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La Mulana's Kosugi Lemeza

Yet another for my "Indy Game Heroes" collection (I'll do another group shot after a few more, I think).
This is Kosugi Lemeza from an absolute gem of a game (my third favorite of all time, perhaps), La Mulana (released originally for PC in MSX style, but then re-released as a faux-16-bit remake on Wiiware and Steam. Go play it, and then contribute to the kickstarter for the sequel).
I've been wanting to do Lemeza for a while, but I had a really hard time deciding on the style and design. Then I came upon Jasmine Cote's momolana blog ( and this picture in particular (… ) and I knew I'd found my answer. Just cartoony enough, without being a complete caricature.
Except I would adorn Lemeza with as many items/weapons/accessories as I could possibly load on to him, because that's kind of the joke.
...So that's how this came about!

Included in my version of Lemeza is
-Whip (in right hand)
-Key Sword (all three on back)
-Knife (in left hand)
-Rolling Shuriken
-Chakram (interchangeable, in pouch on belt)
-Caltrops (on floor)
-Pistol (on right hip)
-Bomb (on belt near middle)
-Flare Gun (next to Bomb)
-Earth Spear (on left hip; see inset alternate view)
-Angel Shield (attached to left arm; see alternate view)
-MSX (in left hand)
-Ice Cape (fringe is visible under left arm)
-Isis Pendant
-Crucifix (hanging at chest)
-Hand Scanner (strapped to chest on left side)
-Ring (on right index finger)
-Glove (on left hand)
-Bracelet (on left wrist)
-Grapple Claw (on right hand)
-Gauntlet (on right forearm)
-Spaulder (on right shoulder)
-Hermes' Boots (on feet)
-Fairy Clothes (on torso)

The MSX and knife can also be swapped out for a plate of curry rice w/spoon (see inset image)

Lemeza is 5 inches tall to the tip of his hat.
...And the writing on the tablet says "La Mulana" written in La Mulana text.
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Goodness, so many accessories from La-Mulana equipment. Fantastic work!
Momogirl's avatar
this is amazing
Awasai's avatar
Whoa! I'm glad you found this, considering the pose and style were inspired by one of your drawings. Thanks!
Momogirl's avatar
oh! gosh thats cool and flattering to know! no prob :>
SkyeWelse's avatar
What a fantastic statue! I really like how you captured Lemeza and gave him quite a bit of personality with the expression on his face. Love the idea of showing him carrying most of his equipment gear too! What a fantastic idea!
AlinaJames's avatar
Hehe, you're getting really good at this :D Very nicely polished!
Awasai's avatar
Thank you, Alina <3
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