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YJ OC: Valor Profile


EDIT 2: changed "Vaylor" to "Valor" throughout and added Cleithrophobia. Also changed a few things in basic info. I changed her fake Alias name as well! meet Leyna Williams XD
EDIT: updated her costume, lowered some stats, and for secret identity, I put her actual name instead of her fake identity name.

DISCLAIMER: I haven't seen YJ S2, and honestly, I'm not as educated about DC as I am Marvel, so if they are any mistakes, i'm sorry and i'm a horrible person XD
enjoy, nerds.
OC contains Canon x OC Don't like it plz leave

Real Name:
 Hope Vaylor Levvy
Hero name: Valor (Also Known by Mirror-Jay)
Fake alias: Leyna Williams
Mirror girl, Hope, Val
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual (she is biromantic)
Current residency: Gotham City
Height: S1: 5'3''
Nationality: American
Age: 14-15 (She can shift form of age, but her true aging process has been slowed)
Affiliation: Young Justice league, Justice league, Good
Species: Metahuman/ cosmic entity (Part Alien)
Actress: Chloe grace moretz 
Voice Actress: Lauren landa:

Psionic Force-Field Manipulation: User can create and manipulate Force-Fields
Levitation: causes oneself to hover/float in the air unassisted, allowing the user to carelessly float in the air and prevent their bodies from making contact with the ground below. (she rarely uses levitation due to her inexperience with this ability)
Psionic Energy: physical projection of mental energy blasts.
Mirror abilities (Mirroring + mirror shifting): The ability to mimic or mirror an opponent's attacks (But not powers) and the ability to hide melt and travel into/through mirrors. 


(This info is  a bit irrelevant, because it's not exactly a actual ability, it's almost like a deus ex machina for her origins on how she met the team. I didn't want it to look like she could do something she could never do again without some type of explanation! So I would just ignore it entirely because it won't be relevant again.)

Shape/Age shifting: This is NOT considered an actual power, but stems from her developed ability of mirror shifting. Spending time in the mirror void slowed her aging process, but she can mimic the age of people around her. Via her mirror shifting, when she awoke from 90 years trapped by the team, the shards of the broken glass recreated her physical human form, which is considered shape shifting, but this has been the only demonstration of this ability.
Minor telepathy: This is not an actual power/ability, but while she was in the mirror, she could talk to the outside world in a ghost like presence through her voice. This is how she was able to communicate telepathically with Miss Martian, and in a paranormal/ghostly way to Robin and other members.


Origins summary
Earth 2010 (Young justice season 1)

A member Of the light (Klarion) sought to find and free Valor solely from the purpose of enhancing her abilities, making her a member of the light, and powerful enemy of the justice league.
She was found and helped by the members of the team (Aqualad, Robin, Kid flash, Miss Martian, Artemis and Superboy). She was able to telepathically speak phrases and words to Miss Martian, and was able to help Robin free her from the mirror. When finally freed, she gave herself a human physical form and thanked the team for their help, keeping an oath to fight alongside and protect them, especially robin, for being the person to free her completely from the mirror (Do I see a crush developing? WOW). Finding that Klarion was the enemy, she displayed lethal and deadly attacks against him, swearing him as her enemy for his plans to use her as a weapon. She was later, with some convincing from the team to Batman, privileged to join the team. 

Valor personality can vary. Although she is calm, kind and understanding, she has also shown characteristic of arrogance and anger depending on how difficult the situation is for her.
Valor has a warm and calm personality, making her presence, even on somewhat difficult measures, soothing and relaxing, even when she herself is somewhat on edge. She has shown that she can stay calm in intense situations.
When a situation gets personal (Friends, people she's close to, etc.) She begins to lose her cool, either in a pure anger or hatred, or shaking in fear, becoming still and unfocused in combat.
She has proven, even from the first time she met the team, that she values truth and friendship. She carries faithfulness and loyalty to her friends, and completely trusts them, barely keeping any secrets. She shows defensive characteristics to her friends in and out of battle, and will willingly put her life in front of theirs.

Bad Traits: She can sometimes be a little too trustful. She's a little shy and not too talkative. She daydreams when not on missions of her old life. She somtimes zones people and their conversations out if she doesn't think they're important. There is a lot more sadness is her then she's letting on.

Memorable Quote(s): 
"I can't just stand here like a statue, not for one more second."
"You're NOT gonna keep me trapped here anymore!"
"Guess we all define 'good' a little differently."

-She is very thin with no physical strength (changes during the course of the year), because of this she relies on her powers, but she is very agile and quick on her feet.
-Valor can be deadly, and often lethal on offense, but she is much better as defense.
- Although Valor does not kill, she wouldn't shy away from killing if it were truly necessary.
-She is very out of touch with the media, and human life.
-Her mother was human; her father was an unidentified Alien/Inhuman.
-The name "Vaylor" Is her human middle name, but Alien first name. When she steps out of the mirror she addresses herself as Vaylor, but quickly adapts to her hero name Valor being her first and foremost name
- Because she was trapped in a mirror/Void for such a long time, she has developed claustrophobia. 
-Her actual eyes are a silver grey.
-To hide her identity as a myth from the past, she uses her fake alias Leyna Williams.
-Her mirror powers stem from her time in the Mirror void and her psionic/mental abilities are natural to her.
-Valor, in her recent years trapped in a mirror, was asleep. Her wandering mind had complete supernatural control of the Dark hall. Her mind created mazes and unexplainable events to occur in hall, which made it difficult for the team /and/ Klarion to locate her mirror on their mission.
-Despite being trapped, Valor learns at an unnatural pace, and is very intelligent. She was able to learn most of the new English language within a week and a half of her freedom. (Deus Ex Machina)
-Mimicking opponents’ attacks and moves allows her to develop her own fighting styles. Her style is viper-like. She strikes fast, unexpectedly, and quite graceful actually (With some practice, she is able to strike attacks with her eyes closed, in a graceful manner.)
-When Valor reformed her physical body, her new appearance was somewhat based off the people of her surroundings. It is unclear what Valor may have looked like before.
-She dyed the first strokes of her hair blue a few days after being found by the team.
-The front of Valor's hair is a bob cut, her hair runs over just in front of her ears, from there, it shapes to a pixie cut. 
-Valor's presence can sometimes be ghostly
 -Vaylor went through a few hero names till she finally settled on 'Valor' similar to her name.

 brief backstory: 
Much of Valor's past has been relatively left untalked about, due to fuzzy/messy memory and her unwillingness to speak about it. But her origins are simple.

Her original human name was Hope Levvy 
Valor has laid 90 years trapped in a mirror. 
She learned about her power when she was 8 years old. And, with little to no practice/ mastering of her powers, she trapped herself in her rooms mirror age 10 and had no idea on how to free herself. She was isolated for a 90 year time period. Although at the time, she was simply a kid reported missing. There was evidence that her disappearance could have been supernatural, due to unexplainable activity in her home after she trapped herself. Her mirror was deemed paranormal and eventually, her mere existence through time was questioned. Eventually was left untouched and forgotten. Her belongings were stored with other paranormal items in a hidden area/ underground basement known as 'the dark hall'. Go figure. 
The mirror, acted like a void dimension, It was blank, zero gravity, and was nauseatingly silent.
 Vaylor's time in the mirror, she was able to float effortlessly, and was able to learn practice using her powers. The void was a large galaxy like place, but Vaylor explains it as being "A small room you can never escape."

The Dark Hall: 
As Mentioned, the dark hall is an underground, basement like place where paranormal objects/items are taken and left alone, or to be examined. Valor’s mirror is a centerpiece of power; it has been left untouched thankfully. The dark hall began to be left alone more and more after many began to notice changes in where objects in place, and even walls changing.
There isn't really much too it, since it was destroyed after finding and rescuing Valor.

-Valor can take pretty big blows, but she is fragile.
-She is a sensitive person.
-Talking about who she was before the mirror can sometimes push her over the edge.
-Her powers are mental based, she has a strong mind, but if her mind is weak, so is her power. 
-Summoning her power when her mind is weak is extremely difficult, and sometimes dangerous.
-She's claustrophobic and Cleithrophobic
- Mastering and practicing her mirror powers is difficult for her, mainly because she's afraid she'll get trapped again, or something else will go wrong.
-2010 is a big jump in timeline for her, although her fuzzy memory keeps her from remembering her past, sometimes the new world doesn't feel like home.
-She has no control over her eyes being mirrors/glass. She isn't proud of it at all. She tries to stay out of the public eye as much as possible because of this insecurity.
-Valor has learned to tame her powers, but that doesn't mean she can use them at their full ability, in fact, Valors powers are somewhat weak.
-Her friends are a blind spot. She is very protective and loves them with all her heart as they are her only family now. Her love for her friends can be a weakness.

-Valor trained herself in sword fighting and learned to be very skilled with a staff.

The blue jay is a symbolism for Valor.
 Valor is inspired by the Blue jay. as far as i've read it symbolises Energy, Clarity, Curiosity, Faithfulness, Intelligence, Communication, loyalty etc. and it was one of my driving forces on when i was creating Valor, even though I never expanded on the blue jay ideas, it still is a big part of her, especially in S1

Team Relations (S1): 
Valor has a friendly relation with Robin. She reminds herself that he was the one to free her, and they get along well. She considers Dick to be one of her greatest friends, she could tell that kid anything. Valor never denied having feelings for him when they first met.
Aqualad: As the leader, Valor shows great respect towards him, and respects every decision he makes as leader. they get along fine.
Kid Flash: Valor legitimately thinks Wally’s ultimate one liners and pick up lines are the funniest crap you'll ever hear. She loves having him as a friend, and he's definitely the person to go to when she needs to be cheered up.
Miss Martian: Valor and Miss Martian are very close, they could tell each other anything knowing they wouldn't judge. Valor is the only one who knew about Megan being a white Martian before she told the team, and she completely accepted that, in fact, it made her love Megan even more.
Artemis: Like Valor has with Miss Martian, She gets along with Artemis fine. At first, Valor wasn't so sure of what to think of her, but eventually they formed a great friendship. Valor displayed protectiveness over her when red arrow started running his mouth.
Superboy: Not to say that Connor and Valor don't get along, but they clash sometimes from their different personalities. While Valor is soft and fragile, Connor is tough and violent. But there's no denying they're friends.

Dick Grayson (1st Robin):  when they first met, Valor had a huge crush on Robin, she told it to his face eventually, but after seeing how he felt about Zatanna, she let it go and moved on. But, honestly, she's still a little jealous, especially when Robin and Zatanna have their moments. 
Jason Todd (2nd Robin): In the moments that he was alive, they made it pretty clear they had a relationship. They were extremely close and work well on the battlefield. Valor saw Jason for who he was, and as much as she accepted him for that, she was careful around him. Jason troubling personality and Valor's understanding and softness flowed well together, even on their occasional arguments. It put a hole through her heart when he died, she doesn't blame herself for his death, but she thinks she had a part to play in it. His death had a toll on her like no other. Jason was one of the very few people who called Valor by her first name 'Hope' without being scolded by her.

Earth 2016 (Young Justice Season 2) 

(I'm slow, help.)




OKokok anyway, im so proud of this bab. One minute she's just a sketch on a piece of paper for a character concept challenge, next minute SHE'S A YJ LOSER WHO I FELL IN LOVE WITH.

If you were actually able to read everything i wrote down you are a beautiful person and i have no idea how you went through that without getting bored.
I probably have spelling, grammar, bs i forgot to check oh well. I don't plan on fixing it so deal with it :iconcoolestplz:

I'm hoping she isn't op, and personally i don't think she is??? With every perk she had i wanted a counter, so she would be balanced but idk, kinda insecure about that ^^ '

When i was making her concept, i chose a playlist of songs that fit her, what i wanted to base her off of, and characters to inspire me. I based her off mirrors and blue jays (Ironically, I chose a blue jay bc of life is strange!) and mirrors because at the time i was obsessed with Justin Timberlake-Mirrors.

I have a headcanons or two:
-Justice league Doom is canon (don't know when though)
- Batman: Under the red hood is canon (during S2 probably)

DON'T ask my why i want i canon x OC pairing with Todd. Cause i don't know either. He just my favorite Robin and i love that little nerd. Not to mention ive (technically) never had a headcanon Canon x OC pairing before BUT ILL TRY IT THIS TIME. During the beginning stages of her creation i thought about relationships she might have and i instantly thought of the underrated Jason todd! XDD I should probably point out now that i will allow other OC ships. Ive never done this before but i think i'll give it a go!

I wanted to draw her in the Young justice style, and personally, i think i achieved it! Obviously I reference alot of the original art so credit to the makers <3

Otherwise, im happy with her, and for me its all that really matters!


Art and character (c) :iconawkward-nerdd:
YJ +YJ characters (c) DC comics/Warner Bro's

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Half of me loves this. Especially being a CGM fan (and Detective Comics [DC] devotee...), and reading YJL in the 90's (had a crush on Cassie Sandsmark, Wonder Girl. Was sad when she dumped her original style, goggles, black wig, leather jacket...). Keep it up & keep educating yourself in DC, can't hurt (but don't take it from ME, "read responsibly", like...)

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This is a very lovely oc!
Ok 1 I can totally see Lauren Landa playing this characters voice. 2 MY GOD 90 years in a mirror world thats hell and 3 no wonder you've got problems your like a old grandma who never got swag at any of the bases. All those build up emotions 
Nice, it actually is in the art style of the show too. And, her story and powers are very interesting. She's also pretty balanced well. Nice character.
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Cool. That's quite the character! I especially love that she was trapped in a mirror for so long; makes for a unique background. 
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this is amazing, she really needs to be a character in the show, you did a fantastic job, your very tallented with her.
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gosh, this means so much to me <3 Thank you so much!!
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your welcome, so she's part alien?.
So she's kinda like lapis lazuli :D (Big Grin) 
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Wooow, I like her! She's a great OC!

Also, we seem to have similar tastes in OCs, haha.
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thank you so much!!

Lol, that's good to hear~
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I must say that Valor is my favorite Young Justice fan character! SHES SO COOL X3
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AAA I can't express how much this means to me :' )
I'm so glad you like her!! <33
Thank you!!
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Amazing bio and backstory Art is bdass and a awesome character i like her :)
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no problem :D i like Art she is cool and cute :D
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Woah! Instantly one of my favorite YJ OCs out there :love:
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ahhh that means so much to me <333 Im glad you like her! Thank you!!
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Her powers and personality are very much indeed unique, I really do like how she was trapped in a mirror. That's a good background, since most Gotham OCs have dead parents, get taught and raised by Batman. I've only read a few of those, and I was trying to find something cool, and now here it is. Valor~! :3 You did so well with her design and personality, it showed you placed a lot of good effort into making her. Good job.
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gosh, this comment really made my day!! Thank you so much <333 It means alot!!
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You're very welcome, I'm super glad I managed to make your day better. :)
In fact, I have a question, that how Batman will think when he finds that Red Hood becomes lovers with Valor.....I mean, he is really a terrible father, I'm afraid that he will does lots of things to stop them......{(-_-)}
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