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These girls rock!
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Myself in TD (updated) by Awesomesauceomness Myself in TD (updated) :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 3 10 Dove in Paradise by Awesomesauceomness Dove in Paradise :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 4 0 Hunger Games Simulator #1 by Awesomesauceomness Hunger Games Simulator #1 :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 1 4 Jacsee: Dipping at Sunset by Awesomesauceomness
Mature content
Jacsee: Dipping at Sunset :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 8 5
TDD App: Gail by Awesomesauceomness TDD App: Gail :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 3 5 Dance Collab by Awesomesauceomness Dance Collab :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 5 2 Mal Copied Alejandro by Awesomesauceomness Mal Copied Alejandro :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 15 3 ERB Josee vs. MacArthur by Awesomesauceomness ERB Josee vs. MacArthur :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 4 8 Rachelle New OC by Awesomesauceomness Rachelle New OC :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 2 8 Shoey FanArt #1 by Awesomesauceomness Shoey FanArt #1 :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 3 7
Total Drama High School: Arias

Name:  Arias Wren Caspar Trinity Giovanna Chanel Daniel McVandius
Age:  17
Gender:  Hermaphrodite
Year:  Junior
Occupation:  Student (are there any clubs???)
Known to This School:  The Hermaphrodite Princess
Hobbies:  Writing, watching TV
Description:  Arias traveled to Canada to try Total Drama High School.  I mean, he/she needs to get out of that castle someday.  Until now, he's/she's never left where she lived.  Not even when her royal parents go traveling!  Guys, he/she is old enough to travel with you guys!  In her past, he/she was made fun of because of his/her gender.  But he/she had a lot of friends, too, because of his/her royalty.
Arias is bipolar
He/she likes guys
He/she likes to have a lot of friends
He/she is a little insane
He/she doesn't care about his/her royalty
He/she does not like to be called a prince
He/she is 50% girly and 50% not girly
:iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 5 2
Me (Sophia) Transfered to Goth by Awesomesauceomness Me (Sophia) Transfered to Goth :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 5 5 Sympathy Stamp by Awesomesauceomness Sympathy Stamp :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 5 1 Ask The Stepsisters by Awesomesauceomness Ask The Stepsisters :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 5 3 TDR Episode 2 Part 2 by Awesomesauceomness TDR Episode 2 Part 2 :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 8 1 Middle School Freak-  RaRa, Shane, and Pepper by Awesomesauceomness Middle School Freak- RaRa, Shane, and Pepper :iconawesomesauceomness:Awesomesauceomness 5 0


HAPPY BIRTHDAY by HeyBruhItsJack HAPPY BIRTHDAY :iconheybruhitsjack:HeyBruhItsJack 36 17
DA:Total Drama Action Auditions

We've seen da-All-Stars and da-Ridonculous Race but now it's time to get your face ready for the camera. 
This season is going to be directed towards people who lead busy lives, like me. 
In the recent season's challenges have been LENGTHY and you literally had to produce an entire episode by yourself. 
Everything was just a lot of work and it became stressful instead of fun. For this season I want people to enjoy themselves and build their characters.
So how are we going to do that?
Even though they're fun there will be no more comics/gifs/slideshows for this certain season.
(Unless it's extra, but it won't count as a challenge.)
Each challenge will only require 1-3 pictures AND a journal entry. 
Journal Entries are going to be required for every episode, this is for people to really showcase their character's personality/experiences. 
A journal entry is basically in your ch
:iconhey-hollywood:Hey-Hollywood 12 130
Dressing Cute For Tom-Morrow by Queen-of-Fabulous Dressing Cute For Tom-Morrow :iconqueen-of-fabulous:Queen-of-Fabulous 23 30
I screwed up 42% of my school years
Stolen.........I mean borrowed from @ForeverTD23114 
[x] Gotten detention.
[] Gotten your phone taken away
[] Gotten in school suspension
[] Got sent to the principal's office.
[X] Chewed gum during class.
[] Gotten more than 8 tardys
[X] Didn't do homework over 3 times.
[] Turned at least 3 projects in late.
[] Missed school cause you felt like it.
[X] talked too much and got kicked out of class
[] Got your mom/dad etc. to get you out of school.
[] Text people during class.
[X] Passed notes.
[X] Threw stuff across the room.
[ ] Laughed at the teacher
[] Pulled down the fire alarm.
[] myspace, friendster, xanga, etc. on the computer at school.
[X] Took pictures during school hours.
[] Called someone during school hours.
[X] Listened to an ipod/cd player/mp3 during class.
[] Threw something at the teacher.
[X] Went outside the classroom without permission.
[X] Broke the dress code.
[X] Failed a class (When I was so down and not motivated)
[X] Ate food during class.
[] Gotten a call
:iconqueen-of-fabulous:Queen-of-Fabulous 5 4
Random Question 36
It's been so long since I done this Random Question! XD Anyways onto the question!
Is there anyone on TD or RR that you think may had a bad past when they were younger?
:iconqueen-of-fabulous:Queen-of-Fabulous 3 48
it will not count! it will be as if your entry did not exist, so please remember to submit into the gallery; thank you.
:icontd-realitystrikes:TD-RealityStrikes 1 3
Jacsee Contest - The votes are in...!
The results from my Jacsee Contest are in! I would like to thank everyone that entered for their BEAUTIFUL pieces! I couldn't even judge by myself because I just could not choose. kaomoji set 2 55/67
But with the help of a handful of my friends voting for their favorites, I've gotten a "median" vote for the winners! It was very, very close, but the placements are:
3rd Place:
:bulletpink: Full Body Doodle (any color option) of 1 character
:bulletpurple: +200 points
A tie! Between ishtrash and PrettyPassionut's sweet and tender entries! The gentle affection was just too adorable, even with multiple judges, they still tied! Bunny Emoji-31 (See you later) [V2] 
(You both will be awarded t
:iconsallychan:sallychan 10 17
Nobel Phoebe The Body Guard. by creepypastajack Nobel Phoebe The Body Guard. :iconcreepypastajack:creepypastajack 6 60 Phoebe's On To Lucy. by creepypastajack Phoebe's On To Lucy. :iconcreepypastajack:creepypastajack 4 18 Phoebe's Miracle: Lieanna Lives! by creepypastajack Phoebe's Miracle: Lieanna Lives! :iconcreepypastajack:creepypastajack 6 31 Phoebe Does Have A Heart After All. by creepypastajack Phoebe Does Have A Heart After All. :iconcreepypastajack:creepypastajack 7 28 Phoebe's Karma. by creepypastajack Phoebe's Karma. :iconcreepypastajack:creepypastajack 9 125 A Relaxing Day in the Cafe by Queen-of-Fabulous A Relaxing Day in the Cafe :iconqueen-of-fabulous:Queen-of-Fabulous 14 38 My Top 87 Total Drama Characters by TheDipDap1234 My Top 87 Total Drama Characters :iconthedipdap1234:TheDipDap1234 15 22 Cheating Couples Role Reversal. by creepypastajack Cheating Couples Role Reversal. :iconcreepypastajack:creepypastajack 10 66 Rock/Rebel Fashion Collab by Galactic-Red-Beauty Rock/Rebel Fashion Collab :icongalactic-red-beauty:Galactic-Red-Beauty 58 57


Awesomesauceomness has started a donation pool!
280 / 365
If I get more points then I need, then I will give points to artists in need. Help those artists in need!

Wall of honor:
How much you donate and your prizes:
less than 5 :points: = 1 fave
5 :points: = 10 faves
10 :points: = 15 faves
15 :points: = 20 faves
20 :points: = 25 faves
25 :points: = 30 faves
40 :points: = 45 faves + 1 llama
50 :points: = 60 faves + 1 llama + 1 comment
60 :points: = 80 faves + 1 llama + 5 comments + watch
100 :points: = 100 faves (I'll try) + 15 comments + watch + mention on my profile
more than 100 :points: = 150 faves (I'll try), llama, watch, unlimited comments, and permanent mention on my profile.

Wall of Honor:

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The name is
:iconpurple-splz: :iconpurple-oplz: :iconpurple-pplz: :iconpurple-hplz: :iconpurple-iplz: :iconpurple-aplz:

Rp account: :iconv-i-t-o-t-d-r-o-t-i:

My main OTPs:
Jasmine x Shawn (canon)
Ella x Topher (crack)
Cody x Dawn (crack)
Tyler x Lindsay (canon)
Noah x Emma (canon)
Devin x Carrie (canon)
Jo x Brick (fanon)
Jo x Lightning (crack)
Brody x MacArthur
Tom x Jen (fanon)
Jacques x Josee (fanon)
Duncan x Gwen (canon)
Mike x Zoey (canon)
Cameron x Zoey (crack)

My main BROTPs:
Sanders and MacArthur
Cody and Sierra
Laurie and Miles
Topher and Ella
Jasmine and Sammy

Ridonculous Race Emma + Kitty Stamp by Lets-Get-Saiko Ridonculous Race Crimson + Ennui Stamp by Lets-Get-Saiko Ridonculous Race Lorenzo + Chet Stamp by Lets-Get-Saiko Ridonculous Race Tom + Jen Stamp by Lets-Get-Saiko Ridonculous Race Josee + Jacques Stamp by Lets-Get-Saiko Ridonculous Race Sanders + Macarthur Stamp by Lets-Get-Saiko Ridonculous Race Jay + Mickey Stamp by Lets-Get-Saiko
MacArthur twerk stamps:
MacArthur Twerk Stamp by xxGaby-23xx Cadets Dance Stamp by xxGaby-23xx
Favorite DARR Teams:
dARR - The Indie Rock Girls Stamp by Lets-Get-Saiko dARR - The Villagers Stamp by Lets-Get-Saiko dARR - The Lifeguards Stamp by Lets-Get-Saiko dARR - The 90's Chicks Stamp by Lets-Get-Saiko

My Beautiful Religion:
Christian by NaujTheDragonfly :thumb67805465: LOVE. NOT force. by OnWingsOfBlue
Not trying to force it upon you, I love you the way you are. You just continue to be you.

Random stamp collection:
:thumb386110074: Stamp:: Ignored by TooFreakingAwesome Just trying to help... by FluffyFerret97 Male characters are awesome by Larrydog123:thumb585457382: Bill Nye Kin stamp by ibunroku Stamp: UWU by KrisTheTrashLord Yus, I do. 0u0 by World-Hero21 So sounding mature is a bad thing now? by World-Hero21 French Spy. by Deep-Strike As we grow and learn... by Violet-Rose-Petal Fuck Logic Stamp by Nanaiko What's the point of having watchers? by Nanaiko:thumb389218485: Join da German Side by WoLfgIrLyS (Request) Anti Amy Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Paint User STAMP by Drayuu I listen to music while i draw by Tontora

My birthday badge

I took a quiz, and I look most like Lindsay according to the quiz.
Here it is:…

People I love to death:
:iconunoriginality19: :iconqueen-of-fabulous: :icon2000thcenturylinda: :iconsuper23gabriel: :icontd-layla: :iconpuehrille: :icontotaldramasarah: :iconcrazed-blue: :iconyoshifan797: :iconsabreleopard: :icongalactic-red-beauty: :iconmoragardain: :iconforevertd23114: :iconavril-that-kid: :iconobjectchaos:

These people are bae!

I took a 7 Deadly Sins and I am guilty of sloth.

Check out my Wattpad!…

Mikey Murphy and Luke Korns are my spirit animals……

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Tbh I've always had a crush on someone here.  You won't get it out of me that easily, though. Lmao!
  • Listening to: All Time Low
  • Reading: The screen
  • Watching: Nothing
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  • Eating: Dinner
  • Drinking: Nothing


TD Character x TD Character (Straight)
Total Drama couples only. This is the straight version. They can either crack, fanon, or canon, it doesn't matter.
TD Character x TD Character (Yaoi/Yuri)
Has to be Total Drama, hence TD character x TD character.
Hunger Games Simulation
I'll make a Hunger Games simulator with whoever you want! I know it sounds stupid, but it will be fun.
You x Total Drama Character
Ship yourself with whichever TD character you want
OC Makeover
for Total Drama OCs only!
Outfits For OCs
It might take a while so that's why it's 100 points.
Total Drama OCs/ Total Drama OC Redraws
I will do stances in these commissions, just stances. Other commissions will be in different folders.

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