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sorry for taking so long, thank you so much for including me!!! :hug:sss
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:iconrbyw: My pleasure always my dear friend. :hug: sssssssssss
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Thank you so much for thinking of me my sweet friend and such a lovely feature! I'm sorry it has taken so long. We are pretty sick with a nasty virus over here. I hope you forgive me. So much love you you and your whole family. :heart:
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First of all I hope each day you will feel better and your family as well. Never worry about a time frame with me. I have none. I love and appreciate all comments etc... but when I do arts or journal it is without expectations of anything in return. When I do get a reply such as yours it is always a lovely surprise and so very much appreciated if and when the time permits. :hug::heart:
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Thank you for the mention, honey :heart:
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:iconrbyw: Always my pleasure dear Phillippe :heart:
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I am glad you like the feature, dear Denyse!  :huggle:

How is doing Raz?  It is quite stressing!
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My :heart: grandson is struggling as always in and out of the hospital, but he has improved to the point that he is able to do art again. :) Not as much as he would like but still better than before. Thank you for asking dear Gloom and for your continued prayers for him. :pray: Thank you also for your kind comment I really appreciate that you in included me in your lovely feature. ::iconhug1plz:
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Asia and Eric by Sisterslaughter165 Many thanks for the feature, dear Denyse! :iconnicedayplz:
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:iconrbyw: Always my pleasure my :heart: Sweetie. I love when you have time to visit with us here on DA. I know you have been very busy these past few months. Have a nice day as well. :hug::heart:
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Queen Asia and King Eric by Sisterslaughter165:iconhrtplz: We try to be there, from time to time... :heart:
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Thank you so much for featuring my pictures Denyse. 
I do enjoy doing vintage ones, thanks to your encouragement!

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:iconrbyw: It is always my pleasure to feature your beautiful dedications dear Shirley. I really do love the vintage feel of your work as I know you have tried to include more of those lately.  They are much appreciated, and it is my pleasure as well to encourage you along the way. :iconredroseplz::hug:
Shirley-Agnew-Art's avatar
Thank you again Denyse, as you know all
your support and encouragement is very
much appreciated!

 :iconredroseplz:Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Huggy heart) [V6] :iconredroseplz:
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Thank you so much Denyse. I also need to thank you on behalf of the amazing admins at :iconlove-new-artists:
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:iconrbyw: It is always my pleasure to show my appreciation to everyone who is so kind to me in any way I can. :hug:
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:iconrbyw: Always my pleasure to feature your artwork and show my appreciation for you my dear friend. Thank you so very much for your kind words as well :iconhug1plz:
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:aww:  Your kindness is always something I look forward to with such joy, dear Denyse... I am so touched and honored by your thoughtful mention in this beautiful journal. Many thanks to you, my dearest friend - and yes, I will be sure to send you a link in the case of future mentions and tributes. Take care, and I wish you a very happy weekend ~ :huggle: :heart: :peace:
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