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If I was down there
And weaker than you as God
Not I be up here?
:iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 1 1
Downtime by Awesomenope Downtime :iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 11 1
A Talking Crow Taught Me To Fly
The endless days I left the world in my dreams
Chained to the bed in iron shackles
I sit here every night expecting the same tomorrow
To be alone and helpless inside
Then something impossible happened...
Waking up one morning
To the sound of a crow cawing
Welcomed the crow with a smile
But the crow greeted me with an utterance
This little crow said to me that all birds can talk
But no one ever listened to them correctly
He asked why I'm all alone and chained up
Locked away from the world
I answered the crow with the words,
"I think it's right for me. Nothing's ever changed."
The bird noticed my starvation and sent himself
To go find some berries and nuts for me to feed upon
Days that could be thought endless spent with chats with the bird
Then the winter came...
Then he was nowhere to be spotted
Only three days and did I see him once again
Already lost in myself
This empty void that traps me everyday anyway
Just the day later he sent his army of soldiers to breakdown this fortress of s
:iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 4 1
The 1,000 Year War (God Has Abandoned Us)
Teach me if it's fine to watch a kingdom grow
All the bodies on the street never dropped this hard!
I, blame, you!
(Leading all the blind)
So tell me mister
Who is it that has brought you joy?
The book that teaches you false love?
Now we're dying, one by one each day
But He took something we can never retrieve
It's been a long one thousand years, but here's the gate to heaven
You've killed about a thousand people
All that you've done is rename murder
Fuck your god and flag!
You've teared away love and replaced it with hate
Building weapons behind the scenes to see those bodies drop
Leading all the blind
We found your DNA all over the weapons
If you're looking for the Devil, take a look in the mirror!!!
You always knew that the lies would spread eventually
So don't be surprised if I show up on your doorstep!
"Sorry sweetie, we destroyed your family, defending my own"
There was never a compromise, now they're all alone
Look at all the damage you've done
Still watching them all fall down
:iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 1 0
Duck On A Desk by Awesomenope Duck On A Desk :iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 9 4 Happy Birthday Jonathan! by Awesomenope Happy Birthday Jonathan! :iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 11 2
What There Is To Come
This has been my time
For growth and love I've lived
This power I have gained from these lows
I never rode that elevator to the gallows
'Cause it could not be shallow enough
It was not my time and it never was
So to that I here by say...
As I walk out this classroom today
I want to let them know that I'm grateful to have met them all
Whether they taught me things or simply opened up my mind
I know now that there is so much more to come
I just know what there is to come
Watching the lights, engulf the sky
When the universe is in flames, we need to realize who we really are
I'm losing it day by day
Is it worth it anymore?
Oh, losing life second by minute
Am I gonna live or die?
If the choices I made make up who I am
Then I'm fine with this 'cause it's who I am
When there's light inside, when there's light inside
I will never let go of my world of what is mine
Just like a planet exploding
The universe is coming together
We are forever falling
Just like the meteors are flying, burning
:iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 1 0
Some Evil Duo by Awesomenope Some Evil Duo :iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 15 8 Sine OC Reference Sheet by Awesomenope Sine OC Reference Sheet :iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 7 3 Out For Lunch by Awesomenope Out For Lunch :iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 7 2
You played the game a thousand times
Obsessed with the thought of correctness
You train your animal within
You're just an...illusion
Running towards the edge of a nonexistent heaven
Time to disassociate from the disease now
Open your eyes and find a way into the darkness
Lay asleep happy like you always do
See the destruction that you've made
You were never a paradise
The faker voice within this crowd
You turn to each other without your own brain at the wheel
Willingly giving into the brain of a selfish clown
Re-tying the loops in my stomach, his convictions made him believe
In a lie, so obvious but too oblivious
You're just an...illusion
Running with the rest of the crowd to fit in with the kids
Time to disassociate from the evil now
Open my eyes and find a way out of this dystopia
Sit back in your chair in your failed accomplishment
See the damage that you've caused and pat yourself on the back
You were never a paradise
The faker voice within this crowd
You turn to each other without
:iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 6 3
Dancing In The Midnight City by Awesomenope Dancing In The Midnight City :iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 10 4
Tell me what I see
Tell me if there is anything worth fighting for
Rip the sadness from off my face
I may never be whole again
But I'll grow my wings and fly again
Past the city where the people watch
Let the sun catch me in it's warming rays
And please drop me down to the snow below
'Cause this is not an average sweet sixteen birthday
But I'll still get by without being whole
I'm washed up in a blinding snow
In the mind that I have seen
Rip the sadness from off my face
I may never be whole again
'Cause this is not an average sweet sixteen birthday
But I'll still get by without being whole
:iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 6 1
A Few Words
Told that they love me
The chance of a lifetime
Then ripped away fast
:iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 6 0
I look up at this night time sky
And I can't help but ask
"Was there ever a Heaven or was it just a lie?"
'Cause it's just a hard question to answer
With no evidence but nothing to disprove
It's not a question we can answer
I saw the earth split itself in two that night
And with my eyes I saw the brightest whitest light I've ever seen
This must be the rapture that I've seen
This is Heaven taken the better souls away from here
If the time comes I sure hope it takes you two
Away from this hell that no one deserves
If those stairs exist
I hope you walk up them bravely
'Cause I know It won't be those gates I see
It probably won't be Hell I go into either
I may not believe the clouds
But I still pray you see the light
Spread your wings like a butterfly
Fly beyond the stars
Beyond the fireflies
Beyond the densest clouds
The clouds that will close the rapture
I wish to see the northern lights
Some of the only beauty I see left in this world
I'll never see the same paradise as you
'Cause what
:iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 6 1
Born The Villain by Awesomenope Born The Villain :iconawesomenope:Awesomenope 5 0


Basic SFM Splatoon Inkling Scenes
I'll do any basic scene involving Splatoon Inklings, Inksonas, etc. Just hit me up for what you want then pay the points for the commission. I currently have no examples, but I will think of some.


Awesomenope has started a donation pool!
23 / 100,000
Points please!

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    Donated Mar 31, 2018, 7:42:33 PM
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Hello! I'm an average guy in his teens who usually does a lot on deviantART. I am mostly known for my previous works of Source Filmmaker and FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy's). I have since then moved onto literature (specifically poetry) and back into Source Filmmaker doing Splatoon, Life Is Strange and Team Fortress 2 stuff. I write about relationships, depression, life and other topics and issues in my poems. If that type of stuff interests you, then check out my content! If you have any comments or concerns then questions may be asked and i'll be on top of them as soon as possible.

Welp, that's all the info for now! There are fan buttons and stamps all over the place so look around! :D

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Ok, I switched the commissions to be basic scenes involving Splatoon Inklings, Inksonas, etc.
Doing Inkling profile picture commissions! Starting at 50 points!
Does anyone know about the band Zeal & Ardor? I just found out about it last night and honestly, I love their music. It's so weird, but it works so well. They mix blues music with black metal and honestly it's just odd but it works so well!
I'm so happy I saw Ghost at concert last night.
I'll probably be making a Splatoon OC eventually. I've been empty of ideas so maybe if I have an OC I can get more.
Villains are better at doing a hero's job than a hero is at doing a villain's jobs.
When your birthday is super close and you don't wanna wait anymore.
I was planning on doing a SFM image today but then some shit happened. I promise one tomorrow and if it doesn't happen, then fuck. Probably gonna be something to do with Calie and Marie or Pearl and Marina. I'm not sure yet.
I just found out I can convert money to points...I had 10 cents left from a failed commission awhile ago when I didn't know how it worked because the person paid with debit and I don't have a card or anything. So, MAYBE I'll do commissions of something eventually...
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I switched the commissions to being basic scenes that involve Splatoon Inklings, Inksonas, etc. Hit me up!

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