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Save in the Name of True Greed - Chapter 5/Finale
As Earth’s only natural satellite, the Moon was considered by all presently-living humans as the BETA’s secondary command center in the fight for Earth outside of the Kashgar Hive. With the outbreak of the First Lunar War in January 1967, man’s first encounter with the extraterrestrial BETA would herald the beginning of the BETA Wars, a conflict that no one would have ever believed would lead to a decades-long struggle against the alien invasion. Humanity attempted to control the scope of the invasion as best they could, but the BETA were far more resilient to the harsh surface conditions of the Moon, as well as to damage that would kill their human adversaries. Despite humanity's efforts, the BETA continued to spread like wildfire, lunar bases in key strategic positions lost to the BETA on a consistent basis. After years of exhausting their resources in attempting to keep the BETA from invading the Earth, humanity ultimately withdrew from the conflict in April 1973 w
:iconawesomex18:awesomex18 44 8
Save in the Name of True Greed - Chapter 4
A figure gradually grew in the distance as Yuuko walked towards the mainland. Even as the coast of China began to spread out before her, the trail of footprints led onwards inland towards the blue-haired titaness - possessing a divine form to match her own, her body tight and fit - who was currently standing, staring downwards at the surface as she seemed to study something distasteful. As the first bits of flat, evened land - leveled by the BETA - were crushed beneath Yuuko’s bare feet, the head of Mitsurugi Meiya swung up and looked at her equally-massive superior with widening eyes.
“Commander Kouzuki!” Meiya exclaimed, her feet shifting as dust clouds rose around her footsteps. “You have been affected as well?” Yuuko noted as she approached that the BETA-leveled terrain, in fact, made the trail of perfectly-formed footprints Meiya had left incredibly conspicuous, as if she had been walking in wet cement that had then hardened. The contour
:iconawesomex18:awesomex18 28 0
Save in the Name of True Greed - Chapter 3
The magical cadet was taken aback by the vice-commander’s wish, evidenced by him physically taking several steps backwards to comprehend exactly what she had demanded. “Kouzuki-sensei...You...You want to become a goddess? W-Why?!”
“Not a goddess, Shirogane - the Goddess, as in ‘I have no equal, nor will anyone ever come close to matching a fraction of my power’. What part of ‘unrivaled’ did you not understand?” the scientist corrected him with a smug grin. “Really, must I have to explain everything?”
“And here I thought you had said earlier that you loved how I’m always several steps ahead of everyone else…” Yuuko sighed, shaking her head as she crossed her arms beneath her sizable mounds. “Alright, I’ll only say this once, but after I do, I expect you to grant my desire and then some. Understood?”
“I...guess so…”
:iconawesomex18:awesomex18 43 20
A Very Univerba New Year (2016) by awesomex18 A Very Univerba New Year (2016) :iconawesomex18:awesomex18 21 3 Merry X-mas 2015 (+ Poem!) by awesomex18 Merry X-mas 2015 (+ Poem!) :iconawesomex18:awesomex18 140 23
Save in the Name of True Greed - Chapter 2
From the depths of the tropical jungle, five towering female forms began to rise into view from different corners of the island: Chizuru Sakaki, Kei Ayamine, Mikoto Yoroi, Miki Tamase, and Marimo Jinguuji. Each of the rapidly enlarging women was clad in the swimsuits they had brought along with them for the free time that they had hoped to enjoy after passing their exams, the outfits somehow growing along with their expanding frames: for Chizuru, a simple forest green one-piece; her rival, Kei, sported a maroon-colored bikini that amplified her ample chest and curvaceous figure; Mikoto and Tamase donned a yellow one-piece and pink bikini, respectively, each of which did their best to mask their petite features; and lastly, Sergeant Jinguuji was wearing an amber-colored one-piece that did little to mask her heaving bosom and well-sculpted body that she normally kept neatly suppressed in her United Nations uniform.  
Yuuko could only watch in both awe and disbelief as the exam candi
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Slayers: The Motion Picture (1995)
Impromptu Collab Thingy Alert  (Mainly just a repost from Twitter since I can actually include text here; that and I certainly don't want any lurkers/other folks claiming one of Anybro's works as their own.)

Above, one will feast their eyes upon a truly one of a kind image: the true ending of the original Slayers movie, Slayers — The Motion Picture, the lost Director's Cut only now recently discovered in early 2019. For those of you who have seen the film, you most likely know what is going on, but for those who haven't, I'll detail it below for you. (Warning: Spoilers!)


While the renowned sorceress Lina Inverse may have been too frightened to use the Fountain of Growth after witnessing what it could do to a simple tadpole, her traveling companion and off-and-on frenemy, Naga the Serpent, on the other hand, was more than willing to try out the fountain's effects for herself. As Naga dipped a gloved finger into the azure liquid of the ethereal fountain, Lina immediately chastised her fellow sorceress for attempting something so utterly reckless, knowing that she would watch the youthful woman shivel up into an old maid right before her very eyes. Luckily for the haughty magician, it seems fate had a different plan for her in mind. 

"Oooooooooh-hohohohoho!" Naga burst out in her signature smug laughter, the volume of her naturally loud voice amplifying exponentially as her body rapidly shot outwards in all directions. 

"Oh, come on!" the swimsuit-clad Lina growled as she jumped to safety beneath the arch of Naga's right heeled boot, Mipross Island itself quickly turning into nothing but a footnote on the buxom woman's path to godhood.

As she expanded without end, Naga's left boot dipped into the Fountain of Growth once again, allowing her to enlarge perpetually as long as she remained in contact with its divine waters. In a matter of seconds, the people back on the mainland were able to view the expanding beauty rapidly approaching them without moving a muscle, her feet ravaging the shores mere moments later, bulldozing through everything in their path to give herself more room to grow. Fifty miles came and went, as did a hundred, and soon two hundred miles, the milestones bringing with them an equivalent amount of loss of life and absolute calamity. Entire kingdoms soon fell to the unrelenting power of Naga's ever-expanding leather, her weight causing the ground to crack, shatter, and rumble uncontrollably with her seeming endless growth, swallowing up massive swathes of land into the depths of the planet. Streams of lava burst forth from the mantle in an effort to alleviate some of the pressure placed upon it, consequently flooding innocent towns by the dozens as an accidental aftermath of the planet's self-defense mechanism.

Unfortunately for the denizens of the world and the planet itself, Naga was not merely becoming physically larger, but growing in other ways as well. The Fountain of Growth certainly lived up to its reputation as practically everything about the mighty sorceress improved exponentially. While most notable to the masses - and Lina herself - would be an almost doubling of her original cup size, Naga's greatest improvement would be her "growth" beyond mortality: the complete loss of all necessary mortal survival functions such as sleeping, breathing, and the need to maintain homeostasis through daily consumption. A being now beyond the concerns of humankind, even Naga's cells had ceased aging through the perpetual and eternal upkeep of her homeostatic mechanisms, rendering her eternally youthful and an ageless immortal. Of course, while Naga would only appreciate these new boons in due time, the sorceress herself was most impressed by the growth of her own inherent magical abilities. Magical energies flowed throughout the sorceress's expanding physique like a raging river, making her the most powerful spellcaster on the planet without question as her might continued to increase; by the time she was three hundred miles tall, Naga was certain she could cast the Dragon Slave at least twenty times in a row without any form of incantation, that number only increasing in proportion to her height.  

As the world struggled to survive against the relentless onslaught of the mighty Naga the Serpent, their newborn goddess blessed them with the first of many gifts upon reaching five thousand miles in height, just after her boot sunk into a neighboring continent. 

"Levitation!" Naga proudly declared, her body soon coated in a heavenly aura of pure white light as she began to gradually float off of the planet's surface, allowing her to continue her evolution unabated in the depths of space. The people of the world were utterly helpless but to crane their necks upwards in sheer awe and terror, watching their goddess become an even more unstoppable force of nature, a modern deity in a world where the old gods now slumbered or had long since passed.

Back on the remants of Mipross Island, Lina gradually struggled back up onto her bare feet, utterly astonished by how much pure magical potential was brewing within her companion. Of course, Lina's amazement quickly turned into jealousy and envy as her eyes became glued to the size of Naga's chest, immediately irritated by how much larger the already-buxom woman was sporting for all to see. "What the hell?!" the 'Bandit Killer' screamed as she stomped her foot against the watery earth below her in protest. "Those are supposed to be my boobs!"

Several more minutes passed before, by some miracle of the heavens, Naga's growth gradually tapered down to a stop, the effects of the Fountain of Growth no longer persisting due to severing contact with it. By her own estimation, Naga was roughly 350,000 miles tall, the planet itself now a mere bluish-green marble hovering in front of her cleavage, a veritable toy to the fledging deity. In addition, to say that Naga's magical abilities were now enormous would be an insult to just what she was now capable of casting. Not only was her magical regeneration nearly instanteous, but were the Giga Slave not exclusive to Lina, the almighty sorceress could chain the spell - without incantation - all day without feeling any tax on her vast stores of power. As a final testament to her ultimate power, Naga's body was now surrounded by an ethereal radiance, a natural barrier that absorbed any magics cast against her, adding their mana costs directly into her own stores in the process. In every sense of the word, the sorceress known as Naga the Serpent had evolved into an absolute, all-powerful, invincible goddess. 

"Oooooooooh-hohohohoho!" the newly crowned deity laughed triumphantly, resting her right hand atop her cleavage as she stared down at the world in front of her chest, her almighty voice defying all logic and piering the vacuum of space, rattling reality itself around her. "Well, Lina, it looks like the Fountain of Growth did work on one of us... Oooooooooh-hohohohoho!"

With Naga's powerful laughter shaking the planet to its core with her every syllable, Lina could only growl at her fellow sorceress-turned-deity with the utmost contempt, her blood boiling at the power and beauty that was meant for her. If that old man didn't spook me earlier, that could be me up there instead! "Grrr... NAGA!" she shouted in frustration, shaking her fist up at her new goddess of an ally with all the rage she could muster.

Thus, the world formed on the foundations of the Sea of Chaos would now and forever be bound to the greedy whims of their smug, mauve-haired, incredibly busty overlordess. It was no surprise that of everyone on the globe, Lina Inverse herself was the most vexated of all by the events that had transpired. After all, having to literally live in the shadow of Naga's Nagas for the rest of her days was the worst possible outcome for the flat-chested sorceress. 


So yeah, just an idea I've had in mind for the past few weeks after seeing the OG Slayers movie and realizing how god-tier Naga is. Anybro was right about her: one of the best smug gals around in general. She's now pretty high up on the anime gals list (though Yuuko has that #1 spot locked down along with Meiya). Anywho, hope you liked the mini-text there, and a big thanks again to 
:iconanybody360: for taking time on a lazy Sunday to help an amateur Photoshop person like me with a fun idea. I can't thank ya enough, kyodai!

Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim to own any of the images used above. All collage materials are copyright of their respective artists/owners.

- Slayers and all of its characters and likenesses are copyright of Hajime Kanzaka.
- Original image from:…

- Concept/Dialogue/Story above/HQ Naga by: :iconawesomex18:
- Loaning me various props/Completely restyling text for haughtiness and sound effect feel/New background/Lina in a "POW!" comic background/Adding some more glow and other blur effects to Naga by: :iconanybody360:

You can see my original attempt here if you're curious:
Girls und Frohliche Weihnachten (Merry X-mas 2018)
I'm aware that the "O" in "Frohliche" needs an umlaut, but dA doesn't support it in titles for some reason, so... German people, complain away! XD

Guess what time of year it is? It's time for another terribly made X-mas card! Hey, just what happens when you're overflowing with X-mas spirit despite the world around you going to pot rapidly, ja?

Obviously, when scrolling through the GuP gals for Santa assistants, the red man himself surely noticed Saunders Academy's ace tankery leader as the perfect selection for en masse package delivery all across the heavens, all for the price of a present of her choice after fulfilling her duty. Of course, what he didn't see coming was that after all was said and done, Kay had chosen reality itself as her present, the swirling bastion of all of existence becoming compacted into the size of a relatively-sized gift box in the palm of her hand. Don't worry though, because on the bright side, she plans on waiting until X-mas morning to open her gift. After that, however... Well, I, for one, welcome our new American overlord. 

Well, it's been another crazy year for me objectively and personally, but I'm still alive and kickin'. I did 3 public things this year, one of them being a crazy CYOA thing, so woo. (The key word here being "public"; did a buncha other private stuff for friends, which you can find wherever I'm hiding out on various other sites, i.e. Discord, Twatter, etc.) I also am no longer talking to SMFX as he went crazy last X-mas, so it's kinda nice to have him outta my hair so I can get back to being me. Definitely plan on writing something super long in 2019 whenever I play/watch/do a certain thing to fully learn about a certain someone, but who knows when I'll finish it fo sho (obviously a month or so after I start writing the thing, life things not interfering too badly). Least it's something to look forward to, eh? Amiright, mostly lurker people who follow me? XD

Anyways, that's enough blathering on from me. You're probably not even reading this and just staring at the big girl above, but to those that are, and my friends especially... 

Merry X-mas everyone! Christmas Emote 

Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim to own any of the images used above. All collage materials are copyright of their respective artists/owners.

- Girls und Panzer and all of its characters and likenesses are copyright of Actas.
Has it really been a decade of telling people that today is my actual birthday already? Yeesh, I'm old. At least I still look like I'm 16 though, so that's at least a plus XD
Giga Bowsette's Fury
After being on :iconzero6vi:'s Discord server for most of the day, I decided to get in on this Bowsette meme since everyone (including myself) was getting hyped. Nobody's done an actual Giga Bowsette image yet, so decided to fix it with a lazy collage thingy. I am now satisfied with this meme XD.

Also, personal opinion on the meme: while I believe both Bowsettes are great, the tan red-haired version (optionally seen with abs) is the better version. Again, just personal opinion - both are cool! 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Mario series nor any of its characters and likenesses. Mario in its entirety is copyright of Nintendo.

Original image here:
What Freedom Means to Me - It's a Simpsons reference, obviously. 

America: Doing "bigger" better than anyone else since 1776.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Food Wars nor any of its characters and likenesses. Food Wars in its entirety is copyright of Shueisha(?).

Original image:…


United States
Operating System: Windows 7
Another random journal update just because I felt like it. Also, if anyone can guess why I have "Get Lucky" as my journal title, you'll win a fabulous prize!

Thanks to everyone once again for checking out my page (though why you would is beyond me; I'm too busy/lazy gaming/watching anime to write these days XD [I WILL finish your Freezing thing no matter what, Trayx! When that will be is unknown even to me, but I WILL do it!]), everyone who's checked out the forum ran by myself and owned by Trayx at, and to everyone who still hangs out with this lazy writer - all the great friends I've made over the years, of which I'd be here for a while if I had to list them all!

Once again, :iconspacemedafighterx: is taking commissions for, get this, $1 or 100 dA Points! No, I'm not kidding - you can get a me-quality story from him for just $1! You'd be insane not to take advantage of this offer, so what are you waiting for?! Commission him already! Tell 'em AX sent ya! 8-)

In other news, I'd like to invite you all to check out the amazing art and renders found in my good friend :iconkasuko-san:'s gallery. His GTS artwork using MMD and 3DCG are some of the best 3D images I've ever seen, and his skill always keeps improving to make even more mindblowingly awesome works! If you enjoy any of the Yuri Univerba images found in my gallery, please stop by his page and leave a "Thank you for the awesomeness!" comment or two to thank him for his simply magnificent works of art.

Well, that should be a good enough update for now. Thanks again for the above milestones! :D

Oh, and before I forget, if you haven't read/played through MuvLuv and MuvLuv Alternative yet, NOTE ME IMMEDIATELY AND I WILL HOOK YOU UP WITH THE GREATEST VISUAL NOVEL EVER MADE!…


If anyone is interested in talking about infinitely-growing GTS (or IGGs for short), feel free to contact me by AIM, Yahoo IM, or MSN (note me for my screennames).

I don't know why I keep posting this, but here's my progress chart on my major literary endeavours as of now; these items do not count other secret projects I may or may not be currently working on. Hopefully I'll have actually made some progress on at least one of these by my next journal update:

Freezing - Satellizer el Bridgette GTS story for :icontrayxx: - 25% done (Ch. 1 done!)

Rangiku GTS Story - 10% done

Nami GTS story (now with the amazing writing talent of :iconsexyasiangirl:!) - 34% done

(Whatever else I feel like writing/Open commission slot)

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