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  • Listening to: Michael Parsberg - Mad World…… ... Jo Rowling isn't done with the Harry Potter books yet? My life... is finally complete.
But I really can't wait 10 years. Damn it ):.
  • Listening to: The Beatles - Paperback Writer… Do it. Seriously.
  • Listening to: Oceana - Endless Summer

[x] You love hoodies
[x] You love jeans
[ ] Dogs are better than cats
[x] It's hilarious when people get hurt and fall
[x] You've played with/against boys on a team
[x] Shopping is torture
[x] Sad movies suck
[ ] You own an XBOX
[ ] You played with Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars as a little kid
[ ] At some point in life you wanted to be a firefighter
[ ] You owned a DS, PS2 or Sega
[x] You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers
[x] You watch / watched sports on TV
[x] Gory movies are cool
[ ] You go to your dad for advice
[ ] You have at least 1 trophy of a sport
[ ] You used to play Yu-Gi-Oh
[ ] Baggy sweat pants are nice to wear
[x] It's kind of weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people
[x] Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors
[x] You love to go crazy and not care what other people think
[ ] Sports are fun
[x] You sometimes talk with food in your mouth
[ ] You sleep at night with your socks on
[ ] You have fished at least once

Boy: 13


[ ] You like to shop
[ ] You like to wear eyeliner
[x] You wear the color pink
[ ] You go to your mom for advice.
[ ] You consider cheerleading a sport
[ ] You hate wearing all black
[ ] You like going to the mall
[x] You like getting manicures and/or pedicures
[x] You like wearing jewelry
[ ] You cried watching The Notebook
[ ] Skirts are a big parts of your wardrobe
[ ] Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies
[ ] You don't like the movie Star Wars
[ ] You are/were in gymnastics
[ ] It takes you around one hour to shower and get dressed
[ ] You smile a lot more than you should
[ ] You have more than 10 pairs of shoes
[ ] You care about what you look like majority of the time
[ ] You like wearing dresses
[x] You like wearing body spray/deodorant
[x] You like high heels
[x] You used to play with dolls as a kid
[ ] You like putting makeup on others
[ ] You like being the star of almost everything

Girl: 6
So I could just fucking remove every last picture I hate.
  • Listening to: Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca
  • Reading: Drawing tutorials
Though I'm not sure. But all the crap I see here does make me want to leave. I only need to find another art-hosting website.
  • Listening to: Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca
  • Reading: Drawing tutorials
Yeah. I got nothing to do.
  • Listening to: Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca
  • Reading: Drawing tutorials…………

Do they have some kind of program already installed on them you use for drawing and you can't draw with them using Photoshop, Corel Painter, Sai etc.? Can you draw on them only and you can't save the drawing in your PC? Can't they be connected to the PC? HOW exactly do these work?
  • Listening to: Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca
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  • Drinking: Water
I have lots of free time now, yet I'm still too lazy to pick up a pencil and draw. Actually I'm too lazy to pick up a pencil and practice. I thought about making some HTF fanart, but I have yet to create the perfect style.
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  • Eating: Wafers
  • Drinking: Water
... don't ask. It would be better not to talk about this.
But don't worry about me, I'm all fine, really. It's just that I'm both very happy and very surprised about... something.
I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever finish this book.
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  • Drinking: Mineral water I the only one who hasn't even bothered watching the film?
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  • Drinking: Mineral water
Dad has absolutely no idea about the "school's out festivity" we should have attended. And he has absolutely no idea about my mediocre grades, either... for now. What could possibly be better?
  • Listening to: Santana ft. Rob Thomas - Smooth
  • Drinking: Mineral water
Yeah. 22nd of June is coming fast.
I've started to calm down for some reason... for now. Forget my previous journal.

Also, I'm feeling much better since I've started talking to one of my old, distant friends on the phone more often. I haven't talked to her for almost 2 years and now I don't feel like a loner anymore because, well, she is really sweet and seems to actually care about me. I should meet up with her one day. My classmates are still nagging me to death and giving me all sorts of crap, but I don't really give a damn anymore... It's better to have one good friend than 20 part-time, right hand idiot buddies, after all.
Now I truly wish the 22nd of June is never going to come.
There is most probably going to be a graduation party thingy where we have to go with our parents. I'll have five tons of crap beaten out of me if any of my parents will go. The fact that my grades are not exactly the best and that my asshat-classmates are more or less going to tell my parents bullshit about me... Yeah. I need to do something about it. I should... I don't know, beg my teachers not to start something like that... or probably overeat junk food until I get ill or try to catch a cold bad enough to be taken to the hospital... I'd rather be ill and safe than healthy and yelled at and beaten up to death. The mere thought about my parents talking to any person from my school scares the crap out of me. Have you guys got any ideas? Please! I have to get away with this!
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I ain't gonna draw anything for now. I'm way too bad at drawing. I should wait untill I'll take some art classes. :saddummy:
Where the hell can I read My Immortal?! I want to read it so badly!
I just can't look up Dramione pics without ramming into animu garbage and shitty photomanips...
Amazing book. Just like the first one. In fact, it was even better than the first one. I absolutely loved it and I'm not even a reading person. I'm looking forward to reading the other five!