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redemption au
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Published: June 25, 2015
this is also kinda old now :'D

i firmly believe that these 3 will switch sides. i also think that, if they were to change their appearance and take the star symbol, they would specifically make it look like steven's star, to show their bond to steven, not rose. funny that all the homeworld gems weve seen have yellow in their design (fun fact, lapis lazuli can have yellow bits in real life!)
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And now with the Reunited Special, we may finally get to see Lapis and Peri with Stars!!!!
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Devil-Mech-IronsHobbyist Traditional Artist
did the other ones get shattered?
 Are they with Steven?
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2018...Still waiting on my Jasper and Bismuth redemption arc, and for Peri and Lapis to get their stars....I'll keep waiting, for as long as it takes.
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NexTyphoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Any day now...Jasper will return.
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BoombasticJaymHobbyist General Artist
Well we've already got Lapis and Peridot redeemed. Now we just have to wait on Jasper.
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BoombasticJaymHobbyist General Artist
It's understandable that some people think Jasper is irredeemable, but we don't know for sure if her redemption is likely going to happen or not and the only way to find out is to wait and see what occurs.

Until then, only time will tell.
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AmyTheOneHobbyist Digital Artist
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Closer and closer! Though I don't know what could get Jasper to switch sides. 

Great designs for all of them.
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Might not be an au for much longer!
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May not be au much longer!
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EvelynLisianProfessional Digital Artist
I love it, the color is beautiful
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Cool idea, but I'm not too sure about Jasper. My headcannon is that she'll team up with the gems to fight against (most likely) Yellow Diamond, but she'll still be some sort of antagonist, like King DeDeDe or Bowser. Still really good though!
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One down people. One down. Can we go for two?!
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sweetnsourtune25Hobbyist Digital Artist
peridot have switched side ;3
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This is getting more canon everyday!
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sweetnsourtune25Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ChopSakiSenseiHobbyist Digital Artist
I find this really adorable for some reason. :o
I also like it how you drew Jasper. ;3
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YagiMatsuHobbyist Digital Artist
This is an awesome idea!
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JollyGreen1996Hobbyist General Artist
love their new costumes
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I could see Peridot and Lapis at the very least agreeing to not assist Homeworld, but I personally don't think Jasper will switch sides. That said, I don't really want Jasper to be shattered either. I did find one fanfic I saw that I think handled not redeemed and not shattered Jasper pretty well. Granted, that's not it's main focus, it's a Lapidot AU fiction branching from canon during "Jailbreak", but it's still good otherwise.…
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