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March 11, 2010
ohmahgawd by =awhisperoflight is simply adorable. I can't stop looking at the expression, it's simply too cute for words.
Featured by catluvr2
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New shading style. You like?
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Darngoodbacon's avatar
I keep wanting to enlarge it, you should make a bigger version if you have time! I like that colour.

Your avatar is distracting :B
awhisperoflight's avatar
Thanks. I'm quite partial to the colors, too.
Darngoodbacon's avatar
You're welcome! :3
subtronik's avatar
This belongs on DA's emote list.
awhisperoflight's avatar
I don't know about that. :lol: Thanks, though.
KawaiiKaabii's avatar
Aww! that looks sooo adorable! :love:
And congrats on DD! you totally deserve it! :aww:
awhisperoflight's avatar
Thank you very much! :heart:
KawaiiKaabii's avatar
You're welcome! :huggle:
Aberleigh's avatar
Hehe, I love the shading, but I think it could be a bit lighter, it looks nice but I think it would 'pop' better.
awhisperoflight's avatar
I agree. It's on my 'to re-do' list. :lol: Thanks for the input!
Cruxisma's avatar
Aw its so cute:heart:
awhisperoflight's avatar
:lol: I'm glad you think so!
insaneangel-fernando's avatar
you don't deserve this DD.
invadergirlbrony's avatar
You're just jelous you don't have a DD. (Or a regular :perv:   D )
ChibiLozzy's avatar
thats not very nice :(
Mr-Jaunty's avatar
Please tell me you aren't one of those people who believes emotes don't deserve their own category and Daily Deviation slot. I'd have to give up on you completely as a human being. We earned our place in the gallery, and we can still claim a few of our first submitters to be active members of the community. Something only a rare few other galleries can also say.

Now for another possibility, the you think you can do better one. Well, no one really cares what you think anyway, but go ahead and try if you want. You'll find emotes are a bit more difficult to make than you originally believed. Packing that much detail into 177 pixels is a challenge, not something someone who works in an unlimited space would understand.

And finally, the last option. DD envy. If you honestly think this is the way to go about dealing with your frustration that someone got a DD and you didn't, you really need to rethink your place. DDs aren't (often) granted to people who ask for them, someone else decides to feature a piece of art. But if you really want a DD so badly that you need to insult someone who did get one, why don't you go, put a bit of time aside, and get better at whatever form of art you feel most drawn to, because I can guarantee you won't get featured, and that's all a DD is really, a feature, not an award, if you don't feel some connection to the art you've made.

Anyway, hope this helps you to become a slightly more decent person, or at least makes you rethink your approach to the world. :aww:
insaneangel-fernando's avatar
shut up I know what I say when I say it.
Mr-Jaunty's avatar
Yeah? Then maybe you should just work on making the meaning behind what you say a bit more clear.

Either way, you're just another of the idiots who see a DD they don't like and blame the artist for it.
Baz135's avatar
Trying to respond back when you're unable and incapable of defending yourself isn't exactly the best move...
Mr-Jaunty's avatar
Darngoodbacon's avatar
Incorrect good sir! It's my gain!
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