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Micro Majora's Termina- Complete

This is the sum total of an imposing project I've been wanting to do for a while. Definitely different than most of my work, which tends to be character figures. The concept was to create the world of Majora's Mask in five interlocking pieces, with as much detail as possible, on a very small scale. Notable landmarks are stylistically enlarged to mark their importance.

When all five pieces (central Termina, southern swamp, northern mountains, western ocean, eastern canyon) are brought together, they form this. The pieces each have wire pegs and holes to help them interlock, and the entrance to each region matches up with the appropriate path coming from the center, as shown. The river from Ikana also flows into the waterfall in the swamp. The combined structure is 12 inches from east to west, 12 inches from north to south, and 7 inches to the top of the moon. Quarter shown for scale.

See my gallery for separate photos and descriptions of each component.

Created entirely with Sculpey brand polymer clay (no paint), with minimal wire armatures and foil cores for structure, cotton balls for smoke effect, and glue-on grass from Warhammer 40k. Grainy effect on moon and mountains courtesy of Sculpey's "Granite" color.
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Dang it. I'm making Moon over Clock Town, bu I see, you were faster :(
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Now we wait for the angry sun to fall in the mario games.
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Brilliant work! I love how despite the stylisation, the area layouts are really accurate and recognizable! 
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Thanks! That was totally the goal :)
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Majora's Moon, now 100% more terrifying 
Emerald-Moonabeams's avatar
OMG!!! Adorable tiny termina! I love this soooo much!!!
iAmirrora's avatar
These are AMAZING.
I adore this sooo much!
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Thats amazing! How many hours to have all finished? Waw it looks super!
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Maybe 10-15 for each segment, so...somewhere between 50 and 75 total haha
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Come on! GOD! :O You are amazing!
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Shocked and enamored :iconholyshitplz:
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Amazing work! You have a great eye for details.
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Excelent work!!! I love the details and characters of each place.
Kuina-Spirit's avatar
Wow, incredible work on a so small scale! Nice!
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