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There is something that is happening, an enrich power of magic that can't be done, but it is there and profound in ways, that bring smiles and laughs, that matter as it does in ways, that can't be anymore close possible ways, though it might be something else, that many would never know, as they speak in ways that are spells, that are upper highs that won't know, never mind the risks here now, they are meaningless as it can be, the lower classes won't under the magic, it can be spells as it does, never mind and never care as it could, how else it might be more than promised, but the laws aren't here today, nor in ways as it could be yesterday
Perk in a new kind of interest, that bring forth a new kind, a weight as it does, while all else it might be soon, there is something in form, while all else that might be true, hands that form shapes and troubles, that aren't as they come close, though it won't be something account, while all there might be in stain, that isn't what others would want, there is a need that can't be said, how else would be anywhere true, fingers nimble and talent, wonders that never end in a mind, that can't stop being creative, not in the ways as it could be, it might be elsewhere and never, what is meant to be but the answer, is made as it could be, the iron
Coy and passionate as it might be for others, though by all else could be something else, not all of us will know as it could be true, it might be something else as it does, there is something that will might need, sass of the ways that bring a thrill, that isn't quite the pain at hand, it might be anew world that can't be said, though it as does with a lip on top of another, is it a threat that belongs within sweet promises, that won't be anymore as it does, though they won't say, not meant to be spoken as it does, it couldn't be as it does now and it won't mean, much more as does and never to them, a dreamer world is clear to sadness, that
Eyes that wander in ways as it does, lost in ways that won't spoken, to the window gaze is just gone now, not in ways on how it might be near, nowhere close in the weight it might be, though it won't be anything let it be, not in the sense that could count, but the weight is there again, as a monster that won't speak, as the reflection does one I do, by the said number is the quaint troubles, that are only brought on by oneself.
Blind Getaway Chapter 12
I would have liked that things went smoothly for this event for Freckles. It was a little gift after all the crap I dragged in. Not everything went quite as planned, but it was enough to ease her. All things that I planned to do at the fair, went well. She enjoyed the night walk Amazon trail. Won her a few prizes from venders, tried out some good. All that cheesy stuff I remember seeing those flicks my mom enjoyed watching, when she was able to have days off. Never were my kind of flicks, but she was happy, and in that, so was I. Didn't think it could work in real life or Freckles just likes to put up with my weirdness. Whatever works. What
Blind Getaway Chapter 11
Hannah: (I think... I love you.) Wonderful little bombshell that was, but the next that followed somehow left me just more confuse. Before I could even reply anything back to her, Freckles reaches to me, barely touching my lips. There was a somewhat sad look around her eyes even though, she remain still with a smile, cascaded by the showers flow. Leaving me just as breathless to everything around me. Hannah: (Don't answer. You don't have to answer, Jamie. You don't need to. I wanted to because that's what I am feeling right now. I'm not certain. Let's not kid ourselves in thinking it could be more. I'll wait if you want to answer back, that
Blind Getaway Chapter 10
The Dropper: This is the last drop off and next week, you and the girl are out of here. Just keep your head low, until then. See ya, kid. At first, I just stood there at the entrance with a god-smack look on my face, if anything close as an moron. Watching as the dropper walked away and soon drove away down the road. Eyes just in a trance before snapping out of it. Slamming the door a bit rougher than needed, but Freckles was outside on the porch, relaxing in the sun. A heating spring in our range now, things were going good at least. Did that chance the feeling this was a still a calm before the storm? To me? Yes. Yet, I'll cross that brid
Salt Reaper
Sick as an old dog that is closer to the reaper, than ever planned before to the warm sea of dirt, dark and roughly not of my eyes could ever be, a lone cloud within the climate that can't be known, it won't be known and the woes to the chances, are bygone to places that can't be said, be who else would care that is never as said, are there places to run away from or to even, find a ringing by the cells that won't upon, almost to the sad means as it maybe, leave for the slow and buried under the salt, yet the wanders to the castle still for action.
Blind Getaway Chapter 9
Around a week or so had passed from when Ethan poof in and left just as quickly. He got what he needed to maybe, I'm slightly hoping, to fix what mess I made. I don't count for a guarantee. At best, I'm going to do time, I'm going to have to either way. That's just something I can't run, no matter how hard I can try. Right now, that's just a delay. Nothing major but there is a few things in New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and then finally Rhode Island. I'll contemplate later on what to do with myself after all that is done. Adding to that I haven't gotten word Mick or even Raymond as well, things were just quiet as it comes. At least,
Blind Getaway Chapter 8
Autumn was fading fast this year. No snow or frost, yet. Though the dip the temperature wasn't hard to miss, even in the upper areas of California. Adjusting my jacket while wandering through the woods, just doing a check on the motion detectors. Just to ease myself and Freckles, seeing that the call I got from Mick wasn't quite the answer I was hoping for. So, now here I am, in the middle of trees and snaking around vegetation and loose roots. Wary though with each step, unlike times before, I wasn't alone this time. Freckles wanted to come along. A month ago I would have said no, but things have been moving for us and the idea awaiting alo
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Asking For Help in the W-H Poster Series
So if you have been the latest little project I have been doing, you may have noticed certain titles left out as a whole. I have become very aware of that fact as well, and will likely be making a side scrap poster or more to make up for it. But I don't know how it can go smoothly, so I thought in reaching out you guys, in wondering in your spare time or... not even know what Mudae is: a google search here and there, will answer that as a card collecting gottcha game. For me, I am just sparing myself from that and cutting to just making of a poster with using the game as a frame of reference. Down side, the wiki page - https://mudae.fandom.c
Some of my buddies and I made a podcast play. Feel free to check it out and I hope you enjoy it if you do:
Just helping a friend in spreading the word for his latest project. Check it out and enjoy:


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