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What makes a character design unique GODZILLA [ico by Awesomeness360 What makes a character design unique and stand out from the norm? What is it about the design that will always maintain resemblance and recognizability? It is not cosmetics nor small details; they’re just little things that don’t matter in the long run. It’s by the ability to instantly recognize them by the shape of their silhouettes. No matter how many times you’ve changed the character’s cosmetics in so many iterations, they will always maintain the same iconic, recognizable shape. You can always tell a certain character looks very unique when its design separates it from the rest of the traditional and makes it stand out more.

Here is what makes GODZILLA specifically unique in design. 

Real life-and-Fiction-difference Godzilla by Awesomeness360 First of all how GODZILLA’s unmistakable shape separates him from his real life counterpart…

stand-out-from-others Godzilla by Awesomeness360 
And how GODZILLA’s design makes him stand out him from the rest.

Basic Godzilla design elements by Awesomeness360 These are the basic elements of what makes Godzilla’s design unique / iconic / recognizable. These basic elements describes Godzilla in general.

Different cosmetics-Same shape by Awesomeness360
Remember, however Godzilla appears in his movies is all pure cosmetics, whether he’d be a dinosaur, mutant or a giant wooden tree (AnimeGoji), it’s all cosmetics. As long as they all share the same resemblance in a silhouette, Godzilla’s character design will always be iconic.

Silhouette Godzilla by Awesomeness360 That is what makes GODZILLA’s design unique, iconic, recognizable and separates him from the rest.

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Why did you only use 1950's dinosaurs when making godzilla stand-out? Shouldn't a more post-90's "aka Jurassic Park/World style" dinosaur be better suited for the dinosaur silhouette? I mean dinosaurs don't drag their tails on the ground and have more clear defined looking heads. I can tell that "dinosaur" silhouette is a 1950's allosaurus, because i used to own that toy back in the 90's. But modern reconstructions of Allosauruses don't even look like that, their tails are off the ground, their spines are horizontal, and they have a small tiny horn-like crests above their eyes.