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Rabbid Leader Plan Failure by locuaz15143 Rabbid Leader Plan Failure :iconlocuaz15143:locuaz15143 3 5 Slender man gift, by locuaz15143 Slender man gift, :iconlocuaz15143:locuaz15143 1 0 Locuaz15143 Vs Qwark by locuaz15143 Locuaz15143 Vs Qwark :iconlocuaz15143:locuaz15143 2 0 Mikey and Frankie ~ Living a weird life by CJwolf1 Mikey and Frankie ~ Living a weird life :iconcjwolf1:CJwolf1 2 0 Mikey and Frank ~ Living a weird life by CJwolf1 Mikey and Frank ~ Living a weird life :iconcjwolf1:CJwolf1 2 0 Mikey and Frankie ~ Living a weird life by CJwolf1 Mikey and Frankie ~ Living a weird life :iconcjwolf1:CJwolf1 2 0 Mikey and Frankie ~ Living a weird life by CJwolf1 Mikey and Frankie ~ Living a weird life :iconcjwolf1:CJwolf1 2 0 Mikey and Frankie ~ Living a weird life by CJwolf1 Mikey and Frankie ~ Living a weird life :iconcjwolf1:CJwolf1 2 0
Living A Weird Life Pt 7
I looked aimlessly at Gerard, what did he just say? He loves me? He only met me yesterday and we got off on the 'wrong foot'. I mean, what the actuall fuck? "W-What..." i mumbled looking up at me, he sighed then continued to fake a smile, i knew it was hard for him. As i didnt say 'I love you' back to him. I mean, i do 'love' him i guess. But seriously, things like this never work... do they? Ive NEVER been in a relationship before, so how would i know, and ive only got... two friends, three now, one; Mikey. two; Ray. and three; Gerard. And with Gerard... we could be more than 'friends'. But he is a alcholic and a very aggressive on at the most! Oh shit... I am stuck between Yes and No. I need to make a check list, where is my pen and paper, wait i cant do that now, Gerard wants a striaght answer "What?" i asked again, seems he had been talking the whole time i was speaking...
"Frank i love you. And i know we got off on the wrong foot but i promise everything will get better and will b
:iconcjwolf1:CJwolf1 3 0
Living a weird life Pt6
When me and Gerard finally reached the coffee shop he went striaght to the counter and left me to find a table. The coffee shop was pretty empt, expecially after school. I walked over to a tabel with two chairs, by the window, I took my back pack off and sat down, putting it under the tabel, then waiting for Gerard to return, "Frankie, what do you want?" he asked me from the counter, i looked over at him slightly shocked by him calling me frankie, but i just shrugged, Fuck! I forgot my wallet. Oh well, i looked down at the tabel thinking to myself. Okay, i do fancy him, only slightly! But i will never forgive him for what he did to me or mikey. But he is being so kind to me now. Why? Maybe he is just being nice, trying to make up to me for what he did, but then again he kissed me, why would he kiss me if he did- "Frankie!" He said to mew tapping my shoulder "I bought you a hot chocolate" he said holding two cups, handing me the one full of hot chocolate, i nodded to him and took the ho
:iconcjwolf1:CJwolf1 3 0
Living a weird Life Pt5
Once me and ray were finished rolling down the hill i couldnt see straight, my vision was so blurry and i was so dizzy. Still am! Ray stood up and stumbled over to me a big bright smile on his face, though fell over a few times before he reached his hand out for me to take and get up. Once i took his hand we collapsed nack down in fits of laughter. "O-Oh m-m-my god!" he chocked out, i then stood up trying to catch my breath. A few minuets after, me and Ray caught our breath back and we began walking past our school, then he jumped down the skate park steps, how many times have i passed those and the bridge today? I cant remember, all i know... is too fucking many. I however just walked down them, Ray was talking to me about some random stuff but then mentioned music and i snapped back to bullshit reality and started to get skightly hyper about it "Do you play a insterment?" He asked, i shook my head, "Oh why?" he then asked, i shrugged then started to giggle
"Well, i had an Epipho
:iconcjwolf1:CJwolf1 3 0
Living a weird Life Pt4
Oh my god, i cant believe he said that to me! He said we should've never become friends again. Ive fucked everything up, i hate myself for it too! I am crying again, im such a baby "FAG!" i shouted at myself, then tripping down the skateparks steps. I fell face first in the ground, i swear it broke my nose! But i cant feel anything, and i dont care, my lip is still bleeding and the side of my head still has a cut but isnt bleeding no more, but my bleeding nose. Well. Not bleeding no more and posibly broken. But why should i care what happens to me no more, suppose i never did... I then heard people crying with laughter, stupid fucking skaters, they have no dignity! I stood up and pulled my hood over my face so i was covered up, then continuing to run. I soon ended up under the bridge with the druggies, oh fuck there are two high fucktards there
"Yoooooo" Once of them slurred, to me, i didnt answer and just cintunied to run, but one of the fuckers grabbed my arm and slammed me on the gr
:iconcjwolf1:CJwolf1 3 0
Living a weird Life pt 3
"Mikey, so you... love me?" I asked, thats about all i could come up with, i really had nothing to say at this point, now everything is so clear. he looked down at his feet, not knowing what to say, but just nodding, he then stood up and walked over to me, then pushing me down, i was now pinned, he leaned in and kissed me passionately, his lips are so soft. but then he pulled away, i was disapointed that moment had to end
"Does that answer your question?" he asked me, i nodded happily, then looking at the door, to see a drunk Gerard. He was speachless, his jaw was open and his eyes wide. I still think he is a asshole. What is there to be so shocked at? Nothing! "What do you want Gee?" Mikey asked looking over at him, irritatly. Gerard didnt speak, reply to his question. I rolled my eyes then got myself out from under Mikey, i leaned against his wall and Mikey walked over to gerard, pushing him out of his room. Mikey then closed the door once he was also outside of it, sounds like they
:iconcjwolf1:CJwolf1 3 0
Living A Weird Life Pt2
The rest of the day passed quickly and... loudly i guess. Me and Mikey had finally sorted things out and are friends again, im so happy! The happiest ive been in a long time. Wow, but it all started off with him yelling at me and then telling me he... he... loved me, and a little part of him still does... Oh my! Ive just realized it! How could i forget that, my heard skipped a beat when he said it and he needs to 'talk' to me now, its most likely about what he had said! Im so shocked, i still cant belie- "Frank!" Shouted Mikey from the other side of my locker door,
"What?!" i said in a complaing tone making mikey laugh, and me laugh in reply "Oh sorry, i zoned out" i said, he laughed harder then came to the other side of my locker door, seeing the photo's in person and not on his phone, seeing them, his smile was so big, like. ear to ear big!
"Aww frank, you kept these!" he said happily then hugging me tight, but that happiness soone dropped when a stupid jock shouted out 'FAG' and sto
:iconcjwolf1:CJwolf1 3 0
Living a weird life Pt1
I woke in the morning to my stupid alarm clock, fuck i hate those things, i sat up and rubbed my eyes, yawning. I looked at my digital alarm clock to see the time 7:07 Oh my... im up, early... i guess, i dont really know. i kneeled on my bed and marked of today's date on the calender 1st of October My birthday is in another 30 days, and im excited though not looking forward to it, its a weird feeling. As i know i have no friends to spend it with and my mum will be at work, but at least she would get me at least one present, right. Oh crap, i forgot, today is Monday isn't it! i need to get ready for school! I rush over to my closet and pull out ripped jeans and a black long sleeved top, then a short sleeved Black flag t-shirt over that, i then kneeled down to the bottom of my broken and battered closet and pulled out my chequered shoes with some white socks. Once i was fully dressed i glanced at the clock, 7:23 I took longer than expected, oh fuck it, i dont really
:iconcjwolf1:CJwolf1 3 0
Frerard Great, Just Great Chapter Nine
~Gerards POV~ 
I got up earlier than usual today, school on a Wednesday, great, just great. At least i get to kick some ass! The one who beat up my frankie is gonna hurt, but i dont want to hurt anyone, but i promised frankie i would. So im going to do that for him!
I got off the sofa and made sure frank didnt get woken up, i walked upstairs into the guest room where my stuff was in, and franks presents. I walked over to my rucksack that contained my clothes in, i pulled out a Iron maiden t-shirt and ripped jeans. taking off my previous clothes and putting the fresh ones on. There we go, im dressed, though i need my coffee! i put on my black socks and walk back down stairs, frank is still asleep, he has probably a hour left, wait, let me check my phone. I reach into my back pocket and pull out my phone 6:45 frank has longer than a hour, i believe he has One hour and forty five minuets left. Im good at maths, only joking, no im terrible at maths! though i do try and tell mys
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KOA/Chapter One: Battle of Di Shi Shi Part 1Chapter 1: Battle of Dī Shi Shī Part 1
Chapter Text
Chapter One
In the year of XXX, the kingdom of Hianov. The Emperor Zao announced that he'd passed on to the other side on the first day of Autumn. Living no heir to the throne to keep the kingdom peacefully but a power-hungry fool named Lord Dong. He was cruel and ruthless, treated his own people and army like trash. Killing and raping young women out of pure amusement. He has only one child, who named Zhouxdong.
The male was feminine looking male with light brown hair and tan skin that was smooth. His father force him to married young woman to keep the family blood running. Of course Zhouxdong didn't have no choice but to complied to his father wishes. But there was a problem, Zhouxdong wasn't sexually interested in anyone. He'd to force t
  KOA/Chapter TWO: Battle of Di Shi Shi Part 2Zhouxdong finally been seen by the doctors. The bandages were tightened over his head. The pain slowly fading away, alone once more but determine more than ever! He was going to murder his own father. He'd enough of that fool. He needed a plan, but what? He didn't have alot of time before the enemies comes! He already evacuated the townspeople, SOMEONE has to do it. And his father could careless about the people or his army. His head begun to hurt. Not from the wound either, hissed as he breath through his nose. Eyebrows knitted together as he sense someone coming into his room. No one enter his room unless.
"Young lord? I've an idea just for you. How about killing your father? And take over the clan. Cleanses the corruption within." suggested from an unknown voice. Causing the young warlord to jerk from his spot and turn himself to be facing the doorway. Eyes narrow with displeasure, he should had known as it only can be ONE person. Sneer at the sight before him.
"Zhauge Jian?
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