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Right Moment
It was the sound of a hollow metal drum,
echoing in the distance that felt like a roar,
I would have cried out in pain by the sudden jolt,
yet I somehow was able to keep it in,
somehow I was able to brave for a moment,
do the seconds of running mean anything now,
I can not say for certain but there are blue tints in my shivers,
that beat of the drum happens once more and it's all over,
to see what could have been is just life coming at me,
was there ever a thought in my head to bring peace,
or to be just be angry when it suit the other person will glee,
at the breaths that gasps before me tell enough,
provoke the beast and death is around the corner to come,
though I feel nor remorse for them and suddenly,
I doubt they ever wanted it as it came from above,
in the depths below in finding any moment of devotion,
a coward like no other and a worthless dog in the end,
no skin off my nose in the end and couldn't be more pleased,
would have it been nice for another turn of events,
no . . .
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 1 0
pagetryout WW by AwkardOddOne pagetryout WW :iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 2 0
Tainted Beholder
As some would say,
beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
for all the worth on earth,
a passion that can't be tainted,
and yet that sour ache remains in plain view,
for whatever was trying to be proven,
is nothing more than a lie as it comes,
of all the power given to life,
may it be seen as pride and greed,
be thy only downfall for no one else,
other than the repulsive hearts that swarm the world,
is this how you want things to be,
if that is true,
what more is your own life then,
when you at little choice put a price on it,
shameful and filled with doubt,
how the earth comes down in the end,
it is only the less beings,
that will lost as they do,
nothing else and certainly nothing more.
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 4 0
comic style studies WW by AwkardOddOne
Mature content
comic style studies WW :iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 1 0
Pub Drama WW by AwkardOddOne
Mature content
Pub Drama WW :iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 0 0
Say Spite
Wander through the mile long roads,
traveling on the gutsful loon mills,
for they knew enough in the forsaken thoughts,
it was all just a dream is what they will say,
and from far away it couldn't be anymore,
of a true danger at hand that will consume,
for we have fallen deep into ways,
that will only slowly riff others apart,
than to those whom only wanted one thing,
but even they were silent because of it,
not out of fear but out of spite.
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 2 2
Invented Views WW by AwkardOddOne Invented Views WW :iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 1 4
It was meant to be something more,
to be just precious for the eyes now,
though couldn't be anymore near true,
just something of a weight,
let it be gold,
let it be silver,
let it be gems,
whatever it could be,
won't match near to the heart,
nor much in the eye of the beholder,
who knows as it might be later,
let it be something more,
though never in the means lies grin,
laughs filled the air in grace,
while in most changes now,
a vise is made at hand while no more,
who could be more as it does,
let it have that precious as may be,
though never as it maybe more,
hype for the shine that never dies,
woes for the dinner that goes nowhere,
how else would it matter later on,
while having a chance for another,
that was near the heart,
but toyed the coins that blinded thy eye,
shame but not the sham it could have been,
just a lone precious that saw another day,
while the night waved on.
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 3 2
Song Home
For the soft patter of feet,
lost through the ways within the forest,
a woodland of broken promises and sudden changes,
coming beat after beat as it does,
while black nights swallow the pain in the gentle song,
to just lick wounds in ways to feel languid,
while not quite as it could be anywhere else,
to even that the peace peach of know,
will bring only rain drops that aren't tears,
but how they stream on and while lightly salty,
on where it could be anywhere else,
though no where else would be better,
than being at home.
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 3 2
Endless Echo
There was a certain taste to those lips,
not ones that could easily melt away the pain,
but those eyes of sand were warm and endless,
wild and deadly if ever turned to anger,
an outright shame would be,
but that little porcelain doll is far,
from ever being a weak one,
to see from the distance of his aloof matters delay results,
there was also her while still placating the chances with a smile,
for whatever that linger of doubt they might had have before,
it won't last forever as it would in the end,
they were blissful nights by the dead man's tree,
a weeping willow that couldn't leaves the bare wastelands,
of the bayou that smoked in ways,
that tainted the sight more than a few times,
but it wasn't much of anything,
at least not during the day,
at night,
it was something more that could only echo,
to what most would call love,
when it felt more like a shallow business deal,
to each their own on those accounts,
but never take the hard hours into areas,
where the body can be found easil
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 2 2
Me Again
I recall many moments that fog my mind at times,
though in a dream there is limits that push me,
into a crush out of luck that wants me dead,
putting in places within the night terrors,
that are meant to be end game for me,
but even in the most frantic stance of running,
there is always a way out even when I awaken,
into a world just as awful from the one I ran from,
but that's just part of the issues at hand,
the world isn't meant to be better or worst than a dream,
at least in the real world,
there is no chance of things rewinding again,
once something happens,
it is meant to stay like that and for the better,
as for everything else is how I am going to handled it,
it's going to be different from others in some way,
I not going out of my way to change the world,
I'll do my part in the world within reach,
whatever that might be I am able to do,
but I won't let myself down by doing something,
that it takes more than one person to do,
I'll do my part as anyone else in getting by,
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 5 2
Always too rich for my blood,
something is more weight than I care to carry,
so expensive in wares but the wearer is cheap,
something about them just so laughable,
in the high states they want to live in,
while in fact that couldn't more closer to a lie,
it's an inside joke that just can't be spoiled,
even by the most spoiled around,
just picking away at the most simple of things,
that just make their skin scrawl,
yet won't waste a penny to those in need,
wanting to put causes that only thrive in their minds,
it's a damn shame at times where all that money goes,
how expensive their taste must be at times,
yet remain so cheap in the signs of being the better person,
it's an inside joke all the way through,
laughing all the down to their graves,
thinking they change the world for the better,
yet only caused more trouble,
but what does that matter in the end,
they get the last laugh for being dead.
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 3 0
Share Nothing
It was a cool touch that meant nothing,
but something that was only bitter,
that maybe for a moment it could have been anything,
yet my mind remained delirious to each word,
not to be outright mean to those doe eyes of yours,
but there wasn't much that could have been done,
we were lost in the lust mistaken as love,
though even those doe eyes knew better,
a sneak this is has become now and while the sea,
roared in ways that twisted our play of happiness,
that was soaked in sadness and anger,
we hated each other but if it wasn't for each other,
someone else would have been tangled in that web,
and somehow that hurt us more than we care to share.
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 0 0
Understand Depression
Recall from a memory of when a lake was once there,
how the coolness was right during the summer,
while in winter is a play field of troubles,
memory after a memory of a better time,
never much of sign that would be depression,
though even in that little area,
lost in the woods for all from seeing,
didn't take away that the dream would fade,
in anything as it comes and now,
but would have it matter through the slipping nights,
twilight peeked to where a lone scream was heard,
as a child back then,
there wasn't much thinking for anyone,
not even now as it would be in the giving seconds,
through the mist dreams by awaken fright,
was there meant to be a hunt to find the problem,
or sleep through it and let it pass,
the woods were always at times making noise,
that never made sense to a growing mind,
even without the comforting words of a mother,
or the gentle pets of a father,
it would all go away soon and it will fade,
it has before and no one ask a word about it,
as the legend said of t
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 1 2
Live Lies
It was something of a lovely gown,
though it couldn't be as the go long live,
more to the taste and never quite as bitter,
beneath each step made but while another,
where is it all going as it could be,
though how many times would it mean later,
and up to now as it should be later on,
won't be what would be close to the lies,
though still is remember that of could,
what else is there to have as might,
it was a promising moment that never came,
not much of sorrow as it could be,
in anything else now as it likely be,
lay to sleep brittle past,
for the present is ready for the future,
and at the moment wants nothing to do,
with you and everything in the wise given,
that's just how everything is now,
got nothing else to blame but the now.
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 2 0
Nature Is
Almost like a dream for how cooling the breeze is,
upon top high on Knotting Hill,
by that old and sad willow wisp tree,
but to whom could it ever be concern to in the end,
so unlikely as that man stood by the tree,
that looked down to the town below,
never with a grim or coy look that could be seen,
yet to him it must have been like the world was finishing,
a tale he wasn't ready for,
much like to how the season fairies dance still,
suit and dress combining to the weather's giving nature,
nor could anyone hear the cry by the river,
how rust those pebbles be now,
it wouldn't be anywhere near pleasant,
but as they do now,
a furlong worship between the hill's top,
to the wrapping withering rivers below,
question in ever moment though it is clear,
what happen on Knotting Hill,
was more than lovers kindling each other,
a passion thrilled swim between the rocks,
no lovers were those two,
but what they did on their own terms,
were the faults they must follow in the end,
as the rust cries ech
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 2 0


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