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Hey guys
lifes been p hectic lately. For a solid 2 weeks I was having panic attacks everyday while driving. Even now I still get tense.
its spring break tho so I'll do the commissions I was given this week
An old friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver

Im opening commissions to help pay for the funeral 

heres my commissions prices: awesomeblossompossum.deviantar…

heres the gofundme:…

Spreading the word helps too

i dont know how quick I'll be to complete these, as I also have school
It said anonymous so whoever you are, thanks so much! :hug:
Sorry for the inactivity guys, I've been p low energy lately. Just know commissions are being worked on, and thanks for all the birthday wishes <333
So I’m trying to do lineart and for some reason the edit function on the line layer won’t work, which is weird bc I just did lineart earlier n it was fine. 
I tried resetting my laptop but nope, and it’s not the tablet bc it don’t work with mouse pad either
. This is a big problem if I want to finish my commissions.

What the fuck sai
or know anyone taking any right now?
either points or money, id really love one C:
should i make steven universe adopts? MLP adopts? Anyone interested?
im so sorry i was gone for so long! I just up and disappeared from here :[

i should be more active now tho <333

Also big thank you to all the birthday wishes i got!! :heart:
Check out this raffle by :icondaniiux:!

<da:thumb id="613227195"/>…

add me! 8D
My laptop has malware (I'm on my cell rn)
Just letting my commissioners know 3:

EDIT: fixed now c:
<da:thumb id="595126391"/>

Im thinking of doing this contest, feel free to check it out too my peeps :]
if i did sonic adoptables for cash and points would anyone be interested? :0


ADOPTS (CLOSED) by AwesomeBlossomPossum

Comment there pls

Ill do custom adopts too when i open my commissions again (ill take points on them too!)
are any of yall taking point commissions? i have lots of points that i dont know what to do with xD
I have another store yall

:heart: :heart:

Please check it out and share it around <3333 It has more stuff available than on my teepublic :la:
Okay dawgs im finally gonna take money commissions. POINTS ONLY GET YOU ADOPTABLES.

What I wont do:
explicit nsfw (sexy is fine)
no more than two characters
no detailed backgrounds

What I'm best at:
fanart in general
Steven Universe


Flat colors: 6$

monkey and hedge by AwesomeBlossomPossum

Shading: 15$
Daisy by AwesomeBlossomPossumCOMM - Elaine by AwesomeBlossomPossumCOMM - Ava by AwesomeBlossomPossumCinnamon N Orbit by AwesomeBlossomPossumGaybesties by AwesomeBlossomPossum

Soft shading: 25$

CONTEST - Kira by AwesomeBlossomPossumalone at sea by AwesomeBlossomPossumCOMM - Hope by AwesomeBlossomPossumLappy by AwesomeBlossomPossum

Painted: 50$ - THIS WILL TAKE ME A WHILE so be sure you want it.

insert stronger than you lyrics here by AwesomeBlossomPossumCeleste Contest - Tikal by AwesomeBlossomPossumAmafist by AwesomeBlossomPossumGernat by AwesomeBlossomPossum

Adoptables (custom or auctions): 5$ OR 500 points for customs, for auctions that is the starting bid 

~Body build
~Color scheme
~Any specifics I should know

ADOPTS (CLOSED) by AwesomeBlossomPossum

Additional character: 5$ more
Background (KEEP IT SIMPLE): $5 more


:heart: :heart:</b>

Hey hey hey, please consider checking out my Teepublic store! There’s a sale right now too.

I’ll add more when i get the chance. It’s not just t-shirts, there’s sweaters and tank-tops and cell cases too! Teepublic shirts are great, I own some myself (just be gentle washing them!)

If you can spread this around I'd love you 5ever :heart:

submit everything ive done but didnt submit here all today :'D

also if u had a request i never did that u still want can you remind me? bc paint tool sai freaked out a while ago and now most of my sai files are blank white previews, and i name most of my file like this: djhfksdjhfs so i cant find anything :'D plus ive improved so thats a plus
by Ghostly-Host

1. Do you prefer anime or American cartoons? american at the moment

2. Out of all your fandoms, which do you think you would fit into best? the homestuck and steven universe fandoms

3. Who's your favorite actor/actress? i dont really care for celebrities :P

4. Are you sporty or non-athletic? non athlete totally

5. Do you have any obsessions? Steven Universe completelyyyy

6. Favorite musical group? panic at the disco

7. What genre of book/comic/anime/movie do you think your life would be? slice of life lol 

8. Favorite season? fall, not too hot or cold + no allergies

9. Dogs or cats? both but i looooove cats

10. Do you like reader insert fanfictions? no

Please vote for Princess Daisy to be in Smash Bros. 4. I'll love you forever <333