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Hello and welcome to my page! I am a hobby artist and current college student working towards a doctorate in veterinary medicine. I have a broad range of interests including sciences (biology and chemistry), plants, animals, gaming, probably too many fandoms and, of course, artwork. I create artwork mainly as a hobby although I have also found it to be a useful tool for processing information and learning more about the world.

I always appreciate comments both on my work as well as general conversation! Please feel free to leave a comment or note if you would like to critique/provide feedback on my work or just feel like starting a conversation!


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Well, they do sparkle quite a bit! Hehe, :hug:
The Sound of Trumpets
Thankies for writing such an awesome critique! Hehe, the background isn't actually marker, but watercolor (only 23 colors that laid down and then gone back across to get all the colors of the rainbow). And Seraph's eyes are the prism paper, so I didn't actually color those, just put this thin metallic paper down that catches the light and reflects it in all the different rainbow colors (just like you would see with a prism). It looks so awesome in person and I am glad that the scan sort of caught some of the color and didn't just make its eyes look silver.

I am waiting for one other person to write a critique for this piece, but I think after that I will be making some changes to it and I will be sure to darken the tongue and skin inside Seraph's mouth and add a bit more shading all around. They are a little darker in person, but the scan ate up some of the colors, so I will have to just compensate by making them just a little darker even on the original.

Oh, and Seraph is genderless, I already have male and female sun beasts, so this one needed to complete the trio! Plus Seraph is modeled after an angel. . So angels are genderless, Seraph is genderless, it works <333

Thank you again so much for writing this! I will be sure to take all of your shading feedback into account when I re-work it C:
The Sound of Trumpets
Indeed! Ooh, yes! You should and then we can be ink buddies xDDD
Beast of Twilight
You are always welcome! C:

Omg. About the earring. I do that ALL the time (almost every art trade when I see someone's character that has any kind of earring). It's sad too because I always KNOW I'm going to forget it, and I always do! Arg! I agree though, he looks fine with it left off, so I wouldn't risk adding it now either.

Ooh, and yes! Let me know when you play around with the ink! I personally love the splatter effect it can make and haven't seen many other artists besides yourself mention inks as a medium for something other than inking! You were actually the one who inspired me to use them at first, and then I just got in the habit of mixing them with the watercolor xDD
Beast of Twilight
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Hi Zulaya! So. . . I saw this and was about to simply write a comment when I noticed you had requested critiques! So, I will be leaving one of these instead since I feel like this piece deserves a little more from me then just a comment. Onwards!

Perfectness : Well. There are just way too many things that are awesome about this piece, so this section will probably be the longest of this critique!

The first thing that catches my eye are your colors and composition! Link's eyes are just stunning and quite mesmerizing and I absolutely love your work with the fur and shading! I have to say that my ultimate favorite part, however, is the simple thatching technique that you used in the background, it really pulls everything together and adds a certain rough texture that contrasts with the smooth and meticulous coloring on Link's fur. It is a thing of beauty! I also noticed you mentioned using the gold calligraphy ink on this and can only imagine how awesome that must look on the original, the gold ink always makes things pop!

Oh. And that paw. I LOVE the muscles and shading on your paws, especially the area between each toe where it dips in a little bit. Afjkaejfnw, so awesome.

Improvements? : Since this is a critique after all, I feel obliged to leave some improvements as well, it wouldn't be a critique after all if I didn't!

So. . Improvements. Honestly, there aren't too many that I can point out. Perhaps adding some darker shadows in and using various fur lengths for the fur around Link's neck/fading into his body. And maybe adding in his ear ring thing and the tri-force on his paw? Or was that on the other paw? I am not familiar with the anatomy and design of the wolf Link. xP Only other thing I can suggest would be to keep playing around with that gold ink and how it mixes with watercolor, I swear you can get them to do some cool things!
Beast of Twilight