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TARDIS blue is probably the most difficult blue to make with least for me :/...but I tried my best! Any Dr. Who watchers out there?
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Whovians, for the win!
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Would you care if I used this to make a case for my phone?
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I'm glad that you like my work, but I would like to ask that you do not use it.
But thanks for asking!
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I'm one! 4th Doctor is the best!
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Matt Smith is the best! XD -Le Whovian Brofista-
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warning I am a raging whovian! Love this! I love the simplicity!
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Not a great Dr Who fan, but this piece is lovely!
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That is the cutest TARDIS I've ever seen... :3
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wonderful. Could I use this for my tumblr icon? I'll credit you
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i <3 doctor who i like david tennat
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Best TARDIS I've seen so far!!!
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Oh! And I'm a "SHE".
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I know! I am fantastic!
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Here! This is brilliant! Love the watercolor! ^_^
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So cute and charming!
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I think it's a lovely shade of blue :aww:
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