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Shy!Submissive!Male!Reader x Erza - You're Petty 5
(A/N) I stated in my last story I wanted to go into the Fairy-Tail canon, and in case you haven't seen that, I'll explain it here for you. Basically, I want to transition into the Fairy-Tail canon since that's easier on me, as all I'd have to do is follow the canon, while of course adding my own stuff here and there, and I wouldn't be short on ideas, because like I said before, all I have to do is follow the canon. But to do that, I would either have to completely reboot the series from the beginning of Fairy-Tail, come up with a different story for how Reader met Hato, and build up the Reader's character. OR, I could just throw in the arc I would start off at in the story, which would be the Tenrou Island arc, and go from there. HOWEVER, I'm sure you all remember that fight Reader & Natsu had, right? They both went into their Dragon Force Forms. That doesn't really match up with the canon, does it? But anyway, I need you guys' help coming up with what to do. Now t
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An OC Interview!: Valentina
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Shy!Submissive!Male!Reader x Tifa - Breakfast

That's the sound I woke up to this morning. Slowly, my eyes began to open, and I let out a groan of annoyance as I reached over to my side in an attempt to shut that damn alarm clock up. Sadly, Tifa had decided to invest in one of those, hoping it would help wake me up earlier in the morning. Sadly, it has.

I swatted my arm at the nightstand multiple times, growing more and more annoyed at that constant beeping. Eventually, I hit the clock, possibly a little too hard, because once I did, it made a sound that sounded like it was busted up.
"Welp, at least I'll get more sleep, hopefully.." I thought aloud.
Drowsily, I through my legs off the side of the bed and came to a sitting position, stretched with a yawn, and headed towards the bathroom...

I headed down the steps from our room, dressed only in a white t-shirt, boxer
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Yukana x Male!Reader - Don't Wanna Fall in Love
MOTIVATION(and inspiration for this story xD): 

I was sat a a booth in a local restaurant, sipping hot cocoa on this cold, February day. I looked out the semi-frozen window, reminiscing....
I walked into the lunchroom, and gazed over the large room, searching for my girlfriend. After a while, I spotted her long, raven-colored a few tables away. I smiled as I began to walk over.
Once I reached the table, she looked up at me and briefly smiled, before looking at her phone. I sat down, in front of her, annoyed and concerned by her actions as of recently. Last night she had completely avoided me and wouldn't text me back. And it wasn't the first time she had done that, either.
"Hey, Yui." I said, attempting to get her attention.
No reply.
"What do you want?!"
Yui yelled at me, obviously irritated by me.
How the hell is she annoyed at me? She ignored me!
"Where were you yesterday?! And how come you nev
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Valentina Smoking (By DariaRussiaSmile12) by Awesomeness5000 Valentina Smoking (By DariaRussiaSmile12) :iconawesomeness5000:Awesomeness5000 4 0 Valentina Headshot (By ViviannaArts) by Awesomeness5000 Valentina Headshot (By ViviannaArts) :iconawesomeness5000:Awesomeness5000 4 0
Younger!Brother!Android!Reader x Androids-Reunited
(A/N: I don't remember the exact dialogue from DBZ, and I'm not gonna sit through it and figure it out, so hopefully it's roughly accurate. ALSO, big announcement at the end of the story)(Also, according to an interview with Toriyama himself, 17 & 18's names are Lapis & Lazuli, 17 being Lapis, & 18 being Lazuli.
Current Motivation: 
Dr. Gero arrived at his secret mountain lab, successfully escaping certain demise. He walked around frantically, attempting to come up with some type of solution to the problem at hand.
"Dammit! Who the hell was that new guy?! And his power level! He completely obliterated 19!" Gero yelled.
Things were not looking good for him, all he was left with were Androids 17 & 18, who could be unstable, and he didn't want to think about the other two. But if he didn't do something, eventually he'd be found and would come to a very upsetting end. The doctor let out a sigh, before coming to a decision. He sear
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Another Yung Prince Hypebeast by Awesomeness5000 Another Yung Prince Hypebeast :iconawesomeness5000:Awesomeness5000 1 0 Valentina (Commission) by Awesomeness5000 Valentina (Commission) :iconawesomeness5000:Awesomeness5000 8 4 Yung Prince Hypebeast (Commission) by Awesomeness5000 Yung Prince Hypebeast (Commission) :iconawesomeness5000:Awesomeness5000 3 36 Rei Hanazawa (My female Naruto OC) by Awesomeness5000 Rei Hanazawa (My female Naruto OC) :iconawesomeness5000:Awesomeness5000 0 1 Stranger Things by Awesomeness5000 Stranger Things :iconawesomeness5000:Awesomeness5000 11 3 Reference for Commission by Awesomeness5000 Reference for Commission :iconawesomeness5000:Awesomeness5000 2 0
X Reader Around The World(s) P6
Here's my part guys! Yay! Honestly, though, I don't know a damn thing about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OR Kill La Kill, so sorry if this is a little short. I tried doing some research, and I honestly got uber-confused. Oh well.
 Next up is :iconLaughinga9nda:!
You've got this!
"So what the hell was that??? First blood spews out that guys head, then it gets all smooshed up, before it just flies off his damn body!" I stated.
Everyone was packed in the van like a can of sardines, minus Jotaro's grandfather, who completely disappeared after that fight,
Jotaro and Ryuichi both let out a sigh, before one of them spoke up.
"We're Stand Users, and what you just saw was us using our Stands to battle." Jotaro explained.
"Well what the hell is a stand? Is it like a nightstand? And why can't we see the damn thing?" Ness piped up.
"Stands are, well, our fighting spirit, to put it simply. They're not invisible nightstands." Ryuichi replied
"You still haven't answere
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It sees all by Awesomeness5000 It sees all :iconawesomeness5000:Awesomeness5000 8 3 MLK by Awesomeness5000 MLK :iconawesomeness5000:Awesomeness5000 4 3


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Spiggity Spaggity I finally dropped part 5 of Erza's fic, and because I didn't want to crowd everything I'm making it 1 more part that I'll hopefully drop much sooner than this part.
(A/N) I stated in my last story I wanted to go into the Fairy-Tail canon, and in case you haven't seen that, I'll explain it here for you. Basically, I want to transition into the Fairy-Tail canon since that's easier on me, as all I'd have to do is follow the canon, while of course adding my own stuff here and there, and I wouldn't be short on ideas, because like I said before, all I have to do is follow the canon. But to do that, I would either have to completely reboot the series from the beginning of Fairy-Tail, come up with a different story for how Reader met Hato, and build up the Reader's character. OR, I could just throw in the arc I would start off at in the story, which would be the Tenrou Island arc, and go from there. HOWEVER, I'm sure you all remember that fight Reader & Natsu had, right? They both went into their Dragon Force Forms. That doesn't really match up with the canon, does it? But anyway, I need you guys' help coming up with what to do. Now that that's out of the way.....
EDIT: I've figured out that I'm rebooting it lol. And I'm making this one part longer because I've put this part off for way too long and I don't think it's all that great.

Current Motivation: 


(Also, I'm gonna try and add japanese suffixes, but they're honestly just for this opening part.)


A group of birds chirped as the sun slowly but surely rose higher and higher. It was early in the morning, and currently, the only people who were awake were Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Happy, and Hato, who all stood in front of (y/n) and Erza's tent, confused on how to handle their current situation. Before them, (y/n) lay atop Erza, who was wearing her Nurse Armor, his face in her breasts and his arms spread-eagle, dressed only in his underwear. Erza had her hands atop (y/n)'s head, pushing his face further into her breasts. Her legs were wrapped around his lower body, trapping him in her hold.

"Well.....they sure eventful night." Lucy deadpanned.
"I thought I heard someone calling 'Erza-sama! Erza-sama!'" Gray added in a neutral tone.
"I-I-I think I'll be s-scarred for life..." Hato muttered, a look of horror on her face.
Natsu and Happy were on the brink of bursting with laughter.
"They make up fast, huh?" Lucy said.

As the five of them stood there, all reacting differently, Erza began to come to. She blinked her eyes a few times before looking down at her precious (y/n) all snuggled up into her. She was about to kiss the top of his head, when her reflexes kicked in and she sensed everyone's presence. She looked up and met all of their stares, then sent back possibly the world's evilest stare.

"5." Erza began. They all looked at her, frozen to the spot, terrified by her glare.
"4." Happy was the first to realize she was counting down and broke out of his trance to save himself.
"3." Lucy and Hato both sprinted for the closest cover, preparing themselves for the coming eruption.
"2." Gray finally caught on and ran for his life. Only Natsu remained. Brave little guy.
"1!" Natsu was still rooted to the spot.

Erza's grip on (y/n) began to tighten, and as it got tighter she prepared to get up so she could murder Natsu. But, because of her movements, (y/n) began to awaken. He let out a groan, which seemed to trigger something in Natsu, allowing him to run away....


I let out a low groan as I felt like I was being constricted against something soft. I lay still for a few more moments, until I heard a whisper.

"I'll make sure he gets what's coming to him...." The voice said.

I couldn't really make out who the voice belonged to, since the softness surrounding me covered my ears, muffling most sound. I should probably get up to see what's happening.

I adjust my arms into a better position to push myself up, and then proceed to do so. My hands push down into more of the softness, and it's hard to get a firm grip so that I can push myself up.

So I squeeze slightly harder, and finally manage to push myself up. I'm met with the face of Erza, who's wearing a slight smirk on her face.

"My my, someone's feeling a little more daring than usual.~" She speaks in a sultry tone.

I open my mouth to ask her what she means, until something hits me...

I look down, and I see that my hands are planted firmly on Erza's breasts. My fave matches the color of her hair withing seconds, and I quickly let go and fall off of her, thoroughly embarrassed by my actions.

"I-I-I-I-I'm sosososososo sorry! It-It was an accident I swear!" I spoke at top speed.

She let out a small chuckle, before sitting up and speaking again.

"Well it certainly wasn't an accident last night, was it?"

For a moment, I had no idea what she was talking about, and it must have shown on my face, because the next thing she said was,

"Well, did someone enjoy themselves so much that their memory was lost in the night~?"



"Oh dear, it seems I've hurt you (y/n)."

Erza leaned down, teasing me by pushing her breasts against my chest, and under my chin. Then she leaned her head forward and whispered into my ear,

"Don't worry. I'm going to make you feel allllllll better." In a seductive voice.


"I didn't know you held me in such high regards, (y/n)~."

I looked away from her, more embarrassed than before. If she felt something that good, she'd respect the source of that pleasure just as much....

Erza's hand reached out and cupped my chin, then turned my head to face her. She leaned in and gave me a brief kiss on the lips, then slowly pulled away.

"I'm only teasing, my love." She smiled, straightening her hair with her free hand.
"Now, let's get prepared for the day."


I traveled hand-in-hand with Erza, my bag slung over my back. Behind us, Lucy and Natsu were having some type of conversation, and Happy was messing with Gray while Hato watched him in silence.

During our travels, I decided to ask Erza for a recap on this monster we were supposed to kill, and it seems we've really got our work cut out for us.

We're supposed to be fighting a giant demon that spits fire and knows a bunch of dark magic, basically. But of course, it's also super-duper strong and can resist practically anything thrown at it.

Fighting this thing is going to suck.

But, at least Erza and I are cool. I think....I never really asked her. Guess I should just ask to be sure. I lay my head on her armored shoulder before looking up to her and asking,

"H-Hey Erza?"
"Hm? What's wrong (y/n)?" She asked, a curious look in her eyes.
"So, are we....ya know, g-good?" I asked.

Erza looked into my eyes for a few moments, seemingly perplexed by my question. Was it a dumb thing to ask?

"I don't know (y/n), that's up to you. You were the one who was upset in the first place." She responded matter-of-factly.

Right....dumb question.

"Or~" Erza spoke softly, suddenly shifting to a more sultry tone.

She leaned down slightly and took a small nip at the tip of my ear.

"We could just have a repeat of last night, and let that decide~" Erza whispered.

I had no idea I could blush as fast as I did after she said that. I looked away in embarrassment, and Erza let loose a hearty laugh before pulling me closer and planting a kiss on my head.

We're definitely good.....


We've been walking for a few hours now, we should be about 10 minutes out from the village that requested our services. I was munching on one of the rocks in my bag, when all of a sudden, the ground started to rumble.

"What the heck is that rumbling?" Gray asked aloud.
"I wish I knew! A-Actually, m-maybe I can find out!" I replied.

I finished my snack, then crouched down, before planting my hand firmly on the ground. Everyone's eyes were trained on me as I focused, trying to sense what the disturbance was.




"Oh my god! That's what we're up against, Erza!?" I asked, shocked at the image that was in my head.
"Dammit! If you can see the demon, we must be too late! We have to hurry!." She ordered as she pulled me to my feet.
"Wait! What did you see, (y/n)?" Lucy questioned, a worried expression on her face

I closed my eyes for a moment, which was all I needed to recall what's ahead of us.

"It was a giant, four-armed demon. It had two horns coming out of its head, large, bat-like wings, and it wore a loincloth with a skull on it.'s completely destroyed the town. I-I-I don't think...."

(A/N) : Basically Chaos from Dissidia

I couldn't bring myself to finish the sentence. I didn't sense any human lives except our own within a 5 kilometer radius. To must have.....killed them all...

I felt Erza place her hand on my shoulder, attempting to reassure me. I looked over at Natsu and Gray, who both were angered at the thought of all those people gone. Happy and Hato had tears in their eyes.

"We can't hold back on this thing for a moment! If we go for an all-out attack, I'm sure we'll take that thing down!" Natsu yelled.
"For once, I agree with hot-head." Gray added.
"It's all we've got if that thing is as tough as Erza says!" Lucy chirps in.
"Let's do this!" Happy shouted.

I locked eyes with Erza, silently confirming that we were going through with this plan.

"Alright! This demon is extremely resistant to all of our magic techniques! But, that just means we'll have to hit the damned thing harder! And we FairyTail wizards are quite good at that, aren't we?!" Erza announced.

"Yeah!" We all shouted, a strong feeling of empowerment and inspiration blossoming within all of us.
"Then let's go!"

And at that, we all ran towards the coming destruction. Slowly, rising smoke became visible, and the sky had turned to a fiery orange instead of it's usual blue....
Shy!Submissive!Male!Reader x Erza - You're Petty 5
Sorry for putting this off for so long. I worked on this at different points in the year, so I apologize if it seems all over the place. Enjoy!
Before I start, just wanna say I got this idea from Strangerataru Anyway , let's begin.

Choose one of your OCs
Valentina: Guess I'm up for it.
Answers must be written from the perspective of the OC
Valentina: Whatever.
OC cannot lie
Valentina: I'm a detective, do you really think I'd lie?
Tag as many people you want
Valentina: Yes, force this interview onto other people who may or may not care.

Call your journal "An OC Interview!: (Insert OC name)
Valentina: Because people definitely shouldn't be allowed to be creative...

Have fun!
Valentina: If possible.

Valentina (Commission) by Awesomeness5000

Valentina Smoking (By DariaRussiaSmile12) by Awesomeness5000

Good evening, Ms....?
Valentina: Just call me Valentina, Val for short.

Right, Val. Got it. Nice to meet you Val.
Valentina: Same here. Can we get to the questions please? The commissioner'll rip me a new one if he knew I was slacking off with an interview  *Blows smoke from cigar*
O-Of course! Sorry! First question: How old are you?
Valentina: Don't you know not to ask for a woman's age?
O-Oh! Sorry again! How about-
Valentina: *Slight chuckle* Relax, I'm only messing with you. I'm 33
Right. Would you consider yourself good or evil? Like, hero or villain?
Valentina: *Takes a long smoke of her cigar* There is no good or evil. It's all subjective. No matter who you are, you're going to believe you're the good guy doing the good thing. Then there will always be others who disagree with you, they'll call you the bad guy. That's how it's always been.
Ok....but that doesn't really answer my question, Ms. Valentina.
Valentina: *Big sigh* That's because there isn't any real answer to that question. The best I can give you is that I do what I feel is good, you can decide whether I'm good or bad based off of my actions. *Takes another smoke from her cigar* And it's just Valentina, or Val.
Got it. That's...deep. Next question: Can we get some kind of origin story for you?
Valentina: What am I, a super-hero? *Small sigh* I grew up poor, my father was a drunk and my mother was a druggy. When Mom wasn't high, she'd teach me things a woman should know how to do in this world, how to read, write, cook, do laundry, and how a person of color should behave. When my father wasn't drunk, he'd teach me how to fight, work out, basic father-son stuff. He treated me like I was the son he never had, and it made me feel amazing. I had a special connection with my parents when they were sober...
....And what about when they weren't?
Valentina: *Takes a long smoke of her cigar*.....
Ok, what is your greatest strength?
Valentina: My charm~ I can get into anyone's head~
A-And your weakness?
Valentina: *Laughs* If I told you, I'd have to kill you. I'm not giving out my weakness to just anyone, you'll have to find it.
Right. Umm, What kind of world do you live in? Serious? Comical? Horror? Noir?
Valentina: Noir.
This is a big question: What's the biggest tragedy in your life?
Valentina: *Takes one last puff of her cigar before throwing it behind her* The biggest tragedy? I don't know, my parent's death? They kinda just...died of old age.
I'm very sorry to hear that. It must have been-
Valentina: Don't be, we'll all be gone one day. question: Where'd you get your outfit?
Valentina: Why you asking?~ You like it? it what's wearing it?~
Wh-What? N-No! I-I mean yes! Wait-
Valentina: *Laughs* Calm down, I'm only joking. I don't remember where I got it, I just bought this stuff. The red band was my father's. He always wore it, wherever he went. Once he passed, it was given to me.
That's very sweet. You got any siblings?
Valentina: Nope, I always wanted a little brother though.
How come?
Valentina: I've always liked the thought of having someone younger than you look up to you and be inspired by you. I'd be able to pass off my wisdom and possessions to him.
How noble. Why not have a kid?
Valentina: Absolutely not.
Understood. What's your worst fear?
Valentina: .....women with wigs
Really? Women with wigs?
Valentina: Shut up! It's just unnatural. You're probably scared of something like spiders.
Wh-What? Am not!
Valentina: *Smirks* Hmph, then why'd you get so defensive?~
I-I did not get defensive! I-I'm interviewing you, not vice-versa.
Valentina: My sincerest apologies.
Hmph. Do you prefer a partner/team, or are you better off alone?
Valentina: I work alone. But....*sighs* don't tell the new hotshot this, but we've got a nice partnership going.
Worst enemy?
Valentina: Myself. That goes for everyone. I can be your worse nightmare. And we all have inner battles with ourselves.
Very thought out. Who's your best friend?
Valentina: Don't tell him, but that hotshot is pretty close to being more of a friend to me than my coffee.
Scout's honor. Any love interests?
Valentina: You've been asking some strange questions. First my clothes, now my love life? If I didn't know any better, I'd you're slowly trying to seduce me~
N-Next question! If you met your creator, what would you do?
Valentina: I don't know, thank them for creating me? That's weird.
What's your lifelong dream?
Valentina: .....I want to find peace. For myself, and maybe some other people.
That's very....interesting. And if that dream came true, what would you do?
Valentina: I don't know, just exist in peace, I guess.
Do you have any regrets?
Valentina: .....There are lives I wish I could have saved. People I wish I could comfort as they mourn over their lost loved ones. But this world requires me to be who strong, tough, the person I you see today.
....Wow. Um, in an attempt to end this on a somewhat more positive note, what's the weirdest thing you've ever seen?
Valentina: The weirdest thing? I saw a UFO once.
Valentina: A UFO. Honest.
What'd look like?
Valentina: It was circular, it had flashing lights around it, and a big glass dome on the top.
Huh. Well, that concludes this interview. Thanks for your time, Val.
Valentina: Thanks for having me, now I've got to go do my job, see ya around maybe.

And that concludes our interview with Valentina!
I'll tag:
IgnobleFiend TheNessY21 Bobaccountemps1 FanFicAdan Laughinga9nda popdood dragonslayerman6 & anyone else who was apart of the Reader Around The World(s), & Gold vs. Silver series'. Also anyone who watches me that wants to do this.


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