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At Least I Tried... by AWFAK47 At Least I Tried... :iconawfak47:AWFAK47 6 0 Failed W.I.P. - OTs-14 Groza by AWFAK47 Failed W.I.P. - OTs-14 Groza :iconawfak47:AWFAK47 0 4
The True One, Episode 5
Five days has passed since I attacked that outpost and saved those Tarkatans, nothing much has changes. Now Mileena and Tanya has agreed to train me during their free time. I really appreciate of this, because I'm not as fast as they are, but still, both of them approves my tactics. And I also founds that tarkatans feed on almost everything, meat mostly, fishes, birds, crocodiles, lizards, snakes, you name it, they eat it. I also feed on something, but instead of all the kinds of animals, I eat MREs that I brought, and some wildlife, such as small animals and stuffs. I also eats lizards and snakes, but I like birds the most.
Now here I am, resting after several hours of training with two friends of mine, Mileena and Tanya. While the two is out there somewhere, probably cooling themselves off, I'm sitting before my tent while I sharpen my knife with a sharpening stone. There's not much I could do now, I mean I didn't brought the tools to improve my prototype, I also
:iconawfak47:AWFAK47 2 17
S.A.S by AWFAK47 S.A.S :iconawfak47:AWFAK47 3 2 Outworld's Rebel Emblem (Probably) by AWFAK47 Outworld's Rebel Emblem (Probably) :iconawfak47:AWFAK47 3 7
KoD: MK - Part 1 - Kliffhanger
The satelite that were tracks the movements of Earthrealm Rangers on the Red Zone now tracks Sareena, who were reassigned by D'Vorah into the Earthrealm Intelligence Agency for an undercover assignment. 
   "So how do I look?" asks Sareena.
   "Like on of the bad guys" said D'Vorah. 'Perfect for your undercover assignment"
   "So Tanya is the prize" Sareena said.
   "Tanya's no prize, she's a whore. A mad dog killer for the highest bidder. Just remember your new identity, it'll keep you alive" D'Vorah said. Now the EIA database shows a logo of the Kombat Force 141 as D'Vorah adds. "Welcome to the 141. Best handpicked group of warriors on the realms"
   "It's an honor, ma'am. When do I meet the rest of the team?" said Sareena.
   "They're on a mission recovering a downed ACS module behind enemy lines" said D'Vorah.
   "Their feet wet?" asks Sareena.
   "Imagine they're just about freezing right now" D'V
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The True One, Episode 4
"Friend In Need"
I stand before my house, after a long and cold journey through the air. I arrived here at 17:38, close to midnight. I prepare myself, and hope that my fierce guest doesn't strike me because she's startled. I take my house key, and unlock the door. I stick to the wall as I slowly open the door. The door creaks as it opens wider and wider, I thought for myself "I should really put some oil right there". The light's on, and I can clearly see, that nobody is in the living room. I to inspect the kitchen just to find nothing but some empty cans of food and drinks. And now, only one room within the vicinity of my house that isn't forbidden I haven't check, and it's my own room. I once again stick to the wall as I open the door, and yet, when I check inside, there's no one inside.
Now I'm suspicious that my guest has enters my forbidden room. And I even more suspicious after I heard something fall on my forbidden room. I quickly head to my forbidden room, and opens the
:iconawfak47:AWFAK47 1 0
W.I.P - Assault Team by AWFAK47 W.I.P - Assault Team :iconawfak47:AWFAK47 2 0
From A Boy To A Man, Episode 3
"New Companion"
Sweat streaming down my face as I keep my body from moving. I breath so slowly I don't even know if I am breathing. I keep ducking behind a bush, trying not to make myself noticed by the creature. My fingers hold the string of my makeshift bow as I steady my aim, targeting at the creature's heart. The creature turn it's face to me, and at that very moment, I release my arrow to shoot it. The creature that is actually a small deer killed instantly after I shot it. "Alright, got quite a game today. Thank you for your contribution of meat and leather, deer. Your service will be honored" I said to amuse myself before I took the arrow from the deer and put it back to my quiver that I made several days ago from a quite large bamboo trunk. Then I take the deer to my shoulder, and start to walk through the jungle.
2 weeks since I left my hometown, all of my canned food has been completely depleted. Now I have to rely on hunting or foraging every day to feed myself. The s
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The True One, Episode 3
Episode 3
Voices of peoples interacting with each other heard outside my humble house. And those voices also, is what wakes me up from my nap. I felt so rested and well prepared for everything as I get up from the couch I've slept on. I stretch my body a bit before I check on the time on my watch, it's now 16:24. I decide to clean my face a bit after the firefight just quite a while ago. I also make a cup of tea, like a British, though I'm not a British and I don't know what the tradition of drinking tea in the evening.
As I sip my warm tea, I remembered about my wounded guest. I have slept for a wile, so I suppose she should be awake now, or not. Either way, I take a vial of penicillin and two syringes from my first aid box. And I directly walk to my room where the guest is after I put my empty cup of tea on the wash stand.
As I open the door of my room and step inside, I see my guess is already wide awake a
:iconawfak47:AWFAK47 2 21
Mortal Kombat X (Fake) Alexander Adalmund Intros
Vs. Mirror Alexander
Alex: The hell?
Mirror Alex: The hell are you?
Alex: You're me, I guess?
Mirror Alex: Are you my clone?
Alex: Nope, you are.
Mirror Alex: Let's see how good am I.
Vs. Brenda Song
Brenda: So, long time no see, am I right?
Alex: Miss Brenda. You're still alive?
Brenda: You were expecting?
Alex: My beautiful friend, Brenda
Brenda: Still after that empress?
Alex: She'll brought peace for both of the worlds.
Brenda: You should fought for Earthrealm!
Alex: I did. But in my own way.
Brenda: Know, that your way's going to get you killed.
Vs. Thalia
Thalia: Plotting to murder the Kahn?
Alex: Yes. And for you too if you stands in my way.
Thalia: I will bring my emperor your heart!
Alex: The false Kahn's lap dog.
Thalia: One more of Mileena's little friend.
Alex: My mistress wants your head.
Vs. Rosalie
Rosalie: Do not enter the emperor's territory!
Alex: Why? Are you gonna kill me?
Rosalie: That's exactly what I'm gonna do!
Alex: You're quite a beauty, did you know?
:iconawfak47:AWFAK47 1 18
MK Profile: Alexander Aldalmund
Name: Alexander Adalmund
Nickname: Alex, Sarge, Alexei
Rank: Sergeant
Organization: Wasteland Rangers
Origin: Earthrealm
Resides: Earthrealm/Outworld
Species: Earthrealmer
Age: 22 years
Sexuality: Straight
Place of Birth: Earthrealm
Currently lives: Along with Mileena and her rebellion
Figure/Build: Fit
Hair colour: Dark
Eye colour: Onyx
Skin colour: Tan
Race: Malayan Mongoloid
Height: 170 cm (5'10")
Weight: 75 Kg
Alignment: Neutral
Weapons and equipment: AM-54 'Stingray' (A special gauntlet designed and made by Alex himself and some help from his friend in his village, made by some kind of metal that they find inside an abandoned WW2 era Japan bunker on their village), Titanium blade (The name says it all), Semi-auto Crossbow w/ 10 arrows magazine and EOTech Holographic sight (Designed and made by himself as well, this crossbow has been proved to be both powerful and reliable in almost all combat situation), Signature mask (A mask made with the same material as his gauntlet), flashban
:iconawfak47:AWFAK47 3 72
KoD: MK - Part 2 - Team Player
Earthrealm satelites shows the aerial video feed of several vehicles making way through a desert area, heading towards a town. As they approach that town, the computer creates a 3D image of the vehicle. The computer starts to analyze the vehicles and the weapons.
As the convoy moves closer, D'Vorah starts the speech to encourage the soldiers, "We are the most powerful military force in the history of realms. Every fight is our fight, because what happens over here matters over there. We don't get to sit one out."
Those vehicles are several M1026 HMMWV with a newly fitted M134 minigun, an M104 'Wolverine' Bridgelayer, an M1A2 'Abrams' tank, and several IAV 'Stryker' with 80mm Anti-tank turret.
"Learning to use the tool of Modern Kombat is the difference between the prospering of your people, and utter destruction"
The computer now shows the bridgelayer opening the bridge it brought and put it on a trench, the computer shows the bridge that could span to the length of 24 meters.
"We can'
:iconawfak47:AWFAK47 0 0
KoD: MK - Part 1 - S.S.D.D.
Up above the skies of the vast land of Outworld, a satelite, launched by Outworld rebellion with the help of Red Dragon before the second Outworld civil war, floating within the area where there is almost no gravity and completely no air. It's now has been taken by the Outworlders to help their cause after their victory in the second Outworld civil war. 
D'Vorah, the Kytinn queen, now has joins with Earthrealm Rangers with a rank equal to Lieutenant General. As the video feed from the satelite shows the vast desert land of Outworld, D'Vorah starts her speech.
   "The more things change, the more they stay the same. Boundaries shift, new player step in. But power always finds a place to rest it's head".
Now, the video feed shows Z'Unkarah from the skies, at the Great Palace. "We fought and bled alongside the Outworlders. We should've know they hate us for it. History is written by the victor. And here I am, thinking we had won. But you bring down one enemy and they find s
:iconawfak47:AWFAK47 3 27
FAMAS Modified, The Winter Tigress. by AWFAK47 FAMAS Modified, The Winter Tigress. :iconawfak47:AWFAK47 3 10
Reader X Scenario: Netherrealm Invasion (Part 1)
   It is a nice evening, you are at your house, either you are on front of your PC checking on your Facebook or watching videos on YouTube. Or you're enjoying reading a book in your room. When suddenly, from downstairs, your mother calls you with worried tone "[Name]! Come downstairs!". You did what your mother say shortly after without shutting down your PC. And as you finally downstairs, you see your mother standing on front of the couch, the TV is on and it's shows some commercials. You ask your mother "Mom, what's going on?", she didn't replied. Suddenly, the commercial got cut off by a breaking news, the anchorman seems panicking but he tries to keep calm before he said "We are being invaded, I say again, we are being invaded. If you see this, I recommend you to quickly pack up your belongings. Just take what you really need, and bring a photo ID. Head directly to the nearest police station, university, or military base. Military transport will arrive every 15 minutes an
:iconawfak47:AWFAK47 3 6


Mortal Kombat: Mileena by MK-Dragon Mortal Kombat: Mileena :iconmk-dragon:MK-Dragon 297 46 MkX  Mileena by ANgELoNlINe23 MkX Mileena :iconangelonline23:ANgELoNlINe23 48 3 MkX  Mileena by ANgELoNlINe23 MkX Mileena :iconangelonline23:ANgELoNlINe23 34 6 Mileena Mortal Kombat X Cosplay MKX by NerdySiren Mileena Mortal Kombat X Cosplay MKX :iconnerdysiren:NerdySiren 97 2 Sexy Mileena Mortal Kombat X Cosplay by NerdySiren Sexy Mileena Mortal Kombat X Cosplay :iconnerdysiren:NerdySiren 71 3 Sexy Mileena Mortal Kombat X Cosplay by NerdySiren Sexy Mileena Mortal Kombat X Cosplay :iconnerdysiren:NerdySiren 113 1 The Empress of Outworld by SonicEmpress The Empress of Outworld :iconsonicempress:SonicEmpress 37 5 Sup, Mileena by CrimsonInc Sup, Mileena :iconcrimsoninc:CrimsonInc 42 2 Mileena and her bike by Rehabhardcore Mileena and her bike :iconrehabhardcore:Rehabhardcore 56 21 Mileena by xDarkSpineSonicx Mileena :iconxdarkspinesonicx:xDarkSpineSonicx 154 10 Beautiful and deadly flower by Yankiey Beautiful and deadly flower :iconyankiey:Yankiey 16 3
MKX Dullahan: Additional Details.
Mortal Kombat 9

Mortal Kombat X

Her dialogues ------------>>
Point RightCharacter Select ScreenPoint Left 

1). When she is picked, Dullahan walks while leaving a trail of cold smoke coming out of her mask.
2). When her variation is picked, Dullahan will create a ball of ice and then break it.
3). When both characters are ready. she turns around and walks while leaving a trail of cold smoke of her mask.
Point RightIn her introPoint Left 
1) When she speaks first, she walks while holding her Nepalese Kukris and and stands in front of the opponent, then says her line; [then the camera is behind and beside her while she rotated her Nepalese Kukri in her right hand.] (the opponent says their line); she banishes her Nepal
:iconmaurawilson:maurawilson 6 8
Oc Theme Tagged
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
just DO IT!!! just DO IT!!! just DO IT!!! just DO IT!!! 
:iconAWFAK47: :icontitygore: :iconBeccaLupin: :iconVlT0: :iconShirai-Ryu-Girl:
just DO IT!!! just DO IT!!! just DO IT!!! just DO IT!!! 
Rules: Pick a song for your OC's opening and ending theme as if they are a series, it can be any song from a movie, band, singer, shows, does not matter, and when you done tag one or more people to play along! GOOD LUCK!
(I'm in love with her Apocalypse Skin XD (?)
Bullet; Blue Dullahan:
Opening: Breaki
:iconmaurawilson:maurawilson 3 6
You have lost, Princess by DemonLeon3D You have lost, Princess :icondemonleon3d:DemonLeon3D 434 84 Mil by rgbvscb Mil :iconrgbvscb:rgbvscb 311 8 MKX: Breaking a sweat by kicky MKX: Breaking a sweat :iconkicky:kicky 17 9



Tagged by: :iconbeccalupin:

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 people.
3. Post their names along with their creators' avatar.

(Image is not available at the time)

1. He is a 1-st Class Sergeant of the UNEASEC and are in charge of a squad of 15, his squad's name is Venom.
2. Though he's working with Mileena and her rebel, he isn't completely with her. Unlike Rain who wants the throne and Tanya who wants her home back, Alex wants to put Outworld and Earthrealm into alliance, so there will be no more wars in the future (how did he know? Well, there's kombatpedia). He is simply a volunteer for Outworld rebel.
3. His first mission as a Private was to scout an Ultranationalist camp near Chernobyl NPP.
4. Though he could make some makeshift weapons and gears of his own, he usually asks for help from his engineer friends.
5. He can speak several languages, which is: English, Indonesian, and Russian (For combat only, not conversation).
6. The last time he does an IQ test was in High School. His score was 114.
7. He is one of several who got a golden opportunity to test the new UNEASEC's equipment. The Prototype of A.C.E M-14 E.X.S.
8. He doesn't like person who showing off too much. Rain and Kano for example. For him, it's better to conceal what we had so that we could give it an element of surprise when we need it.

Hereby, I tagged:

:iconpokemongarnetversion: -Garnet

For now...


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