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hi...i've been away from the site for a while...i was wondering if i could interest anyone in 'my versions of their characters,' etc. I need some fresh material to work on.

Keep on deviating :P
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Ur art looks pretty cool, I must admit, how much would it be for a single character?

Or is it free? ~:heart:
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i guess it depends on what you're after ^_^ colour/ b&w, etc

thanks for asking....
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Um, a half-body of this character:

In colour pwease!
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do you happen 2have a larger image of her/them? and what's a good price for you?

how is deviantART going for you, by the way? :D
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No I don't, sorry about that.

Nvm it's fine, I don't really want a commission anyways....

Deviants good, thank you for asking ~:heart: