh so you also draw by reference? :D me too!
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Only when I'm drawing fanart or having a terrible time drawing something, most of the time I just go by what I think is right haha but I should use more refs, they can be very helpful
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you kidding your awesome :D i doubt you need reference X3
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